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What is catylst?

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don't have a clue

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Describe the role of oxygen in corrosion?

catylst for rusting due t high reactive form.

What does catylst mean?

In chemistry - a catalyst - is a chemical added to an experiment to speed the reaction - without combining with any of the chemicals present.

Will a stopped up catylst converter make a car cut off?

Yes. Just as a raw potato plugging up a exhaust pipe can cause a car not to start.

What does the word catylst mean?

A (any) substance that expidites a chemical reaction without being part of it. The word is also used to mean anything that moves something along without being consumed.

What is the ECM on vehicles?

The ECM is short for Electronic Control Module and is a computer that is designed to monitor the component it belongs to. An engine ECM monitors emissions, fuel, air, speed, temperatures and has limits programed that keep horsepower and fueling in check mainly for emission purposes. It can also alert operator of any loop errors, Ie: check engine light elerts you when ECM detects loop error such as oil pressure low or catylst malfunction.

What is six degrees of separation the movie about?

six degrees of separation is about an intelligent, con-artist named paul potier that causes numerous afflent famillies to believe that he Sidney pointers son. paul inflences the lifes of all the families he comes in counter with on either a superfical or comprehensive level. Ousia's kitterge is most affected by paul. paul serves as a catylst to ousia's inner journey and causes her to change her average in search for a more satifying life. ousia is an attractive, conservationalist ,middle aged woman who seems to be the main character in the film along paul.