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What is cheaper to run gas water heater or electric water heater?

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gas heater is cheaper by far !!!!!!


This is entirely dependent on the cost of energy in your area.


Talking from experience, we installed a Titan Tankless N180 electric water heater 8 months ago and it uses approx. 300kw of power with an approximate cost of $50 per month. We have 5 members in the family, and live in Southern California. My best estimate from a comparative analysis on the gas savings is we're only saving between $10 to $15 per month. Electric water heater seems to make sense for vacation homes or where gas is not available.

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What is cheaper to operate gas hot water heater or electric?

Natural gas

Do you need gas for an electric water heater?

No, you only need gas for a gas water heater.

What to do when a water heater fails?

Turn off electric to water heater, depending on style, gas water heater may need electric turned off to it also. Turn off gas for gas water heater. If unfamiliar with removing and installing water heater, call a plumber.

Is the hot water heater gas and electric?


Is a tankless electric water heater more efficient than a gas water heater?

Normally NO

Do you have to turn off the main gas value to change a water heater?

Not if the water heater is electric

Is ceramic electric heater cheaper than gas heating?

Most likely not. on average electric heat is going to be more expensive than gas.

Why does my gas water heater need to be hooked up to a 30 amp breaker with 220 volts?

I think you need to do some checking, A GAS water heater does not normally need electrical service that large- an ELECTRIC water heater will. So- just what do you have- gas or electric?

What uses gas in the house?

a stove, if it's not electric water heater, if it's not electric

How can you make the water in your water heater hotter?

Turn up the temperature on the heater. Gas or electric, there is a dial on the controls

How do you trouble shoot a heater problem?

Not enough info. Car heater? House heater? Gas? electric? Water?

Where can one find a tankless electric water heater?

A tankless electric water heater is a special kind of heater that heats water that flow in a pipe by either an electric element or a gas burner. Such heater can be found in stores like Home Depot and of course Amazon.

How is heat transferred to water in a water heater?

In a gas water heater: The gas flame warms the water, exactly the same way as a gas stove burner does for a pan of water on the stove. In an electric water heater, an element - same as an electric range element, but a different shape - heats up from electrical current, and transfers that heat to the water.

What type of noise should you hear when hot water tank is making hot water?

It depends on if it's a gas water heater or electric. I don't think electric makes any noise, but a gas water heater, you'll the gas ignite, and hear the rushing gas from the burner.

Which are more economical, gas or electric water heaters?

Gas heaters can be more economical. If there is a high supply of gas in the area it would have cheaper prices. Electric can be cheaper in other areas though.

What is a water heater?

It is a gas operated or electric operated appliance used to heat water.

How can you tell if you have a gas or electric water heater?

Read the label. A gas heater will have three plumbing pipes connected.One is a gas supply. An electric heater will only have two plumbing pipes but it will have an electical conduit or electrical wire feed line.

Why would a home heater be blowing cold air?

Only the fan is working, there is no gas burning (gas heater) or the electric heating element is not working(electric heater)Answeris it electric gas or oil Its gas.

Which how much does it cost to use a electric or gas water heater?

How much it will cost to use a electric or gas water heater will depend on the consumption. Different homes have different usage needs and this is what makes the cost to vary.

Are Bradford White Water Heaters capable of being run on an electrical system or are they only powered by natural gas?

No if your heater is electric you can not use a gas heater you have to use the electric heater and it would really cause too much to change over from electric to gas so I would truly stick to what heater you have noiw

What part would you need for a water heater that want produce hot water?

The part that generates heat... depending if it is a gas / electric heater

How does a gas water heater function?

I am considering buying a gas water heater. How does a gas water heater work?

How do you troubleshoot a water heater?

Experience. What type, gas or electric and what exactly is it doing or not doing?

Gas Water Heater?

form_title= Gas Water Heater form_header= Install a gas water heater in your home! Are you repairing an existing gas water heater?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure Do you want to install a new gas water heater?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure How old is your home?*= _ [50]

Why does gas water heater cost more than electric?

gas valve and pilot assebley cost more