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How much trailer weight can my 2008 Toyota Prius pull without causing it issues?

You need to read the owners manual! The Toyota manual states the Prius is not designed to pull a trailer.

Why does your trailer lights go out when you hit the brakes on your f 150?

You have a grounding problem at the trailer. The white wire is the ground on trailer wiring. The taillights are brown, the signals and stops are yellow and green. Sometimes the white wire will loose its continuity with the truck, causing the lights to black out. It could also be a wiring issue with the trailer itself, but most likely its the ground giving you feedback and causing the blackout. run a wire from the ground contact on your plug back to a spot on the tongue and secure the end of the wire to the trailer at that point. Do not rely on the contact of the trailer with the ball hitch to establish a ground.

How can you keep cats from getting under an underpinned trailer?

Put a dog under there.

Where is the fuse for trailer light assembly for a 2000 ford explorer?

On my 1999 Explorer it is fuse #30 labelled "Park Lamp/Trailer Tow Relay" in the passenger compartment fuse panel Page 183 of Owners Guide

What are the requirements for getting insurance on a travel trailer?

Getting travel insurance is similar to getting car insurance. Normally you are required to give your name, and address along with all the information about the travel trailer you are insuring. Any paper work you have on the travel trailer would be helpful. You will also need to know things like where it is kept and how often you will use it. You will have to decide upon just what you will want covered as there are many choices and sometimes the travel trailer may be covered by the vehicle that is pulling it.

What exactly is Travel Trailer Insurance and how do I go about getting it?

Travel trailer insurance insures a trailer (and generally the contents) hitched to another vehicle. Many auto insurance companies (e.g. Progressive) well sell you a policy.

How can i upload a trailer of MW3 to youtube without getting caught?

It's all right dude. Plenty of people have already done it. And you probably won't get in trouble for a trailer.

What is the weight of a 2002 nitro 185 sport. I am replacing the trailer and need to know the load weight for the new trailer?

I have the 2004 brochure in front of me. It lists total pkg. weight (approx.) 2,466 lb. That would be with the 115 HP Mercury.

Where are the trailer towing wires on a 2004 endeavor?

They are tucked up and behind the rear bumper assembly. They are there you just have to dig for them. Should be able to reach with your hands.

What is the fine for getting pulled over with no tags on a trailer in Maryland?

about 300 plus court costs

Why is there no power in the socket for the trailer lights?

Are you getting power to sockets? Make sure you have a good ground circuit

What is the hardest part about driving a tractor trailer?

Not getting complacent. That's what gets would-be drivers out here.

What keeps the transmission from going into overdrive when pulling a trailer?

It is not recommended to pull a trailer with automatic trans in overdrive, put in drive only. When attempting to pull without locking out overdrive, trans will continue to shift from drive to 0verdrive causing a massive heat buildup. Heat is not good for automatic transmissions, and will eventually cause failure, causing your wallet a very bad day!

What is the main benefit in getting trailer tires over regular (passenger) tires?

Trailer tires are designed to be used specifically on a trailer. Using any other sort of ire including a passenger tire could prove to be very dangrous,and will create a geater risk for accidents.

Car Trailer?

form_title=Car Trailer form_header=Ready to move? Rent a car trailer from a qualified professional to move with ease! Do you have a trailer hitch on your vehicle? = () Yes () No () Not Sure Where will you be moving to?=_ When do you need the car trailer?=_ What size trailer do you need?=_

What is GPS trailer tracking?

A gps trailer tractor is a gps that you connect to your trailer when you go on the road and need to navigator but trailer. These are good to have if you travel alot with your trailer.

How is a trailer different from a semi-trailer?

Trailer is way more bigger than a semi-trailer. Common misconception between a trailer and a semi-trailer. Technically, a trailer has wheels in front and rear and is hitched to a pulling vehicle (car,truck,etc.) A semi- trailer only has wheels in the rear and is hitched to a pulling vehicle (car,truck,etc.)

What is the difference between a travel trailer and a camping trailer?

A camping trailer is in reference to a pop up camping trailer. I travel trailer would be a tow behind trailer that stays up all the time, and a Fifth Wheel trailer is a larger trailer that is both pulled and part of it is connected in the bed of your truck.

Car Trailer Rental?

form_title- Car Trailer Rental form_header= Hook a trailer to your car. When do you need the trailer?*= _ [50] What size trailer do you need?*= {Small, Medium, Large} Do you have the equipment to hook the trailer?*= () Yes () No

What is causing my 2006 dodge 3500 left brake light on trailer plug to not work?

I had the same problem with mine, changed the plug in the bumper, started working again.

What is the name of the trailer park in trailer park boys?

Sunnyvale Trailer Park, Jim Lahey Trailer Park Superviser

Where you live you do not need a tag on your trailer can you drive through Nebraska with out getting a tag for your trailer?

yes you do, and you are actually not allowed to bring trailors through Nebraska, its their state law. You see I'm a lawer and I just know these things.

If a trailer is 19 ft is this the trailer length or the boat length?

Trailer length.

Rent Trailer?

form_title= Rent Trailer form_header= Rent a trailer that is in your budget. When do you need the trailer?*= _ [50] What will you be moving?*= _ [50] What size trailer do you need?*= {Small, Medium, Large}

How do you spell trailer?

Trailer is correct.

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