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Q: What is common to some grasshoppers and the cuckoo bird?
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What are some of the things that butterflies and grasshoppers do not have in common?

Butterflies have wings and grasshoppers don't!

What are some basic facts about the cuckoo bird?

the cuckoo bird eats insects including catapillars (however you spell it) it can be a greyish color or cream or mixed usual small but some kinds of them are quit large. the cuckoo bird eats insects including catapillars (however you spell it) it can be a greyish color or cream or mixed usual small but some kinds of them are quit large.

Is cuckoo bird an omnivore or a herbivore?

I will say that cuckoo is an omnivore because it even eats smaller insects and some nuts etc...

What are some bird names starting with c?

cuckoo, cockatoo, cock (male hen),

What is a bird named for the sound it makes?

The Cuckoo The Chiffchaff The Reid Warbler are some examples.

What are some bird names starting with the letter C?

Chicken, Chaffinch, Cuckoo, Curlew, Crane.

What bird puts its eggs in another bird's nest?

There are at least two. There are some groups of cuckoo, and the brown-headed cowbird that do this. This is called brood parasitism.

Why do some birds tolerate cuckoo chicks in their nests?

It's actually not just "some" birds that tolerate cuckoo chicks in their nests, it's most birds.Cuckoos have been labelled by humans as a parasitic bird, which lays its eggs in the nests of other birds. However cuckoos can also be beneficial to their host.Sometimes birds will actually remove the cuckoo's egg from their nest. But most of the time they will actually accept it as one of their own.There are two reasons why a bird will accept a cuckoo's egg as their own.First of all, cuckoos are actually rather mean. If the cuckoo witnesses its egg being evicted from the nest, then the cuckoo will likely return to the nest later and crush the host bird's eggs. Most birds seem to have learnt that removing a cuckoo's egg from their nest will end badly, so they just accept it.The second reason is because the cuckoo egg actually provides the nest with more defence from predators, especially with the spotted cuckoo.Spotted cuckoo chicks for example secrete a terrible smell. This smell makes the nest seem unappetising to predators, such as cats and birds of prey. So the host bird's nest is benefiting from extra protection if they accept the responsibility of raising the cuckoo's chick.In a way, the cuckoo bird works like the Mafia, running a protection racket. That is if you pay your dues (accept the cuckoo's eggs as your own), then you will get protection. But refuse and your nest gets smashed up.Further reading:New Scientist Article: Cuckoo chicks protect their host from predators with smells

What bird eats a caterpillar in the rainforest?

There are many birds in the rainforest that feed upon caterpillars. Some of these birds include the Cuckoo, Xenops and Toucan.

Do grasshoppers have a liver?

Grasshoppers do not have a liver. Grasshoppers and humans do have some similar organs, such as a heart and brain.

Where does a cuckoo lay its eggs?

Cuckoos lay their eggs in the nests of other birds so that the effort of raising them is done by other birds. When they hatch, the cuckoo chicks tip any other chicks out of the nest, so that they receive all the attention and food.

What are some of the common names of migrating birds?

bird of paradise

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