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Just as many have said before. I have a 94 (LT1 5.7) Z28 Camaro and have had the same over heating. I would check the electric fan circuit and confirm that when your engine reaches a more than normal operating temperature that a second fan turns on to cool the radiator... Or something like that. in my case my second fan was not kicking on and only one fan would work causing the car to over heat

AnswerI had the same problem and after trips to a couple of respected auto repair shops for pressure tests with no fix. I decided to sit the car for awhile. When I was ready to tackle the problem again, a few months later, my battery needed a charge. After removing and charging the battery I decided to clean the battery tray prior to replacing the battery. While cleaning the tray, I noticed the reservor hose, which runs from the radiator to the reservor and snaps into the battery tray (two piece hose aluminum and rubber with an aluminum clamp) was bloated. Upon further inspection I found that it was also leaking. I removed the hose and separated the rubber from the aluminum by breaking the permanent clamp. I then repaired the hose, by replacing the rubber portio with a 1 ft piece of 3/8" rubber reinforced fuel hose and two small SS hose clamps. This $12 repair solved both my overheating problem and my low coolant level sensor problem. Answeryou might want to make sure that your air dam under the nose of the car is installed. along with the others. have know cars overheating due to this. AnswerOverheating is either caused by stuck thermostat, stopped up radiator, bad water pump, blown head gasket, bad clutch fan, bad electric cooling fan, or a partially clogged cooling system, which can include the engine water jacket. AnswerOn this particular vehicle, check and ensure that the cooling system has been completely bleed of air. Also ensure that the front air dam is intact and not damaged, it makes a difference on this vehicle. Also check all other common problems (thermostat, cooling fan sensor, cooling fan that doesn't work, etc.) AnswerCheck radiator for leaves etc.I fit has ac, check for dirt in front of condenser, make sure electric fan(s) are working, replace thermostat,make sure engine is full of coolant> a good trick is to remove thermostat, and fill engine in the spot where the thermostat goes and put a new one in water pump turning/?
  • I have a 1997 Camaro Z28. I had overheating problems for the first year and a half I owned it and tried everything, including a new radiator cap, a lower thermostat, no thermostat, boiling the radiator, Water Wetter addative, replacing hoses, bleeding cooling system and flushing but nothing helped. One day I decided to remove the ground effects for other reasons and since then the car runs at or below 210. The problem was the front ground effects were longer than the (black) stock air dam which is meant to pull cooling air up to the radiator, but the front ground effects were making this impossiable. someone.
AnswerAll these are good answers but I've known of lt1's having problems with overheating.

usually you can get away with buying a 160 Thermostat. that solved my problem.


I have a 1996 Z28 (LT1) and I had overheating issues for 3 years. I always bled the cooling system properly when I worked on it. During that time , I replaced my thermostat, my radiator and radiator hoses. Four years earlier, I replaced my water pump. I gave up and took the car to a Chevy dealer with a list of everything done and they determined the problem and explained logically how they would fix it. The water pump has a sleeve coupling between the pump and engine. The sleeve slipped and was not pumping fluid well, although there was some flow due to expansion in the engine. Next they found that my radiator cap only held 8psi from all of the over-heating episodes. When the coolant temperature reached the point where vapor exceeded the cap, I would loose fluid to my reservoir, overflow and loose cooling capacity for the motor. It was bad. I could not drive 20 miles! They replaced the cap with a new 15psi pressure cap. My fan only went on high speed with my A/C on so they replaced the thermistor that sends to the fan module. It cost roughly $600 but it runs "as designed" now and I'm thrilled. Bobby Murray Chevrolet did the work.

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Q: What is causing a 97 Chevy Camaro Z28 to overheat when its not the head gaskets?
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