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750 up

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Q: What is considered an excellent credit rating score?
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What is a credit score of 709 considered?

A credit score of 709 is considered to be good. Anything over 750 is excellent. However it is a good idea to note 700+ is considered a TIER 1 rating by most auto dealerships.

What is an excellent credit rating?

I would consider anything over 750 score an excellent credit rating 650 score good 620 - 650 score average anything below, needs some improvement by reducing debt and paying on time

How does a 736 credit score rank?

If a person has a credit score of 720 or above, they are considered to have excellent credit. The average credit score in the United States is 720.

At what number is a credit score considered excellent?

Usually a credit score over 750 is considered to be excellent. A score of 650 is considered to be average and a score below 600 would be considered poor. Different reporting agencies may provide different scores for the same person.

What is a good range for a credit score?

Good credit score ranges between 680- 750 and above this range credit score is considered excellent. Check your credit score regularly to get an idea about your credit score regularly.

What is considered a bad credit score rating?

A credit score rating is not hereditary. If your parents have bad scores, it doesn't affect you, unless they are deadbeats and applied for a loan under your social. You build your own credit score, which under 650 is generally considered poor.

What is a 730 credit score considered?

Average or good or okay...NOT EXCELLENT!

How good is an 869 Credit Score?

How good is an 869 credit score?

What does a high fico score mean?

A high fico score means you could have anywhere from a good credit rating to an excellent credit rating. If you have a high fico score, it means you pay your bills on time with no late or missing payments.

Is 743 a good credit score?

Yea 743 is considered a good score. Excellent is typically considered 750 and higher.

Is 787 a good credit score?

The credit system is rated on a numerical system with the lowest numbers being considered the worst. Any score over 720 is considered an excellent credit score, so yes 787 would be an exceptional credit score.

What is an excellant credit score?

In most scoring systems, a score of 800 or better would be considered excellent.

What is the difference between credit score and credit rating?

The difference between credit score and credit rating is simple Credit score (or credit history) is the history of paying back debt where as credit rating the the reputation for paying back money owing

What credit score do credit card companies look for?

most credit card companies that lend to "Prime" consumers like to see a credit score of 650 or higher... any score over750 is considered excellent

What is considered a five star credit rating score?

A five star credit rating usually refers to the credit worthiness of borrower. This rating gives a confidence to the lender that the credit under the same circumstance will be returned by the borrower.

What is a good range for your credit score?

Credit scores of 620 and lower are average to sub-par. When your credit score reaches the 700s it begins to be considered good credit with about 750 being excellent

What is the average good credit score?

Although credit scores can range between over 800 (which is considered Excellent) and less than 500 (considered Aweful), any score that is around 720 or a little above 720 is considered "Good." You can check your credit score at Experian, TransUnion, or Equifax.

Is 781 an excellent credit score?

VERY Excellent !!

How do loans affect credit scores?

Here is an excellent guide to outline how loans might affect your credit score. It also offers a Credit Checker tool which could prove very useful.

Is 776 a good credit score?

excellent score!

What is a good credit score to rent a condo?

Any credit score (also called a FICO score) of 650 or higher, most lenders will be comfortable with. Any score over 700 is considered an excellent risk.

Is a 672 fico credit score good or bad?

From a 640 - 679 is considered average 680 - 699 considered Very Good 700 or above is excellent credit

What is poor credit score rating?


What number is a score?

A credit score is a credit evaluation rating. The British use score to mean the number twenty, as well.

What is considered a good credit score range?

There are hundreds of articles offering this advice. Just Google "How to keep a good credit score?" You can read through the results. Most will provide another piece of the puzzle that is our credit score.