Cell Biology (cytology)

What is cell theory?

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1. All Cells are are basic unit of life 2. All Organisms are made up of one or more cells 3. All Cells arise from existing cells

-All living things are made up of cells.
-Cells are the basic unit of structure and function in all living things.
-Cells arise from pre-existing cells.

the cell theory is all living things are made up of cells

cell theory is a theory stating all living things have cells a cell is the basic unit of life all cells have DNA and cells are made of other cells in a process called cell division
All living organisms are made of one or more cells
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What are the theory of cell?

The cell theory is about science

Explain the cell theory?

explain the cell theory

Why is the cell theory a theory?

Cell Theory is one for the major theories is science.

What are the three steps of the cell theory?

what is the steps to the cell theory

Why is cell theory referred to as a theory?

cell theory is reffered to as a theroy because it refferes to discuss about the cell which is a basic,structural,fundemental unit of the life that is the cell so it is considered to be as a theory

What do the cell theory and theory of evolution and natural selection have in common?

the theory of plate tectonicsthe endosymbiosis theorythe cell theorythe theory of evolution by natural selection

Why did scientist change the original cell theory?

Cell theory is just what its name implies, a theory. As scientists learn more about cells, cell theory will continue to change.

Enumerate different scientists and their contributions to cell theory?

cell theory

Exceptions of cell theory of every point of cell theory?


When did they formulate the cell theory?

they official formulated the cell theory in 1665

What are not principals of the cell theory?

Special relativity is not a principle in cell theory

Who proponent cell theory?

write down the proponent of the cell theory

What are the 3 parts of cell theory?

What are the 3 parts of the cell theory

How was cell theory developed?

Cell theory was developed by the scientist because of it's simplicity complicated value, they found out more about cell. So a cell theory was developed.

Is the germ theory and the cell theory the same?

No, The Cell Theory states that all living things have cells, and that every cell came from another cell that already exists.

How is the cell theory related to Scientific theory?

There is no such thing as scientific theory.Cell theory is a body of evidence within biological sciences.

What the cause of a cell theory?

cell theoryThe cause of cell theory is observations of schleiden, schwann, and Virchow

Mattias schleiden contribution in cell theory?

Co-creator of the cell theory.

What is the easy meaning of Cell Theory for kids?

The cell theory is what humans are composed of

What organisms does cell theory apply to?

The cell theory applies to all organisms.

Who presented the cell theory?

Schleiden, Swann and Virchow presented the cell theory.........

Who are the cell theory?

Robert virchow,theodor schwann,schleiden are the cell theory

How would you use cell theory in a sentence?

cell theory used in a sentence

Which organisms does the cell theory apply to?

The cell theory applies to all organisms.

What is the famous phrase for cell theory?

if it is a story you need to spell, if there is a theory then its the cell