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What is chronic anxiety?

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Chronic anxiety happens when stress and anxiety are at a constantly high level. If not treated, chronic anxiety can lead to panic attacks, depression, and agoraphobia. Very often the person suffering finds that the anxiety greatly reduces their ability to function at work and in relationships. chest pains, sweating, a racing pulse, palpitations,etc. About 5% of the population suffer from anxiety attacks, with many more experiencing a high level of stress and anxiety.

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Which is the better long term med for treating both acute anxiety episodes and chronic anxiety- clonazapam or alprazolam?

For me, its gotta be Alprazolam.......Ive been using it long term for my chronic anxiety and it helps a lot.

What is a disorder characcterized by global and persistent and chronic and excessive apprehension and free floating anxiety?

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Which disorder is characterized by chronic excessive worrying?

Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

What zanexin is for?

For anxiety, helps to calm irratatable patients with chronic illnesses.

Is there such a thing as chronic anxiety?

Yes, there is. A constant level of anxiety that never seems to go away fully, excessive worrying, etc.. is called generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

Can lunesta help anxiety?

No Lunesta is only used to treat chronic insomnia.

Analgesics are drugs used to prevent or relieve?

Stress & Anxiety or Chronic Headache

Is there a professional I can see or place I can go to for anxiety?

A doctors evaluation can tell if you have chronic anxiety. There are medications available to help relieve some symptoms of anxiety. There are also many natural approaches as well.

How often do individuals with generalized anxiety disorder suffer episodes of anxiety?

The person with generalized anxiety disorder generally has chronic (officially, having more days with anxiety than not for at least six months), recurrent episodes of anxiety that can last days, weeks, or even months.

Can anxiety cause a nervous stomach?

i suffer with chronic anxiety and it upsets my stomach so much,terrible cramps and wind sometimes i just cant eat.

How do you relief anxiety?

Everybody has a different approach to anxiety relief. Some people use relaxing methods to relieve anxiety or participate in a hobby or something that they find enjoyable. Some people, though, have chronic anxiety or anxiety caused by ridiculous things. These people have an anxiety disorder, and usually seek medicinal help or counseling.

What are signs and symptoms of Post traumatic stress disorder?

A sense of personal isolation and chronic anxiety

What are signs and symptoms of post- traumatic disorder?

a sense of personal isolation and chronic anxiety

What are signs and symptoms of post traumatic stress order?

A sense of personal isolation and chronic anxiety

Signs and symptoms of post-tramatic stress disorder?

Personal isolation and chronic anxiety

What are symptoms of anxiety disorders?

Among its common manifestations are panic syndromes, phobias, chronic generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic disorder.

Dealing with Chronic Anxiety?

Studies have shown that nearly 10% of adults suffer from chronic anxiety. This is a serious condition and should be given the proper attention because of the fact that it can lead to a wide range of health problems. In order to alleviate anxiety symptoms at home you could practice breathing exercises or yoga. Both of these activities have proven effective for helping people who suffer with mild to moderate anxiety issues.

Which of the following are signs and symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder?

a sense of personal isolation and chronic anxiety

Which of the following are signs and sysmptons of post traumatic stress disorder?

A sense of personal isolation and chronic anxiety

Are there any treatments to help with chronic anxiety?

There are behavioral and medical treatment to help with chronic anxiety. One can practice self-help treatments by taking care of themself and by filtering negative thoughts. There is also medication one can consume as well, including benzodiazepines and antidepressants which are used in the treatment of anxiety disorders. But, the best treatment is a combination of both medication and behavioral practices

Which of the following are signs of post traumatic stress disorder?

A sense of personal isolation and chronic anxiety ---Per SABC---

Can anxiety cause weight loss?

I have lost weight during times of excess anxiety. Anxiety is very difficult to live with and if you feel your anxiety is a problem for you then you should talk to your doctor. Having anxiety is a normal reaction to stress for most of us. Chronic anxiety is not normal though Yes it can cause weight loss, high blood pressure loss of appetite, insomnia and more. The flip side to anxiety for some people is depression. They're both bad for you.

What are some tips for reducing chronic anxiety?

You could take a long and nice walk by your self because exercise really helps anxiety. You could find something to keep you busy and keep your mind off things. Always think positive during a anxiety attack.

Phenobarbital and alcohol?

Phenobarbital is used in controlling seizures and relieving anxiety. The symptoms of phenobarbital dependence are the to those of chronic alcoholism. Some of these include anxiety, muscle twitching, progressive weakness, dizziness and distortion in visual field.

What helps social anxiety disorder?

Social anxiety disorder is a chronic mental health condition, but treatment such as psychological counseling, medication and learning coping skills can help you gain confidence and improve your ability to interact with others.

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