What is classmate?

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The cast of Connect - 2013 includes: Vachik Adamyan as Classmate Anna Bahen as Classmate Chris Bealer as Classmate Malia Corpuz as Classmate Kellen Ford as Ryan Jessica Gaitan as Classmate Vartan Kyupelyan as Classmate Kallayah Logan as Classmate Brandon Muschcoilz as Classmate Lauren Reel as Classmate Ansley Rowell as Classmate Danny Sedrakyan as Classmate Tai Urban as Classmate Elisabeth Van Stralen as Lisa

The cast of The History Fair - 2013 includes: Jo Anne Sennett as Wife Jayden Asay as Classmate Harrison Bontrager as Classmate Rachel Boyle as Classmate Glenn Bundy as Husband Alec Gainey as Classmate Madison Hales as Classmate Bryan House as Mr. Gosser Brookelyn Hughes as Lily McKenzie Jacobs as Classmate Doug Lemon as Man Natalie Lindquist as Classmate Nicholas Lowman as Classmate Sydney McGurn as Classmate Jada Reffitt as Classmate Tara Rusinack as Classmate Graycee Sands as Classmate Wyatt Stiffler as Classmate Ciara Stout as Classmate

No, it is not. A classmate is a person, a noun.

Classmate is correct, as it is one word.

Its because your classmate is wierd!

सहपाठी is how you say classmate in Hindi.

The cast of Teenager - 2009 includes: Guy Benveniste as Policeman Rachel Deacons as Classmate Lauren Dees as Classmate Yasemin Ertoprak as Cassey Lisa Gomer as Mrs. bradley Gregor Jones as Classmate Jed McBride as Classmate Jeffrey Ogiemwonyi as Classmate Jade Reeder as Classmate Alessandro Sinno as Classmate Alison Vermeeren as Ann

I hate my new classmate "Andrew" he is a bully to me.

The cast of One Small Step - 2012 includes: Dawn Alden as Ms. Forster Charlie Boonyodom as Classmate Brenda Boonyodom as Classmate Sophie Dorani as Classmate AlexAnn Hopkins as Classmate Shanae Humphrey as Mrs. White Corin Kirk as Classmate Kailey Liddell as Classmate Jordyn Lucas as Destiny White Amani Rasheed as Classmate Aliyah Royale as Classmate Jordan Wells as Myrna Sweet

First, make a list of the information you need from the classmate. Use that list to create questions and then interview your classmate.

A proper noun the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title. The proper noun for a classmate is the name of the classmate, or:Classmate Limited (educational supplies), Evergreen Park, ILClassmate Academy, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, IndiaJumping Jacks (brand) Classmate Shoes"Chinese Lessons: Five Classmates and the Story of the New China" by John Pomfret

A Classmate is someone you have to work with at school and you might become friends.

In french, one of the common ways to designate a classmate is: 'camarade de classe'. Which is a literary, by the way, translation of english.

a male classmate: khaver lekeetah (חבר לכיתה) a female classmate: khaverah lekeetah (חברה לכיתה)

The cast of The Unforgiving Minute - 2010 includes: Leigh Ann Jernigan as Classroom Teacher Devin Badgett as Hero Boy Susanna Beeler as Classmate Peyton Boling as Classmate Brandon Burden as Classmate Viola Davis as Narrator Stephen Dupree as Janitor Mack Dyer as Classmate Bryce Jackson as Classmate Matt Jernigan as Principal Krista Nolan as Classmate Katie Overton as Classmate Zachary Redden as Tough Kid Grahm Sharp as Classmate Jerry Shipe Kelly Shipe as Mom Matthew Torbett as Red-Headed Boy Henry Vasconcelos as Baby Elliott Vasconcelos as Classmate Emme Younce as Classmate

The cast of The Mary Contest - 2013 includes: Adanna Avon as Mary Lyova Beckwitt as Classmate Hanah Clery as Rita Emma Gallello as Jenille Mason Gillespie as Classmate Pacey Gillespie as Classmate Jordan Gorgounis as Classmate Lucas Gorgounis as Classmate Jackson Halsall as Classmate Adrienne Hicks as Tammy Emma Jorssen as Clarice Corale Knowles as Sonia Teresa Laverty as Sr. Adelia Lauren Lavoie as Nora Paul Liggett as Classmate Charlie Liggett as William Kelly Lorynne Machado as Sarah Chris McBeath as Mrs. Fitzpatrick Owen Peacock as Classmate Molly Phelan as Classmate Sara Rabey as Joan Kelly Thomas Reader as Classmate Matreya Scarrwener as Joyce Makaila Sherwood as Classmate Nancy von Euw as Mrs. Walsh Talia Wolkosky as Classmate

The cast of The Black Bird - 2013 includes: Carter Benson as Nathan John Corbin as Billy Wynter Craft as Classmate Kaysha Craft as Sister Lexie Johnson as Classmate Kylie McCuiston as Classmate Dolly Montonya as Classmate Parker Wyman as Classmate

a female classmate is called "une copine de classe" in French

Yes, the word 'classmate' is a noun, a singular, common noun; a word for a person.

The cast of Desolation - 2012 includes: Alanna Buchan as Classmate Simon Burnett as Nathan Danny Hutcheson as Classmate Jade Kay as Jenny Ross Lawrence as Classmate John M Noble as Mr. Baxter Gillian McAlinden as Paige Katie McLennan as Classmate Samantha Reid as Emma Gabrielle Simpson as Sarah Riona Smith as Classmate Cameron Twycross as Classmate

Camarade de classe is a French equivalent of the English word "classmate." The phrase translates literally as "comrade of class" and will apply to a female or male classmate. The pronunciation will be "ka-ma-ra-duh klas" in French.

The cast of Why Wear a Poppy - 2012 includes: Joyce Ayad as Classmate Katie Clements as Classmate Shirley Delang as Ellie Amanda Densil as Classmate

The cast of Greatest Man Alive - 2010 includes: Alanah Burger as Classmate Kevin Craig West as Grown Man Max Gaba as Essay Reader Eric Newton as Classmate Jackie Roberts as Teacher Jedai Stevens as Young Man Bakari Stout as Classmate Courtney Suitto as Classmate Morrel Thompson as Classmate

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The cast of Thanatos - 2012 includes: John Couri as Mr. Kleinsmith Tj Delorie as Classmate Rebecca Kaye as Kris Halthea Latty as Classmate Neisha Price as Classmate Ashton Raithel as Girl Bethany Ronallo as Classmate Charlie Wein as Curtis

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