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What is collateral advertising?

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Collateral advertising basically are the physical products an advertiser uses to advertise such as brochures, mailers, business cards, promo items, etc.

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What is a collateral bond?

"What is a collateral bond?"

What is Collateral management?

Collateral Management: Collateral means , mutual agreement. Collateral Managemet is a line of busineed in banking sector , each investor will have collateral agreement on some mutual transaction. One of the example, Equity Derivatives. It provides interface to enter collateral data, and it has a master data of collateral descriptions and types. It maintains customer, collateral, and credit account relationships so the amount of idle collateral can be determined. It is usually packaged in an application or part of the core-banking application.

Can you use your car as collateral for a loan?

Yes, your car can be used a collateral but it is up to the lender.Yes, your car can be used a collateral but it is up to the lender.Yes, your car can be used a collateral but it is up to the lender.Yes, your car can be used a collateral but it is up to the lender.

When was Collateral released?

Collateral was released on 08/06/2004.

What was the Production Budget for Collateral?

The Production Budget for Collateral was $60,000,000.

What are two types of advertising?

I think you mean "below the line" and "above the line" advertising. Ad agencies used to get paid on a media commission for placing ads (above the line in accounting terms) and other forms of advertising, which included targeting customers or segments with collateral or direct response, fell below the line, since they were non-commission. Today those categories are not really relevant, especially with the advent of digital/internet advertising. So, you might say today that there is image advertising, for example commercials running during the Super Bowl; and then there is targeted advertising, which you see in direct response and internet advertising, which targets a need of a particular customer or market segment.

What is a sentence for collateral?

The investigation was not limited to the immediate, with a disregard of the collateral evidence.

What tissue is medial collateral?

medial collateral cruciate ligament of the patellar

What does collateral refer to?

security for a loan or outside of what was intended (collateral damage)

What is the ISBN of Collateral Karma?

The ISBN of Collateral Karma is 978-1598586978.

How many pages does Collateral Karma have?

Collateral Karma has 293 pages.

Can a bank refuse to release collateral if they have excessive collateral?

They can refuse if the loan outstanding is much more than the collateral provided. Ex: If you have a loan outstanding of 100,000$ and you have provided a collateral of 50,000$ you cannot expect the bank to release any collateral. Lets say your outstanding is only $30,000 then you can expect the bank to release a certain portion of the collateral atleast $20,000

How do you use the word collateral in a sentence?

We put up our house as collateral for the loan.

What are the steps of a repossession for collateral?

What are the steps in a repossesion of collateral (boat) in the state of Alabama?

What ligament is also known as the fibular collateral ligament?

The Lateral Collateral Ligament

What was the Production Budget for Collateral Damage?

The Production Budget for Collateral Damage was $85,000,000.

How much money did Collateral gross worldwide?

Collateral grossed $217,670,152 worldwide.

Is it legal to hold a drivers license as collateral in California?

Yes, it is legal to hold a license as collateral if that is what the agreed upon collateral is. If you get pulled over, it will not be an excuse, however.

What are the knee ligaments?

ACL, PCL, lateral collateral ligament, medial collateral ligament

What does not belong axon terminal synaptic knob bouton axon collateral?

axon collateral

How much money did Collateral gross domestically?

Collateral grossed $100,170,152 in the domestic market.

What is the duration of Collateral Damage film?

The duration of Collateral Damage - film - is 1.8 hours.

How do you use Check as a collateral?

You cannot use check's are collateral. Either cash or bank deposit receipts or property can be used as collateral. Usually check's have a validity period of 6 months after which they are useless. So banks would not accept them as collateral

What is a cross collateral lien?

A cross collateral lien is a loan where one piece of collateral secures more than one loan. An example would be a car that is paid off being collateral on 2 separate personal, cash loans.

What is the opposite of collateral?

Antonyms of the adjective collateral are:chiefdifferentdissimilarimportantindependentmajornecessarymainprimaryAntonyms of the noun collateral are:breakuncertainty