What is cold stock?

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Is a shutter stock frog warm blooded or cold blooded?

All frogs are cold blooded.

Explain why it is important to begin with cold water when making a stock?

It brings out the maximum flavor of the ingredients and prevents the stock from turning cloudy.

Where do you buy cold cream?

Any store selling cosmetics, makeup or skin care products will stock cold cream.

What does cold air intake systems different than a stock air intake on vehicles?

A cold air intake will increase your horse power

What is the difference between gazpacho and cold consomme?

Gazpacho is a cold tomato based soup and consomme is broth soup made from stock or bouillon.

Why does a stock become cloudy during the cooking process?

Your ingredients should always be covered in cold water. When bones are covered with cold water, blood and other impurities dissolve. As the water heats, the impurities coagulate and rise to the surface, where they can be removed easily by skimming. If the bones were covered with hot water, the impurities would coagulate more quickly and remain dispersed in the stock without rising to the top, making the stock cloudy. You should simmer a stock gently, at about 185 degrees. Start from cold to hot, not warm to hot. It will ruin a stock.

How fast is the klx140L?

65mph maybe with jetting 55-60mph stock I have the monster energy klx140L and stock i can get up to 60 on warm start 40 on cold start.

What president thought you needed to stock up on nuclear weapons?

all of them during the cold war

Were can you get giraffes leggings?

You cold get them on Black milk but they are sold out so I do not were you could get them but they might come into stock

How do you make cold beet soup?

Put cold beetroot in a blender,mix it with cold stock(Been in fridge)Put it in the oven, take it out,put it in fridge for the night. Next morning: Take it out of the fridge, Get a spoon... There ya have it,Cold beet soup:P

Where can we stock bread that will last for 2 days?

in a firdge or a pantry. obviosly a frigde is beter cause it cold :)

How do you produce fish stock?

sweat off leek, celery with a bit butter. then add the fish bones to the pot and cold water. Bring the stock up to simmer for 30 minutes.

Where do you get halal bacon in Singapore?

Cold Storage or GIant supermarket stock up Halal Bacon by Zac Meat.

Will the stock exhaust on your 2000 pontiac gtp handle a cold air intake and smaller supercharger pulley?


How do you install a cold air intake?

take and remove your stock intake and bolt ur new one up easy

Is turkey stock left out overnight ok to eat?

Only if where it was left out was a cold as a refrigerator. Otherwise, it would not be safe to eat.

Veal stock should always be started with warm water?

No, all stocks should be started using cold water.

How can you get more horsepower from a stock 351 windsor?

well you can change the air filter to a higher quality like a KN filter with a cold air intake. anything else would make the engine no longer stock

What is the shelf life of opened chicken stock?

Refrigerated, a day, according to scientific sources. I tend to trust chicken stock in a COLD refrigerator (<42F) for up to 3 days, then I'll boil it. Frozen, indefinite.

A spanish vegetable soup served cold?

GAZPACHO A vegetable soup served ice cold in Spain. A chunky liquid salad, loads of fresh veggies in a broth of tomato and chicken stock (optional)

Installation cold air intake?

Fairly easy. Unbolt the stock air filter and intake and bolt on the new on. This really is a "bolt on" application.

What would be the best cold air intake for a cobalt sport?

Just buy a K&N air filter for it and put it in the stock airbox.

What is normal oil pressure on a stock 5.7 in a 95 Z-28 LT1?

45 psi cold &20 psi hot

Does a stock 85 Pontiac fiero gt have a fuel injector?

This engine will have seven injectors. 6 are the running injectors and there is a "Cold Start" injector.

What is the meaning of hot stock and cold stock in stock market?

I have heard of the term hot stock. A hot stock is one that is in great demand due to the news of any of its great business deal or profit declaration etc. Everyone is swarming to buy that company's stock and its price is going up... Example: Lets say GM has released a new car model and there is widespread news that this car model is a blockbuster hit and people are ordering in thousands. This may have a great positive effect on GM shares and people would start buying it. In this scenario GM is a hot stock.