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What is computer system organization?

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What is cisco is a computer information system company organization?

cisco is computer information system company organization

What do you mean by computer organization?

Computer organization typically refers to the operational units of the system together with their interconnection. It is this interconnection that realizes the planning specification. The difference between computer organization and architecture is that the latter refers to those attributes of a system that are visible to a programmer.

Different shape of computer system organization from computer architecture?

wla q kabalo?

Why do we study computer organization and architecture?

The study of computer architecture and organization focuses on the interface between hardware and software, and emphasizes the structure and behavior of the system. As Computer Scientists, we need a basic understanding of computer system itself in order to rectify these problems.

What is the definition of computer system organization?

the combination of sofware and hardware devices.

Explain the basic organization of computer system?

In computer engineering computer organization or micro architecture is a description of the electrical circuitry of a computer, centrol processing unit or digital signal processor that is sufficient for completly describing the operation of the hardware.

Definition of computer organization?

=>refers to the level of abstraction above the digital logic level, but below the operating system level. computer organization was created by William salvatiera jr.

What term defines an event that threatens the security of a computer system or network in an organization?


Computer-based tool people use to work with information and support the information processing needs of the organization?

ERP System Enterprise Resource Planning System

What is the difference between management information system and computer information system?

The basic differenc between MIS and CIS is the source of the information. Management of Information Systemshandles information from all sources whether they are internal to an organization or external. Computer Information Systems is a bit more technical and strictly relate to computers and how the current organization uses the internal computer system.

What are the roles of system analyst in an organization?

It is their job to keep the computer systems safe and secure. They will do security, internet updates, and all computer systems.

How can a system board help you from your computer organization?

System Board is also the MotherboardA motherboard is the central printed circuit board (PCB) in many modern computer and holds many of the crucial components of the system, while providing connectors...

Definition of computer architecture and computer organization?

computer architecture refers to the relationship between different hardware component of a computer organisation refers to how operational attributes are linked togather to realised the architecture specifications.

Write a note on memory of computer?

1 what is computer memory 2 explain information system. discuss various information systems available in any organization.

What is computer based financial information systems?

A computer based financial information system, is a system used to show the profits, taxes, wages and expenditures of a organization. It is usally on Microsoft Excel and can be turned into graphs and charts.

What is mean by file organization in data structure of c?

File organization is the methodology which is applied to structured computer files. Files contain computer records which can be documents or information which is stored in a certain way for later retrieval. File organization refers primarily to the logical arrangement of data (which can itself be organized in a system of records with correlation between the fields/columns) in a file system

What was the organization of the Athenian democratic system?

What was the organization of the Athenian democratic system?

Impact of information system on organization?

An impact of information system on an organization is that it improves the efficiency of the organization. It saves the organization a lot of time.

When was Computer Entertainment Rating Organization created?

Computer Entertainment Rating Organization was created in 2002-07.

What is in a computer system?

computer system is referring to the system of computer

Examples of system and sub system in system analysis and design?

One example of a system and sub system in system analysis and design is an organization (system) with interrelated department (sub system). Another example would be a computer (system) and all of its components (subsystem).

How does effective safety and security management systems improve a organization?

computer maintenance is essential for effective and efficient management in an organization computer maintenance is essential for effective and efficient management in an organization computer maintenance is essential for effective and efficient management in an organization

What is the level of organization of annelida?

They are at the organ-system level of organization

How computer architecture differs from computer organization?

Computer architecture refers to how the things or elements that made up a computer are created individually while computer organization refers to how it is arrange in order to carry out its function.

The role of computer in business transaction?

roles of computer in organization