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What is code PO441 on a Honda Accord EX V6?


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The code PO441 is for insufficent flow on the EGR. I am having the same problem. I went and bought the "gadget" that reads the codes, and will reset them. I'm NOT a mechanic by NO means....but what I've read here on the net, is even after Honda changing the EGR the same thing came back.(One person's words) Now I'm just going by what I've found on other sites. This person recommended putting in "Marvel Mystery Oil" in your gas tank. Four (4) oz. in your tank once a month for at least 3 months. After his "second" EGR he started doing this, and it took care of the problem. So, I'm trying it now. You can buy this "Marvel Mystery Oil) at Wal-Mart. Was a little over $3.00 for 32oz. I think if they replace the EGR and actually clean out the "carbon" it "may" do better??? They may have even done this to the other guys even on the second one? But I'm going to try the (MMO) and see if it helps. I poured 4 oz. into the gas tank and will continue to do so for a few months to see if it helps. I bought the code reader just to make sure it was NOT another problem. The light has now come on twice up until now....starting today 10/27/06 I started using the (MMO) as mentioned at Wal-Mart. Hope this helps! Again, I'm NOT a mechanic at all....going by what I've read on the net! eddie


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