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The leak is your water inlet tube behind the thermostat housing. It's a dealer item only, about $90, and it's very difficult to install.

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Dodge Stratus water leaks from dash?

its most likely the heater core that's leaking

Water leaking on floor board of dodge stratus rt coupe?

Check your heater core under your dash.

Why is your 2004 dodge stratus leaking antifreeze?

Failed seal, gasket, or component. Have the system pressure tested for leaks.

Why does your dodge stratus valve cover gasket smoke?

just burning off road grime if your not leaking oil

Why is there a puddle of oil down in the spark plug port on my 1998 dodge stratus?

Could be a leaking valve cover gasket

How is a nimbostratus cloud different from a stratus cloud?

Stratus clouds are uniform and ressemble fog at times. Usually there is no precipitation. Nimbostratus clouds are typically followed by rain causing them to be a darker grey color.

What are similarities between the stratus and cumulus cloud?


If the battery on your 99 stratus goes dead is there something that needs to be reset?


What is trish stratus doing now?

She is helping out alot of charities. She was also the host of some television show but I can not remember the name at this time. I am sure it was Stratus (something)...

Are stratus clouds the same as fog?

No, but there are simularities between the 2.

Why do you have water under the passenger seat and floor board on your 2005 Dodge Stratus?

The two most common possibilities are a plugged up condensation drain for your air conditioning, and a leaking heater core. You will usually smell antifreeze from a leaking heater core. Another less common problem is a leaking windshield gasket.

Why does water leaking to the ground after the motor is turned off 2000 dodge stratus?

You need to see where the water is coming from. It could be a leak, or it could be condensation from the A/C..

2002 Stratus and it is leaking transmission fluid have gotten it looked at by two different mechanics and one says solenoid pack and the other said loose pan head Anyone with similar problem and fix?

i got a 02 stratus sedan 4cyl...i have the same problem and i change the trasmission solenoid gasket and the pan gasket as well, but still leaking, i have to take it back to see whats going on

Why does a dodge stratus keep cutting off?

The cause of a dodge stratus cutting off could depend on what shape the vehicle itself is in. It could be something as simple as a faulty wire connection on the battery and alternator, to something as major as problems with the vehicles computer.

1998 Dodge Stratus coolant leaking from engine?

There are many things that can cause: to leak from an automobile engine. The most common reason is a water hose that needs to be tightened or replaced.

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What nicknames does Trish Stratus go by?

Trish Stratus goes by Trish Stratus.

Where is the fuel filter located on the 2000 stratus?

On my 96 Stratus ES it is between the gas tank and frame. My mechanic said he had to lower the tank a little to change it. Hope this helps.

What kind of participation forms from a stratus cloud?

its precipitation smart one participation is taking part of something

Where is the engine head gasket at in 1997 dodge stratus?

It is in between the cylinder head and the block.

What is the height of stratus cloud?

Stratus are low

What is causing your drivers side front floor and rear floor to get wet when air conditioner is on in your 2001 stratus?

My Stratus is having the exact same issue, so I was wondering if you had figured out what causes the mysterious leak by any chance? Any hints would be very appreciated!

Will a 2.4l engine out of a 1995 dodge stratus fit in a 2000 dodge stratus?


Will a 1998 dodge stratus door fit a 2000 dodge Stratus?

All body pieces for the 1995 through 2000 Stratus are interchangable. Also, most pieces between the Breeze and Cirrus from those years are interchangable as well. However, the tailights, bumpers, and other small pieces may not. Doors between all three cars are interchangable.