What is civilization?

Civilization or civilisation generally refers to polities which combine three basic institutions: a ceremonial center (a formal gathering place for social and cultural activities), a system of writing, and a city. The term is used to contrast with other types of communities including hunter-gatherers, nomadic pastoralists and tribal villages. Civilizations have more densely populated settlements, characterized by a ruling elite, and subordinate urban and rural populations, which, by the division of labor, engage in intensive agriculture, mining, small-scale manufacture and trade. Civilization concentrates power, extending man's control over both nature, and over other human beings. Refer to link below.

Civilization is a group of societies (e.g.: countries, villages, cities) that share the same territory, language, culture, architecture, religion, etc. For example, the USA is a society. USA, other countries of the American continent (like Canada, Mexico and Brazil) and Europe form the occidental civilization.