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VandalismVandalism is anything that is deliberately intended to annoy, offend, mislead, titillate or waste the time of other visitors.

It's the intention that's important. Many well-intentioned people make mistakes. They aren't vandals. We want to improve upon their changes and encourage them to participate more so that they learn how Wiki s works.

We want to delete (or correct) vandalism as soon as we see it. We can also block vandals when we catch them in the act. E-mail Wiki s @ when you spot one.

It can be tough making these calls; it takes good judgment.

Here are some tips and examples to help you:

  • Any explicit profanity should be removed. If something needs to be communicated you can replace the profanity with words that are less offensive. Questions about sex or pregnancy can be offensive if the wrong words are used.
  • Insults are vandalism. There is no excuse for personal insults or "slanderous" remarks about celebrities or other contributors.
  • Anything that contributes to or solicits help for illegal activity should be deleted. We don't want to help criminals. Of course, sometimes it's not obvious that there are legal reasons for things. For example, some people ask about how to "slim jim" a car door because they locked their own keys inside it.
  • Humor can be used as a form of vandalism. ing a question with sarcasm or a joke does not necessarily make someone a vandal - many of our best contributors have done it and continue to do so - but it can be used to vandalize and when it is, it will be removed. This is a judgment call by our supervisory staff. Many of our best humorists preface their humor with "On the Lighter Side" or a similar phrase to ensure readers understand the answer is not meant to be mean or hurtful.
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Q: What is considered vandalism on WikiAnswers?
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What questions can not be asked on WikiAnswers?

Questions that add no value to wikianswers and questions that ask mean stuff that is considered vandalism.

How do you stop vandalism on WikiAnswers?

There is no way to completely eliminate vandalism from wikianswers, but if you do see vandalism, you can report it on the community forum.

Is there a difference between vandalizing and spamming on Wikianswers?

Spamming is a type of vandalism, but not all vandalism is spam.

Why is Vandalism bad?

Vandalism in general is bad because it is destruction of property that isn't yours, and could lead to serious consequences.Vandalism is bad because it is an intent to ruin WikiAnswers as a Q&A site, and is destruction of 'property' that is not yours, so vandalism isn't tolerated on WikiAnswers and is bad.

What is WikiAnswers policy on Vandalism?

WikiAnswers feels very strongly against vandalism. Vandalism is cause for warning, and possibly blocking, whether temporary or permanent. Vandalism ruins the site for all the legitimate users that are interested in some answers. If vandalism is found, please click 'Report Abuse' in the top right hand corner of a question. You may also post in the 'Report Vandalism and Abuse' forum.

What is the biggest problem with WikiAnswers?

Vandalism/spammingSoftware glitches

Why is deleting answers considered vandalism?

Deleting answers is considered vandalism because if it is a good answer, it should remain on the question, and getting rid of the answer violates the WikiAnswers' Community Guidelines and other rules on WikiAnswers.In perspective, it is like someone placing a pig near a trough, then someone takes the pig away from the trough, and no other farm animals get to enjoy that pig's company and knowledge when they are near the trough. The person who takes away the pig near the trough didn't do anything to help the community, but rather hindered the community by taking away the pig. Therefore, deleting answers isn't just considered vandalism, it is vandalism.

Is vandalism considered as literature?


Can you ask absolutely any question on WikiAnswers?

yes you can except for vandalism and spam

What are innapropriate questions on WikiAnswers?

Questions about vandalism and spam and copyright and sexual themes

Are questions about Justin Bieber considered vandalism on WikiAnswers?

All questions containing inappropriate subjects about Justin Bieber will be considered vandalism and deleted/merged into a Catch-All Question. However questions regarding Justin Bieber that follow the Community Guidelines are fine. We even have a whole category housing Justin Bieber questions!

Why won't WikiAnswers accept your answer?

Because, it might be consider vandalism or not enough information or the wrong answer.

How do you catch vandalism on WikiAnswers?

Every visitor to WikiAnswers can help catch and fix vandalism. One of the most effective ways to catch vandalism is by watching the live changes going on right now: click "Recent Site Changes" in the left toolbox when you're signed-in. Many people choose to take responsibility for watching for vandalism in a specific topic. Some become the official "Supervisor" of the topic.

Why do you need a record of the changes made on WikiAnswers?

The History pages are very important for tacking vandalism.

What do you do as a supervisor?

A Supervisor makes sure questions add value to wikianswers and stop vandalism and etc.

Is toilet papering a house considered vandalism?


How do you prevent WikiAnswers vandalism?

If you are a non-Supervisor, you can report any vandalism onto the 'Report Vandalism and Abuse' topic in the Community Forum (see 'related links'), or to any Supervisor. If you are a Supervisor, you can warn a vandal from their bio page, or block or suspend their account.

Is the context located in the answer on WikiAnswers of the Question always truthful?

Due to the various types of members and the status of WikiAnswers Contributions, not all questions are truthful, but Supervisors of WikiAnswers and a specific division well known as Vandal Patrol, assist in keeping vandalism, spam, and untruthfulness out of the answers. WikiAnswers can always use your help, as a Contributer, if you find anything that is not correct or is vandalism or spam, please contact a WikiAnswers Supervisor immediantly. You can find a link at the Help Center page.

Does DingoBot only flag questions on WikiAnswers?

DingoBot is our Vandalism & Spam robot who flags answers not questions.

What contributer closes questions on WikiAnswers?

This is called a Supervisor, we are entitled to close an answer whenever it is subject to abuse or vandalism.

Why doesn't wikianswers use real answers?

There are many good answers on wikianswers. Unfortunately, as with any public wiki site, there is a risk of vandalism and unintentional wrong answers.

Why do you have to become a member to edit questions on WikiAnswers?

To help control vandalism. Signing up takes just seconds.

What is better than WikiAnswers?

Well, if it wasn't for the mountains of spam and rude, nonsensical vandalism that is constantly posted on this site, then nothing would be greater than WikiAnswers, the Q&A Wiki!

Can you delete an answer on WikiAnswers?

If an answer is a piece of vandalism, please do remove the answer or message a Supervisor to deal with it. Even better, try and answer the question correctly!

Why is your WikiAnswers question locked?

The reason why some Supervisors or CA's may lock your question is because it is prone to spam and vandalism.

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