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Q: What is change blindness?
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What are the different types of blindness?

color blindness night blindness snow blindness

What are the different types of Blindness ?

color blindness night blindness snow blindness

What is abstract noun for 'blind'?

The abstract noun for the adjective blind is blindness. The word blind is also a verb (blind, blinds, blinding, blinded) and a concrete noun.

Is color blindness a DNA change?

Yes. It is a sex-linked recessive trait found on the X chromosome.

What are some eye problems?

You can have blindness. If you have blindness you can't see thing around you. You can have blindness. If you have blindness you can't see thing around you.

How will you get color blindness?

You can get color blindness if your parent has a dominate trait to color blindness.

What are other names for color blindness?

Other names for colour blindness are:Monochromacy (total colour blindness)Daltonism (after scientist John Dalton who was a pioneer in studying colour blindness)Deuteranopia (red-green colour blindness)

Does color blindness get worse with age?

Yes, because as you get older things in your body start to change and get worse. (ALWAYS)

How is color blindness different from night blindness?

Color blindness is when you don't know what color something is and night blindness is when you can't see well at night from the dark.

What serious conditions can result from lepromatous leprosy?

This type of leprosy can lead to blindness, drastic change in voice, or mutilation of the nose.

How does a person know they have color blindness?

If there eyes were normal they may change suddenly or else get an eye exam at your eye doctor.

How can people recover from blindness?

yes some types of blindness can be recovered. it depends on what type of blindness it is.

Is the daughter of a woman blinded by accident possess blindness genes that may effect the decendants?

If someone is blinded due to an accident or environmental factor, this will not change her genetic information in such a way that her children are more likely to be born blind or with an increased risk of blindness.

Who discovered color blindness?

who discovered color blindness

Does tv cause blindness?

Television does not cause blindness.

What is corneal blindness?

blindness caused by corneal disorders

How does blindness affect people?

how does blindness affect our society

Can malaria cause blindness?

no it doesn't cuse blindness

Can gonorrhea cause blindness in a unborn child?


Is blindness a concrete or abstract noun?

The word blindness is an abstract noun.

What are causes of blindness?

Blindness is the inability for something to see. There are many causes to blindness, such as cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, and Diabetic Retinopathy.

What is blindness?

Blindness is the state or condition of being unable to see.

Can uveitis cause blindness?

blindness is caused in rare cases

What are the leading causes of blindness?

The leading causes of blindness include:

Is blindness in your genes?

Everyone will get catract blindness in old age