What is clever board?

Clever Board is a highly versatile and original product, as well as attractive and secure. The surface is made from an almost indestructible vitreous enamel, and with mimio® interactive technology incorporated securely into the unit, the whiteboard instantly becomes interactive. Connect the Clever Board to your computer, load the mimio® software onto your laptop or PC and note taking is instantaneous.

In contrast to the touch-sensitive display and digital ink of the Smart board, the Clever board allows students to use regular board pens such that it can function as a standard whiteboard free from electronics.

The Clever board provides an array of useful features, for example they can record all of the work carried out on the board, including corrections, and play it back through the Clever board software on the attached PC. This is in addition to being able to save and e-mail any work saved through the software program.