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probably from a bad egr valve or no vaccume goimg 2 the valve. i had this same problem and the Mass Air Flow was replaced and the rattle/sizzle sound went away and engine power returned.

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โˆ™ 2007-09-12 22:42:48
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Q: What is causing a 2001 Ford Ranger to make a rattling or sizzling sound when accelerating at around 2500 rpm?
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Why does your ford ranger keep back firing and rattling after changing the spark plug wires?

because you did it wrong

Why does your 4.0 v6 1993 ford ranger backfire in drive when accelerating?

Plug might be cracked .And might be arching

Why does an 87 ford ranger automatic transmission not grab when accelerating?

Sounds like an internal malfunction. Have it professionally serviced.

What would cause a 95 ranger to jump when accelerating?

Check for a broken motor mount or transmission could be going bad.

Whats causing your 1992 ford ranger to idle to fast?

water pump or thertomstat

What causes howling noise while accelerating in a ford ranger 1999 four wheel drive?

What kind of howling? Or is it a whining? Where does it sound like it's coming from.

Why does a 1998 ford ranger jerk back forth when accelerating?

Do you have the 5 speed manual version or the automatic? If it is the manual version then its just because you are letting out of the clutch too fast

Why would 1993 Ford Ranger V6 3.0 chug when accelerating and idles up and down when sitting to the point of almost dying?

A good chance its the Idle Control Valve

What causes a Ford Ranger to shake while accelerating?

If there is problems with shaking in a Ford ranger, it could be a lot of different things, like the cam sensor or the fuel filter. It would be a good idea to have it looked at professionally just in case, to avoid anything happening down the road.

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Why 1992 ranger 2.3 all of a sudden sputters when accelerating and no power?

your air cleaner could be dirty, u might need some fule injection cleaner, the timing , sparkplugs. these are all posibals to check.

Clunk in your rear end of your 95 ranger when you take off ujoints have been replaced what else could it be?

check the fluid in the rear end it might be dry causing medal to grind causing a clunk noise or the gears in the rear end or worn done causing it to do the same thing

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