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What is commercial insurance?


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Commercial insurance helps protect your business from its own exposures. Exposures are risks that your business generates during the course of its operations.

Products carry liability if someone is hurt using them (general liability)

Operations like construction carry defective workmanship claims and site safety claims

Using vehicles in the course of business dictates a need for commercial auto insurance

Professional services rendered leads to a need for professional liability insurance

A good insurance broker can help you understand all of the different risk your company faces AFTER they spend time to understand your operations. Then they can discuss policy options and also help you understand what risks you face that wont be covered by insurance. Examples of these risks include OSHA fines, EPA compliance costs, HR Compliance costs, etc.

Commercial insurance is typically required by landlords and vendors, as well as customers. It isn't uncommon for these parties to request certificates of insurance to make sure that your company is protected and will help prevent them from financial damages in the event you experience a claim working with them.


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Commercial Insurance is for a business. (general liability, worker's comp, etc.) The term "non-commercial" insurance isn't generally used. There is commercial insurance and personal insurance (i.e. homeowners, personal auto)

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Commercial insurance services are available from the following companies. CRK Insurance, Arlington Insurance, Allsop Commercial Services and Oakwell Insurance Services.

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Autonet Insurance specializes in the commercial automobile market. This includes fleet vehicle insurance, commercial vehicle insurance and commercial van insurance.

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there is no age if you own a business you can get commercial insurance

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There are many insurance companies which provide insurance for commercial vehicles. Progressive, MetLife, and Geico are all companies which offer insurance to commercial vehicle owners.

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