What is causing hot water pipe vibration in the single handle shower in some positions?


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It's called water-hammer. I vibration from the water pressure. A snub-end pipe can be added to devert the vibration.

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What is wrong with the shower handle? Loose? Too tight? Leaking? Not working?

On the thermostat side of shower remove handle by removing handle cap. Once handle is removed if there is a circlip then the thermostat pulls out otherwise will unscrew.

Behind shower valve handle and trim plate

No conversion, it would need to be replaced with a single handle faucet.

Most of the time when i get called out for a broken shower handle, i have to replace the unit. but this does certainly depend on whether you have an individual tap or mixing system and what exactly needs to be repaired

Wrap the threading in teflon tape

Look under the handle for a small ALLEN SCREW (hex head). Loosen it and slide the handle off.

the pies are connected so when you turn on the shower the vaulve in the pipe going to the other shower might not be all the way closed thus causing it to leak

This will involve breaking open the shower wall, taking out the one handle unit and rearranging the pipework in order to replace it with a two handle valve unit. This not a DIY job, call a plumber to do this to save yourself the headache of having to call one later

All showers need valves. They can be for the water supply, balancing the water and control of the shower. Without the valves, your shower will leak, causing damage to the surrounding areas.

Take the end cap off, unscrew the screw in the handle, take off handle, put exact same new handle on, screw it down, put cap back on.

On single handle shower valves, designed to let cold water first and turn handle farther to mix hot water to desired setting. If hot water turned on first, possibility of getting scalded. If seperate hot/cold handles for shower, shower valve needs work.

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Yes, very simply. You remove the handle and take out the splined disc immediately behind it. This now allows the handle free movement.

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Is there a leak behind the wall? Does your hot water system have a re-circulation system in it? Is the shower very close to the hot water heater? All could be factors that keep the handle and water warm.

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