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What is closure property?

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its when a mathamatical persistince is also whennyou d the oppsite of the equation

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Is closure property for division.?

No. Closure is the property of a set with respect to an operation. You cannot have closure without a defined set and you cannot have closure without a defined operation.

Definition of closure in dbms?

In Relational algebra allows expressions to be nested, just as in arithmetic. This property is called closure.

Closure property of addition in brief?

The closure property of addition says that if you add together any two numbers from a set, you will get another number from the same set. If the sum is not a number in the set, then the set is not closed under addition.

What are the properties of mathematical system to be a commutative group?

Closure, an identity element, inverse elements, associative property, commutative property

What property is integer plus integer equals integer?

Closure of the set of integers under addition.

What is a example of Closure property of addition?

closure property is the sum or product of any two real numbers is also a real numbers.EXAMPLE,4 + 3 = 7 The sum is real number6 + 8 = 14add me in facebook.. lynnethurbina@yahoo.com =]

Is there a closure property of subtraction that applies to whole numbers Explain?

Yes there is.Closure means that if x and y are any two whole numbers then x - y must be a whole number.

What is Closure Property for multiplication?

The closure property is an attribute of a set with respect to a binary operation, not only a binary operation. A set S is closed with respect to multiplication if, for any two elements, x and y, belonging to S, x*y also belongs to S.

Is a set of rational numbers a group under subtraction?

Yes it has closure, identity, inverse, and an associative property.

What is downward closure property?

Every subset of a frequent itemset is also frequent. Also known as Apriori Property or Downward Closure Property, this rule essentially says that we don't need to find the count of an itemset, if all its subsets are not frequent. This is made possible because of the anti-monotone property of support measure - the support for an itemset never exceeds the support for its subsets. Stay tuned for this.

How a kaleen closure is different from positive closure?

The main difference between Kaleen closure and positive closure is; the positive closure does not contains the null, but Kaleen closure can contain the null.

How do you get closure?

In mathematics, closure is a property of a set, S, with a binary operator, ~, defined on its elements.If x and y are any elements of S then closure of S, with respect to ~ implies that x ~ y is an element of S.The set of integers, for example, is closed with respect to multiplication but it is not closed with respect to division.

What property represents a rational number added to a rational number gives a rational number answer?

The relevant property is the closure of the set of rational numbers under the operation of addition.

What is the closure of the set?

it is the closure of the set

What are commutative propertyassociative property and closure propety?

Commutative property: a + b = b + a; example: 4 + 3 = 3 + 4 Associative property: (a + b) + c = a + (b + c); example: (1 + 2) + 3 = 1 + (2 + 3) Closure property: The sum of two numbers of certain sets is again a number of the set. All of the above apply similarly to addition of fractions, addition of real numbers, and multiplication of whole numbers, fractions, or real numbers.

Give example of closure property?

Add two positive integers and you ALWAYS have a positive integers. The positive integers are closed under addition.

When was Closure in Moscow created?

Closure in Moscow was created in 2006.

What is principle of closure in math?

Examples of the purpose of closure in math

Can you make a meaningful sentence using the word closure?

one example sentence is: Closure of the docks had been agreed. Source:sentence.yourdictionary.com/closure

Cpt code for closure of gastrocolic fistula?

closure of Gastrocolic fistula

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