What is continuous improvement?

There are several varieties of rice available in the market. Similarly, there are many varieties of mangoes and brinjals. Each variety in unique in its colour, size, shape and taste. Thus, one type of plant has many varieties. A lot of research has gone into creating these varieties. They have been tailor-made to satisfy the different needs of man. Producing many varieties has not only brought about an improvement in the quality but also has brought about an increase in production. Let us study the production of wheat and rice in our country. The yield of wheat and rice which stood at 668 kg and 663 kg per hectare respectively in 1952 increased to 1851 and 1468 kg per hectare in eighties. The production has tripled in thirty years. This increase in food production has marked a turning point in Indian agriculture, which has led to Green Revolution in our country. The revolution is called green because it led to unprecedented greenery of crops everywhere. It is because of the green revolution that our country has become self sufficient in food production and a large stock of food grains has been created for use in the times of natural calamities like drought, floods and famine.