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Q: What is clownfish abiotic influences?
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What abiotic factor influences on photosynthesis?

sunlight and water

A physical factor that influences an ecosystem is called?

Abiotic factors

Which abiotic factor most influences the water cycle?


What effects do abiotic factors have on living things?

Abiotic factors have a variety of effects on living things. The weather (an abiotic factor) influences where a living creature can make its home or find food.

Which action influences the abiotic components of an organism's environment?

Water Pollution

What is an abiotic factor that influences the Piedmont plateau in North Carolina?

Rolling Hills- APEX

How do those biotic factors influence the abiotic factors in a grassland?

It influences it by touching it! It influences it by touching it!

What abiotic factor influences the color of the snowshoe rabbit's fur?

SNOW of course!

Which of these is an abiotic factor that influences the Piedmont plateau in North Carolina?

D. Rolling Hills (APEX)

Which of the following abiotic factors has the greatest influences on the metabolic rates of plants and animals?


How do you put 'abiotic factors' into a sentence?

Abiotic factors refer to such non-living influences on plants, people, and animals as drought, flooding, and temperature fluctuations.

A physical factor that influences an ecosystem is called a?

biotic and abiotic factors

What is an environmental factor?

Environmental factor or ecological factor or ecofactor is any factor, abiotic or biotic, that influences living organisms.

What are some biotic and abiotic factors in the tundra?

Abiotic factors in the Tundra are physical or non-living factors. They include strong winds, short days, and poor soil quality. Biotic factors are biological influences like wildlife and plants.

Describe the niche of a clownfish?

The niche of a clownfish is the specific role that the clownfish has in it's ecosystem.

What types of clown fish are there?

Heres all the ones I know: -Common Clownfish -Orange Skunk Clownfish -Maroon Clownfish -Pink Skunk Clownfish -Red sea Clownfish -Barrier Reef clownfish -Clark's Clownfish -Cap Clownfish !

Explain why temperature is a factor that influences the natural vegetation in a place?

Temperature is an abiotic factor that affects an ecosystem. It influences the natural vegetation in a place because some plants thrive in hot environments, while others live in cold places.

Is there an lps clownfish?

no there is not an lps clownfish.

Is a Clownfish Carnivore Herbivore or Omnivore?

Clownfish are omnivores.

How do clownfish breed?

Clownfish like sea anemones, they "live" in them. Once a girl clownfish finds a boy clownfish to her specifications, she lays eggs and he fertilizes them. Hope this helped

Is aluminum biotic or abiotic factor?


What are the defenses of a clownfish?

the defenses of a clownfish is there tail

What is a group of clownfish called?

a group of clownfish

How does the clownfish move?

Their back fin move the clownfish through the water and their side fins help the clownfish steer.

What is a clownfish's habitat?

An ananame which is a place where only clownfish survive the stings.It's actually a symbiotic relation,cause the clownfish brings food & the ananame gives the clownfish a safe home