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Take off the back of the toilet. Look down to the bottom and you'll see a flap that is raised when you flush it. That flap is leaking. IF the toilet is old I strongly recommend the Gerber viper toilet. Inexpensive and works great.

ANS 2 - change the flapper valve - takes about 5 minutes and costs less than $5

2012-09-17 07:26:31
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Does flushing a toilet not use water?

Flushing a toilet uses the water contained in the toilet tank.

Who was the first flushing toilet for?

The first flushing toilet was for queen Victoria the first.

Who invented first flushing toilet?

The Victorians invented the first flushing toilet

Who invented the public flushing toilet?

The flushing toilet was invented by John Harrington in 1596.

How much water is used when flushing a toilet?

25% of A households water usage is used flushing the toilet.

Will a leak in the wax ring of the toilet interfere with the flushing pressure of a toilet?

The wax ring is just to seal the toilet to the drain. It has no effect on the flushing.

Is flushing the toilet with only water in it bad for the toilet?


Toilet flushing creates groaning sound in pipes of hosue?

A toilet flushing that creates a groaning sound in the pipes of a house is usually caused by gas buildup in the lines. As the waste and water pass through, it displaces the gases causing the audible noise.

Can a toilet become unable to flush because of age?

Age isn't reason for toilet not flushing. Several things could be wrong for toilet not flushing.

Who invented the flushing toilet?

john harrington invented the toilet

Who made the the flushing toilet?


What day was the flushing toilet invented?

the flushing toilet was invented on friday 20th october 1590 posted by rebecca mary steves

Which famous horror movie shoed the very first flushing toilet?

Psycho Not only was Psycho the first horror movie to show a flushing toilet, but the first movie in general to show a flushing toilet. Go, Hitchcock!

How did eddy assault Dana in the battle of Jericho?

he peed in the toilet before flushing her head for one of the events

What is causing a Large air bubble when flushing toilet?

there are large air bubbles in your toilet because your pipes are to thin or are cloged deep into the pipe. if its clogged poor sour milk down your toilet and flush it will desolve what ever is cloging it

Is flushing a toilet with clean water as wasteful as flushing it with bottled water?

It will be exaclty the same, the only difference is that flushing the toilet with bottled water is very expense. It really will be a waste of money.

Why when flushing one toilet another toilet flushes?

Check the vent pipe

Why when flushing one toilet another toilet gurgle and bubbles?

Mainline stoppage.

How was the toilet inveted?

it was invented by flushing a well

Why was the first flushing toilet invented?


What year was the flushing toilet made?


Joseph Bramah what job did he have?

toilet flushing

How does a toilet work in a space ships?

By flushing

What musical note is the sound of a flushing toilet?

There is no musical note that is the sound of a flushing toilet. It's only a sound effect, it doesn't have any tone to it.

What is a courtesy flush?

A courtesy flush is flushing the toilet immediately after defecating, before wiping, in addition to the normal flush.