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What is confederate money worth?

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Zilch. Unless You Can Find Someone Collecting It. GOOD LUCK

2011-09-22 21:45:57
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Q: What is confederate money worth?
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1851 confederate once cent piece worth?

There was no confederate money in 1851.

How much is a confederate 100 dollar bill worth?

Confederate money is worthless.

What is the selling price of a 20.00 confederate bill?

Confederate money is completely worthless. It is worth nothing in the US.

Is US confederate money worth anything?

No, even genuine Confederate money which was used during the War between the States has no value now, not even as collectors' items.

What is the value of confederate war bonds?

It's in the certificates themselves. People collect these. I'd take my bonds to an appraiser to find out what they're worth, but Confederate bonds are definitely worth money.

What is a three dollar 1864 confederate bond worth?

If it's legit (meaning it's confederate) then you got some money comin. All real confederate money is rare. Rare enoungh to inflate their worth 3000% sometimes. Many imitation Confederate notes were made, and made to look old. Most will have 'Facsimile' in small print on the bottom (usually) of one side.

Did the Confederate States of America have their own currency?

While they did not have a completely different currency, like Dollars and Euro's, the confederate states did have slight differences on their notes, and so was worth a different amount depending on what store they were in. The different stores had different worths for the other sides currency than their own, so the Federal money was worth a different amount in the Confederate store, and vice verca.

What group was hit hardest by the recession after the civil war?

i think the south they had most of their land burned and they lost so confederate money was worth nothing

What is a confederate 1000 dollar bond worth from 1867?

its worth being recycled

What is the value of a confederate 5 dollar bill circa 1845?

There was no Confederate money in 1845.

If your born in a confederate state but your parents weren't are you confederate?

It wouldn't matter. After the Civil War ended and the Union was restored, Confederate citizenship became as irrelevant as Confederate money.

How much is one krona worth in euros?

The Kroner is an obsolete monetary unit, so it is a bit like comparing Federal Reserve Notes with Confederate Money.

How much was a confederate dollar worth in 1865?

60.00 -

Who is pictured on the Confederate money?

Jefferson Davis

How much is a 1000 confederate bond from 1861 worth?

how much is 1861 1000 bonds is worth?

Are confederate dollar bills worth anything today?

no about 5c

Who made confederate money?

President Abraham Lincoln

How did the confederate raise money to finance the civil war?

Printed more Confederate dollars, and the currency became worthless.

What money did they have in Mississippi during the war?

Various banks in Mississippi issued Confederate money.

Why was confederate money made in the US?

Confederate money was made in the Confederate States of America---not the US. The southern states seceded from the Union and formed their own country. Every country produces their own currency so people can buy and sale in the market.

How much is an 1863 confederate penny worth?

One thousand dollars

How much is a 1861 Confederate fifty dollar bill worth?


How much is a mint condition 1864 Confederate bond worth?


How much is an 1832 confederate twenty dollar bill worth?


What is paper confederate paper money worth?

Genuine examples are fairly valuable, but the market is saturated with replicas. It's impossible to give a specific value without knowing details about the note.