What is clinical pregnancy?

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A clinical pregnancy is a pregnancy characterized by a situation when the fetal sac is seen in the uterus with an ultrasound examination four weeks after the IVF procedure has taken placed.

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Q: What is clinical pregnancy?
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Is clinical strength deodorant safe during pregnancy?

Yes, clinical strength deodorant can be used safely during pregnancy.

Do high hcg hormones indicate a multiple pregnancy?

No. The best way for you to know whether you have a multiple pregnancy is by a clinical examination (ie feeling for multiple babies) or, better still, an ultrasound scan.

What has the author Rajiv B Gala written?

Rajiv B. Gala has written: 'Patient encounters' -- subject(s): Clinical clerkship, Handbooks, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Female Genital Diseases, Handbooks, manuals, Pregnancy Complications 'Patient encounters' -- subject(s): Clinical clerkship, Handbooks, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Female Genital Diseases, Handbooks, manuals, Pregnancy Complications

What is a chemical pregnancy?

It is the clinical term for a very early miscarriage. A chemical pregnancy occurs typically when a woman takes a pregnancy test and it is positive, and she really was pregnant, but she miscarries before the fetus actually develops a heart beat. * *

Can Zoloft make you miss your period?

It's not a common side effect, but it did happen infrequently in premarketing clinical trials. If you are at risk for pregnancy, please take a pregnancy test to make sure that's not the cause. Increased stress can also affect your menstrual cycle.

Can stuffiness and a runny nose be symptoms of pregnancy?

Your nasal passages have no direct connection to your ovaries and uterus. In otherwords, NO they are symptoms of a cold. During pregnancy many women complain of nasal stuffiness, decreased or increased saliva and nose bleeds. This happens in many pregnancies as is fairly common in twin pregnancies as pregnancy hormones (estrogen) can make your mucus membranes swell. It has a clinical name also: rhinitis of pregnancy.

What is clinical attutude or clinical approach?

A clinical approach involves the use of empirical information and treament.

What is the definition of clinical pharmacology?

Clinical Pharmacology is the application of pharmacological concepts and principles in the clinical setting.

What is the function of clinical psychology?

what is the function of clinical psychology

Why are clinical embryologists important?

why are clinical embryologists important

How does focal myometrial contraction affect pregnancy?

This type of contraction occurs in a small area in the uterine wall. In many cases, these have no clinical significance, but patients should still alert their doctors.

Describe Assessment in clinical and non clinical settings?

To the best of my knowledge: A clinical assessment would include a diagnosis, and a non-clinical assessment would have a plan of action.

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