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Code 43 is listed as Electronic Spark Control Circuit

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Q: What is code 43 on 1988 Pontiac Bonneville?
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1988 Pontiac Bonneville after engine warms up to normal operating temp engine wants to stall out when you come to a stop whenit stalls it starts right back up Iam getting a fault code 43?

Code 43 indicates a fault in the ESC (electronic spark control) system. It usually means the knock sensor has failed, or the wiring to the knock sensor is faulty. When this fails it causes the computer to retard the spark timing to protect the engine, resulting in stalling, poor performance and reduced mileage.

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What is the 43 check engine code on a 87 camaro iroc?

code 43 is electronic spark control open circuit.

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On a 1988 Pontiac Bonneville will a bad knock sensor give a code 43 and cause the engine to run rough stall when you slow down?

Check dark blue/white wire from knock sensor to ecm(electronic computer module) if it is grounded or shorted to ground then code 43(electronic spark control circuit) will be set Warm car to normal temperature.shut off engine.disconnect knock sensor.turn ignition switch to on position or run position(engine is not running) check voltage between harness and ground(should be between 4 to 6 volts) yes-means bad connector or bad sensor over 6 volts-shorted to voltage or bad ecm under 4 volts-shorted to ground or bad ecm

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