What is cognitive behaviourism?

Cognitive-behaviorism is a blended theory that incorporates both cognitive theory and behaviorism. According to cognitive-behaviorism, our responses are based on a complex interaction between thoughts and behaviors.

Modern cognitive-behaviorism also incorporates elements of feeling-based learning theories, such as rational-emotive theory. According to these principles, we are complex human beings whose responses are based on ongoing interactions between our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It is necessary to address all of these components in order to successfully change our reactions.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is currently the most popular method of therapy for treating phobias in the United States. This is a type of brief therapy in which successful results may sometimes be acheived in only a few sessions. This is important to many people whose health insurance plans may limit the number of visits they can make to a therapist per year.
-Rakesh Sharma Jodhpur