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What is communist governments?

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A communist Êgovernment is a single party state controlled by ÊaÊparty thatÊ advocates the principles of communism. There are several Ê types Êof communist governments.

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What kinds of governments were in the cold war?

Communist and independent.

How many European nations had communist governments in 1955?


Which nations overthrew communist governments in 1989?

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Is the government involved in running industries for communism?

Certainly some governments are. Communist governments do so as a matter of course.

Does Cuba have a unitary form of government?

yes because Cuba has a communist government. Usually communist governments have unitary governments because the government has control over most or all of the citizens rights

5 types of governments?

Democracy, monarchy, communist, socialist, fascist.

Which eastern European nations overthrew communist governments in 1989?

the west

Were there more or fewer communist governments years ago?

Yes there were more.

What are the most popular types of government?

Democratic, Socialist, and Communist governments

Which two countries have communist governments in Asia?

north korea and vietnam

What are the four major theories of governments?

Democractic, socialist, communist & dictatorship.

What was the first country to have a Communist government?

Russia (Soviet Union) was the first country to have a communist government. Other countries with communist governments include China, Vietnam, and Korea.

What governments were Communist for about sixty years?

There were several. The USSR was communist for about 70 years. China and Cuba, both still recognized as communist, as well as North Korea, have been communist for 60 plus years.

What government bodies were involved in the Cold war?

Governments were either free governments or communist government, with some exceptions of dictator governments such as Franco's Spain or Tito in Europe.

What type of government do China Cuba and North Korea have?

They all have COMMUNIST governments, but beside that they are very different. China has a Leninist Communist Dictatorship, Cuba has a Communist Autocracy, and North Korea is a Dynastic Communist State.

In which nations did communist governments gain power in 1949?

East Germany and China

What led to separitst movements in eastern Europe in the 1990s?

the fall of communist governments

What led to the separatist movement in Eastern Europe in 1990?

The fall of Communist Governments.

What nations did not overthrow their communist governments in a non-violent way?


What led to the separatist movements in eastern Europe in the 1900s?

The fall of Communist governments

What were Stalin's objectives in supporting Communist governments in Eastern Europe-?

Stalin's objective in supporting communist governments in Eastern Europe was to slow down invasions from the west. Joseph Stalin was the dictator of the Soviet Union from 1922 to 1952.

What countries still have communist governments?

China, Cuba, Laos, North Korea and Vietnam.

The Communist governments of Eastern Europe fell in 1989 after they lost the military backing of the?


Socialist and Communist countries are alike because they both?

have governments that are highly involved in the economy.

What kind of map will show you where Communist governments are located in the world?

Political system distribution

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