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The chloroplast makes energy and is used for cellular respiration.

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What does chloroplast contain?

Chloroplast contains chlorophyll pigments.These used to capture light energy

Is chloroplast used in photosynthesis?


Is chloroplast in plant or animal?

Chloroplast are in plant. It is used in turning sunlight energy into chemical energy.

What are chloroplast used in?

They are used in photosynthesis.They provide food for life.

What element is used by plants in photosynthesis?


What does the chloroplast doe in a cell?

Chloroplast is used in photosynthesis. In the Chloroplast the sunlight and water go in and are seperated and sent to their designated areas to continue to process of photosynthesis or cellular respiration.

What material comes in to the chloroplast that is used in the Calvin cycle?

CO2 come into the Chloroplast. That's all i know sorry.

How is chloroplast used in photosynthesis?

Chloroplast are green oval organelles traps and stores light energy. When Photosynthesis occurs, the light energy in the chloroplast leaves and changes into chemical energy for the plant.

What is chloroplast used in?

Chloroplasts are used in producing food for plants with the process of Photosynthesis.

What is the source of energy used by the chloroplast?

Light energy is used . Sun is the source

In a chloroplast the stack of membranous sacs are called?

In a chloroplast, the stacks of membranous sacs are called thylakoid membranes. Grana is the term used to refer to the stacks of thylakoids. It is in this internal part of the chloroplast where photosynthesis occurs.

Do plant cells have chloroplast?

Yes they have chloroplasts. They are used for photosynthsis

Where do chloroplast get the energy used to perform photosynthesis?

light,the sun

What is the large central compartment in a chloroplast that is fluid filled and contains enzymes used in photosynthesis?

The large central compartment in a chloroplast that is fulid filled an dcontains enzymes used in photosynthesis is the stroma.

What are the structures of plants that is used for its protection?

chloroplast are the structures use for photosynthesis chloroplast are organelles found in plant, :P im not sure when its true

Part of chloroplast?

Parts of the chloroplast include the granum, the chloroplast envelope, and the thylakoid. The function of a chloroplast is to contain chlorophyll.

What stores chlorophyll used in photosynthesis?

The chloroplast in the plant cell stores the chlorophyll used in photosynthesis.

How would chloroplast be used in a sentence?

Photosynthesis takes place in the chloroplasts.

What organelle is used for photosynthesis?

The chloroplast is the main organelle of photosynthesis and its biochemistry.

Which microscope is used to view the chloroplast of the cell?

transmission electrons microscopes

Is producers a common term used to describe organisms that can do photosynthesis?


What is the chemical compound for chloroplast?

They contain chlorophyll pigments. They are used for photosynthesis

Does gloeocapsa has chloroplast?

Gloeocapsa does not have chloroplast because it is a prokaryote. Only plants have chloroplast

Where do you find the chlorophyll in a chloroplast?

In a chloroplast, the chlorophyll is found in structures called thylakoids. The main function of a chlorophyll is to absorb light energy from sun, which is used in photosynthesis.

Is a chloroplast an animal or plant cell?

a chloroplast is found in a plant cell and is used for the process of photosynthesis, absorbs sunlight and the pigment chlorophyll is what makes the leaves green.