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If the locks and rear window hatch on a 1998 Chevy Blazer lock and unlock by themselves, there is probably a problem with the fuse or a short somewhere. The locks are supposed to lock when the vehicle gets put in gear. Perhaps the system that tells the locks when to lock is not working properly.


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Will a 1997 blazer what work on a 1999 blazer????? If your talking engine, transmission, or running gear than yes. It is all the same.

I would suspect fuel pump failure.

DRL = daytime running lights

P235/70/R15Chevy Blazer 4WD 2DRwhat is the tallest tire i can put on this 1998 s-10 blazer without causing any problems? thank you

might be a clogged fuel filter

The fuel filter would not be clogged. Running completely out of gas would cause air to get into the fuel line causing some performance issues.

I have a 1999 with 200,000 miles on it and still running strong.

The 1998 Blazer could have several problems causing rough idle. Check the air filter, fuel pressure, and EGR valve for a clog to look for the problem.

Key on Engine not running 55 - 61 psi. Engine running pressure should decrease 3-10 psi.

The 1991 Blazer has a current draw causing the wire to burn. You will need to trace the wiring out to find what is drawing too much current.

The most common problem causing a 2000 Blazer to stay on heat is a problem with the blend door. Check the blend door and its control circuit to fix the problem.

use the dipstick when the engine is running to be certain:)

either its running to lean or you have a bad exhaust valuve

I've got 171k and still running like a champion

Replace the ignition module and see if that don't fix your problem.

look on your fuel rail near the motor there is a bleeder to remove the air

key on engine not running 58-64 psi engine running at idle pressure should drop by 3-10 psi

You can, but not while it's running. Before you turn your key, you have to set the parking brake, not all the way but just a bit and then start the Blazer and the lights should stay off.

Give the fuel pump a chance to prime the system first.

Press one click on the emergency brake. This works on most GM's.

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