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What is commercial activities?

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Any activity which is conducted for gain is considered a commercial activity and can be conducted only under a permit. Commercial activities on parks are managed to ensure minimal environmental impact and the delivery of high-quality visitor services. In some areas, the number of permits is limited to protect the environment and visitor experiences. Examples of commercial activities include:

  • selling things

  • supplying services or facilities

  • commercial photography

  • advertising or promoting a protected area as part of your cruise, tour, flight or safari business

  • advertising or promoting a protected area as a feature associated with your resort or tourist facility

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What does a commercial manager do?

A commercial manager will manage all of the day to day activities of a commercial.

What does commercial activities mean?

Activity undertaken as part of a commercial enterprise

What do you mean by commercial activities?

For profit.

Show how commercial activities assist the satisfaction of human wants?

The commercial activities like buying help people satisfy their human wants.

Explain types of commercial activities with examples?

Commercial activities are those that occur in a commercial enterprise. Examples include a jobs in the snack food industry, a trucking firm, or a mail order company.

What the chief economic activities of Illinois?

commercial farming.

What is commercial activities and in detail explain?

Anything you do for cash money. Selling drugs is a commercial activity, but you shouldn't do that.

When did the Internet commence commercial activities?

in the early 1960's

What has the author Tony Reichhardt written?

Tony Reichhardt has written: 'Commercial space activities in Europe' -- subject(s): Space industrialization 'U.S. commercial space activities' -- subject(s): Astronautics

What are economic activities in the Midwest?

agriculture, commercial fishing, and manufacturing! your welcome

What are the main and initial activities performed by the commercial banks in industrial finance?


List of commercial bank in Nigeria and their activities as related economy growth?

Currently there are about 25 licensed commercial banks in Nigeria, these banks have been givenn license to carry out different commercial banking activities in Nigeria, however, it should be noted that there are other banking institutions (mortgage, microfinance etc) that also carry out different forms of banking activities in the country Their activities as related economy growth can be found here:

Introduction of commercial geography?

Commercial Geography is a form of geography concerned with the production and supply of raw materials, agricultural output, and finished goods. Commercial Geography is now replaced with Economic Geography. Commercial Geography covers the following points 1. Relationship of Commerce and Geography 2. Impact of Geography on Commercial Activities The commercial geography is mainly concern with the transportation, communication and related commerce activities. The Detailed information of commercial geography available at

Global link commercial activity in Ohio?

What are the activities of junior achievement in Ohio university?

What minerals are mined in Antarctica?

None. The Antarctic Treaty forbids commercial activities such as mining.

What is the economic activities occur in each region pacific coast states?

commercial fishing

Which program within the USCG Boating and Safety Mission targets commercial vessels regulates commercial marine activities and helps develop safety standards for commercial vessels and crews?

Search and Rescue

What are the ways the central bank can control the activities of the commercial bank?

explain four ways in which the central bank esercises control over commercial banks

What is a commercial economy?

Commercial economy is defined as being the aspects of an economy that are related to the exchange of services, labor activities, and goods that have a definite monetary value. These areas are not related to activities such as childcare, housework, family care giving, or other such domestic services.

What are commercial activities explain in detail with examples?

buying and selling things and providing a service for a fee

What was the most common form of taxation during the colonial era?

taxes on commercial products and activities

What banking activities was prohibited to commercial banks by the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933?

underwriting stocks

What is meant by commercial activity?

# A commercial activity is one which is operated by a Federal executive agency and which provides a product or service that could be obtained from a commercial source. Activities that meet the definition of an inherently Governmental function provided below are not commercial activities. A representative list of commercial activities is provided in Attachment A. A commercial activity also may be part of an organization or a type of work that is separable from other functions or activities and is suitable for performance by contract. # A conversion to contract is the changeover of an activity from Government performance to performance under contract by a commercial source. # A conversion to in-house is the changeover of an activity from performance under contract to Government performance. # A commercial source is a business or other non-Federal activity located in the United States, its territories and possessions, the District of Columbia or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, which provides a commercial product or service. # An inherently governmental function is a function which is so intimately related to the public interest as to mandate performance by Government employees. Consistent with the definitions provided in the Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act of 1998 and OFPP Policy Letter 92-1, these functions include those activities which require either the exercise of discretion in applying Government authority or the use of value judgment in making decisions for the Government. Services or products in support of inherently Governmental functions, such as those listed in Attachment A, are commercial activities and are normally subject to this Circular. Inherently Governmental functions normally fall into two categories:

Are there commercial areas in Mumbai India?

There are a lot of commercial areas in Mumbai, India. They are very common and contain activities like banking, media, information technology centers, etc.

Advantages of franchisees?

Providing a broadcasting service. Carry out specific commercial activities. Act as an agent for a company's products.