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What is congressional reauthorization?

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Reauthorization is a process that Congress prescribes to make changes, additions, and deletions to the Higher Education Act. Congressional reauthorization adjusts the current programs to meet the changes that are currently needed in education.

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What type of clause forces the expiration of a program or policy after a specified number of years without congressional reauthorization?

Sunset Clause

What president signed the voting rights reauthorization and amendments act?

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US congressional activities are recorded in the Congressional?


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What document are the Congressional proceedings published in?

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What are the three congressional agencies?

There are three Congressional staff agencies to aid lawmakers in carrying out their duties. These are the Library of Congress, the Congressional Budget Office, and the Congressional Research Office.

How many congressional districts are there in the state of Pennsylvania?

There are 203 state congressional districts and 19 US Congressional Districts.

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What are congressional activities?

Congressional activities are things that the congress does. Some congressional activities include, passing laws and voting.

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When was Congressional Institute created?

Congressional Institute was created in 1987.

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What is congressional redistricting?

Congressional redistricting is the revision (or redrawing) or congressional districts. This occurs every 10 years after the census to account for the population growth (and shrinkage) in congressional districts across the country.

Record of all congressional bills?

The record of all Congressional bills is in the Congressional Register. It is published daily by the General Accounting Office.

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