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What is consideration and why must a contract include consideration for it to be legal and binding?


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In contract law, consideration refers to any bargained-for exchange.

Basically, for a contract to be valid, there must be an exchange of goods and/or services. Because the vast majority of contracts are for sales of some type, consideration usually takes the form of an exchange of money for goods or services.

For consideration to be valid (thus making the contract valid, if all the other requirements for the validity of a contract are met), the things exchanged must be of some legal value. However, a court will generally not inquire into whether or not a particular form of consideration is sufficient. So, if you decide to sell your house for $50, and after the deal is done, realize you've made a horrible mistake, you can't go to court and argue that the sale is invalid, because there was no consideration. The fact that $50 is an absurdly low price for any house is irrelevant, as long as you agreed to the sale freely.

However, if there an agreement truly lacks consideration, the agreement is not a valid contract, and can therefore not be enforced. For example, if you promise to give your house to a friend, for free, with no strings attached, and put the agreement in writing, accompanied by every possible formality, you can change your mind at any time. Your friend cannot sue you for breach of contract, because no contract existed in the first place, as it was unsupported by consideration (your friend did not give or promise you anything in return for your house). However, once you actually transfer ownership of your house, you can't back out (as with any gift, it becomes the property of the recipient once the transfer is complete), but you could do so any time before the gift occurs.

The requirement for consideration is why you will sometimes hear of very expensive items being sold for very small amounts of money, such as a house or car being sold for $1. These transactions are essentially gifts, but the token consideration is there to ensure that the agreement is legally binding, in case the donor tries to back out. By making the agreement legally binding, the donor shows good faith.

Consideration is considered to be an essential element of a valid contract largely for historical reasons. Because contract law was created to protect the rights and interests of parties to commercial transactions (essentially, its purpose is to ensure that people keep their promises). Commercial transactions always involve some exchange, so it just became an underlying assumption that all contracts would involve an exchange.

Also, when an agreement which is completely unsupported by consideration is breached, the victim of the breach hasn't really lost anything, since they didn't give anything up in the first place, so it is not very important for such an agreement to be enforced by a court.

However, if there is a breach of a promise supported by consideration, the victim of the breach has suffered a loss, especially if they have already performed their end of the agreement, and are now getting nothing in return.

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Just because a contract contains consideration does not mean it is legal or binding. There are other requirements that must be met.

a valid contract must have offer,acceptance,consideration and intention to create legal relation.

The legal age to contract is 18. Yes, they can be held to the contract.

consideration is the essence of a contract . when there is no consideration then contract is invalid . also the consideration should be legal .consideration should be from both the side except in case of love n affection.

Consideration is the Promise or Performance that flows between the parties to a contract. It is also called legal detriment.

A contract is a legally binding document. If it was signed, it is serious.

Domestic agreements are not intended to be legal binding Commercial contracts are intended to be legal binding

No, not unless a parent or legal guardian also signs. You must be 18 to enter into a legally binding contract.

A legal contract is binding. If you break the contract without having the legal right to do so as set in the terms of the contract or by having the contract declared void by a court, the other party has the right to sue you in order to be compensated for the value of the contract.

A contract is a binding legal agreement between two or more parties. The four most important things to include in a contract are the parties' names, the contract subject, the timeframe, and the price cost. An offer in contract law is expressing the desire to enter into a contract. It must be made with the intentions that the offer will become binding as soon as the offer is accepted. An offer can be revoked anytime before...

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A contract has seven essential elements: Offer. Acceptance. Consideration Legal Intent. Capacity. Legal Object. Genuine Consent.

a. Offer b. Acceptance c. Legal consideration d. Intention to form a legal contract

Contracts are legally binding documents. The legal age to sign a contract in Ohio (unless emancipated as an adult) is 18.

A contract is more than an agreement. It has to meet certain criteria before it can be considered a contract. A contract would have to have offer, acceptance, consideration and intention to create legal relations. An agreement can be between family members, friends. This would not be legally binding as there would most probably not be any intention for legal relations.

The contract can be legally binding at the discretion of the 18 year old. The minor can 'disaffirm" the contract, or say there is no contract, when he/she reaches the legal age of majority in AL which is 19.

Offer and Acceptance Consideration Legal relationship Certainty and not vague Completeness of the contract

Once a contract has been agreed upon and signed, it becomes a legal and binding contract. Unless the contract has an opt out clause with no ramifications.

18, must be of legal age to enter into a binding contract.

It could be legal, it might not be. A contract for real property must be in writing. That would include land. And any contract that is for more than a year must also be in writing.

What legal wieght does a verbal contract carry, specifically in regards to an offer to sell an item?

The contract to sell refers a binding legal agreement between the buyer and sell about the sale of something. The contract to sell is usually enforceable by law.

Yes. If you are a legal adult where you live, whatever you sign is legally binding (unless you can prove you were coerced against your will). If you want to add something to a contract, you and the contractor need to sign an addendum. It is your responsibility to read and understand any contract you sign. Get legal assistance if you do not understand something in a contract.

Consideration is something of value. It can be goods, services, or even an agreement to refrain from something they could legally do otherwise. And the consideration must be legal.

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