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If I understand your question properly I think you're referring to the engine timing. (when the spark plugs fire in relation to the rotation of the engine) When the temperature sensors on the car sense the engine is cold it will advance the timing of the engine to keep it from stalling out.

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Q: What is cold advance start?
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What is a cold start injector on a 1986 Honda CRX?

The cold start injector does what the name implies. When you first turn the key to start (on a cold engine) the CSI gives the engine a richer mixture by injecting fuel into the intake manifold while the starter is engaged so it starts faster/easier. How long the cold start injector runs depends on the temperature. (Usually only a few seconds). There isn't a cold-start injector on your car. The cold-start injector, aka the "fifth injector," is a relic of the Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection system. This was designed in the 1960s and is essentially mechanical. On the K-Jetronic, when the Cylinder Head Temperature sensor detected the engine was below a certain operating temp, it would inject fuel into the throttle body. Think of it as a fancy choke. Cold-start injectors have one huge problem in today's emissions-paranoid climate: all that extra fuel generates extra pollution. That will not do. Honda uses a cold-advance solenoid valve in 1986 cars. There is a cable connecting it to the FI computer, and a vacuum hose connecting it to the distributor. (For all you guys who ever wondered why there are TWO hoses going into the vacuum advance on a Honda distributor when most cars only have one...well, this is why.) When the engine is below operating temperature, the cold-advance solenoid draws vacuum on the distributor, which advances the timing and makes the engine run faster without all the smog a cold-start injector would cause.

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