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Q: What is caused by particles rubbing together in a cloud?
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What is lightning in clouds?

It is called Cloud-to-Cloud lightning for obvious reasons. It is caused by ice particles in the cloud rubbing together, foming electric charges. When enough charge is formed, it may jump to another cloud with an opposite charge. Hope this helped. :D

What happens when water and ice particles rub together inside a thunderstrom cloud?

Well when water and ice particles rub together in a cloud they form a electricity

Where does the cloud get the charge from?

The charge comes from the clouds rubbing together making static electricity. Hope this answers your question :)

How is a lightning strike caused by static electricity?

The lower water particles heat up and rise through the rest of the cloud rubbing against the other particles causing static electricity to build up. This then jumps to the earth, like a ground cable does. Usually a high point like a tree or building but not always.

What is a laminar cloud?

when the particles of the cloud do not intersect, when they move slowly without interference of other particles it is known as a laminar cloud

Solid particles around which cloud droplets form?

Cloud condensation nuclei are solid particles around which cloud droplets form. Dust and salt are examples of particles that can become cloud condensation nuclei.

How does rubbing alcohal turn into a cloud in a bottle?

It doesnt

Why does there need to be dust and dirt to form a cloud?

To make it white.-No. Dust or cloud nuclei is needed to form a cloud because the water particles need something to stick to. When a bunch of these water droplets stick together and form one, it becomes a cloud.

What in the atmosphere is responsible for clouds and precipitation?

Clouds aren't made from anything in the atmosphere. It comes from the water cycle where the water evaporates and the water particles rise, then cool when it reaches a far high height. These particles come together to form a cloud. When the cloud has TOO MANY water particles, you have precipitatiION...................

What is the cloud of negatively charged particles that surrounds and atom?

The "Electron" cloud.

Why lightning occurs?

There are two main theories as to why this occurs. The first is that the separation is caused by cosmic particles crashing into the particles in the atmosphere which leads to the electrons from these particles being knocked free and so there become positive and negative ions which then separate to the top and bottom of the cloud. The second theory is that it is ice particles and rain droplets that collide within the cloud which then leads to the separation of charges.

What the formation of a cloud?

Clouds form when evaporated water (water vapor) rises into the earth's atmosphere where it eventually condenses and forms water particles. These water particles then rapidly join with particles of dust and also collide to form larger droplets. Large quantities of this amass together to ultimately form a cloud.

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