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An axillary reading which is a thermometer placed in the armpit. The one that you stick in the ear, 2 seconds later, the temperature is read. It can be done without the patients knowledge if done correctly.

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Is minimally invasive heart surgery performed on?

Patients under the age of 70, but not limited by age, with a history of coronary artery disease can be evaluated for this procedure. High risk patients with advanced age, at risk

The room where doctors receive their patients?

The room where doctors receive their patients is called an examining room. Doctors perform physicals, give immunizations, and perform other non-invasive procedures in the examining room.

Thermometer reads Fahrenheit A patients temperature is 100.7 F What is the temperature in C?


What is sedation dentistry used for?

Sedation dentistry is used on patients who fear dentists and dental procedures. Sedation dentistry can take away some of the patients' anxiety and it can be used for everything from a simple tooth cleaning to invasive procedures.

How do you calculate an axillary temperature?

putting a probe in the patients armpit?

Do medical school students examine each other?

Yes, they do some very basic procedures. For more invasive procedures there are simulated patients and dummies.

Why would a 0C to 100C thermometer be useless to a doctor examining a patient?

It would not be accurate enough. The clinical thermometer works over a limited range and gives accurate more readings. It would be useful. The temperature of patients rarely drop below freezing and they rarely boil. It would be useless to measure the temperature of food though because food is often cooked above 100C.

Who should not have ESWL?

ESWL should not be considered for patients with severe skeletal deformities, patients weighing over 300 lbs, patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms, or patients with uncontrollable bleeding disorders. Patients who are pregnant should not be treated.

What are the temperature limitations for applying?

Degree of temperature on patients using cold sponging is is greater than 105 farent.

What is an example of thermal expansion that you have observed in your daily life?

an example would be a thermometer. A thermometer because it has mercury in it. When you check a patients temperature with a thermometer ,the heat from the patients body will cause the expansion of the mercury and the mercury flows in the tube. It stops at a point and that point indicates the temperature in the patients body.

What do nurses do daily?

Nurses' daily activities include 1. Admitting and discharging patients 2. preparing patients for operations and medical tests 3. Taking their assigned patients blood pressure, respiration rates and temperature 4. monitoring patients machines e.g. changing IV drip fluids and making sure they are working correctly 5. talking to the children and their parents about treatment and tell the parents about how this treatment can be carried on at home 6. putting older patients at ease and putting parents at ease 7 communicating with young patients in a way that you can determine what the best possible treatment is 8. help the porters transport patients to various parts of the hospital 9. administering medications 10. changing dressings and cleaning up wounds 11. Make accurate records of temperature,blood pressure and respirations 12. keep accurate records of when you gave medication so the patient doesn't get another dose before they should 13. and keep accurate records of medical interventions such as inserton of an NG tube they should write down on the patients notes the reason for insertion what time what for and any extra details Night time duties include 1. helping patients bath or shower 2. administering fleet enemas and suppositories 3. giving medication to their assigned patients 4. admitting patients from accident and emergency 5. comforting young patients 6. answering to call lights 7. getting drinks for patients who ask for them 8. checking on stock and ordering new if stock is low 9.stocking up crash carts 10. changing IV drip fluids 11. taking patients temperature,blood pressure and respiration rates 12.doing weekly summaries at the end of the week 13. updating the admissions whiteboard for any new admissions 14. answering calls to worried patients parents

What are the benefits of pulse diagnosis?

Pulse diagnosis is a quick, inexpensive, and non-invasive diagnostic tool. When performed by trained professionals, it can be an effective means for determining the health conditions of patients.

How safe is a cystoscopy?

While the cystoscopy procedure is commonly relied upon to gather additional diagnostic information, it is an invasive surgical technique that may involve risks for certain patients.

What tools do pediatricians use?

they use an otoscope to look into the patients ears an tongue depressor to look into the patients throat or mouth blood pressure cuff to measure the patients blood pressure an thermometer to check your temperature

What are some of the contraindications for taking rectal temperature?

This method for assessing temperature has long been considered more accurate than other methods. The problem with that rationale is that insertion into feces can actually provide an inaccurate reading. Not to mention that the risk for tearing the sensitive tissue at the anus, or for inserting the thermometer too far, causing a rectal perforation, diminishes the value of the accuracy argument anyway. This method is particularly contraindicated in newborns < 1 month; patients with diarrhea, hemorrhoids, or recent rectal surgery.

What kind of aftercare do colostomy patients get?

monitoring of blood pressure, pulse, respirations, and temperature.

Which of the following categories of soldiers are considered holdees?

holdees (patients, prisoners, separatees),

What patients are considered at high risk for aspiration pneumonia?

it is most often seen in babies with gerd, elderly patients or persons attached to breathing equipment.

Are Colon cancer survival statistics accurate?

Whether colon cancer statistics are accurate would depend on the statistics. Most of the statistics from organizations such as The American Cancer Society and the American Medical Association only include cancer patients who choose radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy treatments, but there are people who choose alternative treatments. No accurate statistics are available for alternative treatments, because they are generally considered ineffective by organizations that keep statistics.

Does arthroscopic surgery greatly reduce recovery time for patients?

Yes. This is because arthroscopic surgeries are less invasive; this leads to less incisions, less swelling and less impact on the body.

What are the benefits of minimally invasive heart surgery?

This approach provides patients some benefit in that cardiopulmonary bypass (use of a heart-lung machine) may be avoided, and smaller incisions can be used

What risks are associated with therapeutic phlebotomy?

Therapeutic phlebotomy may cause thrombocytosis and chronic iron deficiency (anemia) in some patients. As with any invasive procedure, infection is also a risk.

Why is Maze surgery an option for some patients?

The minimally invasive technique enables the surgeon to work on the heart through small chest holes called ports and other small incisions.

Can wearing a colostomy be considered a disability?

Yes. It depends on the insurer and how the patients quality of life is affected. Not all colostomy's are well managed and can be troublesome for many patients.

Why do doctors use thermometers?

doctors use thermometers to measure their patients temperature and keep it for their records