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It's when someone else commits a crime (ex: murder) and someone else helps/aids them afterward. Even though this person didn't commit the crime, they can still be charged.

Ex: John kills Alice. He calls Tim to help him get rid of the body. Even though Tim didn't kill Alice, he can be charged as an "assesory after the fact". Now, if Tim comes & sees the murder scene & calls the police, he's not an assesory...

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Q: What is conspiracy after the fact?
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There is no proof that there was not a conspiracy to kill Kennedy. In fact, there is evidence, though some will deny it, that he was not shot by Oswald.

Who gave the conspiracy theory?

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The "illuminati conspiracy" is quite simply the paranoid, deluded belief that the Illuminati exists and the zealous push to try to make others believe the same. The fact is that the Illuminat do not exist. Sorry for the deflation. Wishes and desires do not often, or ever, create fact.

Is there any conspiracy theory on pearl harbor?

There are many conspiracy theories surrounding Pearl Harbour, but the overwhelming evidence supports the simple fact that the Americans were careless and allowed themselves to be taken by surprise.

What are some popular 9 11 conspiracy theories?

Some popular 911 conspiracy theories are that the US Government was behind the plot to blow up the World Trade Center. This conspiracy theory involves a major cover up by the US Government after the fact to hide it from the US citizens.

FOOD fact or fiction?

Fiction, there is not food. Its all a US government conspiracy to make us think we exist.

Does a conspiracy have to be against the government?

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It could be the murder of Tom Burks by Byron Looper.

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A conspiracy theorist is someone who comes up with and advertises conspiracy theories.

How did the Holocaust cause 911?

It didn't . If you heard or read this somewhere, it's just some wingnut conspiracy theory with no basis in fact.

What is a secret fact?

A secret fact is a bit of information that a person or group tries to keep hidden. Many conspiracy theorists propose a host of secret facts that "the government" or "they" are trying to keep from the public.

What is a surreal conspiracy?

A surreal conspiracy would be a conspiracy with some highly bizarre or incomprehensible purpose.

How do you use the word conspiracy in a sentence?

We all joined into a conspiracy not to give you a sentence with "conspiracy" in it. Conspiracy theorists still believe that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone.

What is the difference between engaging in a criminal conspiracy and aiding in a criminal conspiracy....Which is worse?

Engaging in a criminal conspiracy is taking an active part in the activity related directly to the criminal conspiracy. Aiding a criminal conspiracy is acting in a way that assists in the furtherance of the criminal conspiracy. The penalties for criminal conspiracy are frequently stiffer than aiding a criminal conspiracy. However, each state has its own statutes and sentencing guidelines.

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The tragedy of Julius Caesar is a play written by William Shakespeare that centers around the conspiracy against Julius Caesar in 44 BC. Popilius Lena was a senator who reveals to Cassius the fact that he is aware of the conspiracy that was thought to be secret.

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The cast of Conspiracy Rising - 2012 includes: Diedra Bayne as Conspiracy Theorist Cory Quinn as Conspiracy Theorist

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A conspiracy is when a group of people get together to plan a crime.

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Below is a link to info on the Cato Conspiracy.

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Conspiracy Museum was created in 1995.

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