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What is contraindication?


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A contraindication is any condition or circumstance where the use of a specific treatment or drug is not advised because it could harm the person.


In medicine, "contraindicated" is specifically used to indicate treatments or drugs which will make the patient's condition significantly worse. It is often used for drugs where this negative effect may not be immediately apparent, even to a trained medical professional.

For instance, treatment of strokes and similar blockages often uses blood thinners, which are effective in many patients. However, in the case of hemophiliacs, the use of such drugs is contraindicated because, while the medicine may help the stroke, it serious aggrevates the preexisting underlying hemophilia to such a degree that the drug is likely to do more harm to the patient than good.


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A contraindication is a reason why some treatment should not be given. For instance, allergy to penicillin is a contraindication for prescription of amoxicillin.

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Allergy or hypersensitivity are the two biggies.

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Massage can make it worse, and the therapist can get infected as well. So it's a local contraindication, which means the therapist can massage other parts of the body, but not where it is infected.

It depends. Diabetes is not a contraindication by itself. What is most important is the progression of the disease and the overall condition of the person. If there are any doubts about the risks and benefits of massage on a person with diabetes, have them consult with their doctor.

A facial massage may not give rise to a contraindication in itself. The client may have a preexisting condition that could be aggravated by massage to the face. One example is trigeminal neuralgia.

A contraindication is a condition is which massage should be performed with caution, or avoided completely until the condition improves. Sensitive skin is not necessarily a contraindication in and of itself, but it may be a symptom of a condition that may be a contraindication. Some possible conditions could be: eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, urticaria, etc. It is best to check with your doctor to rule out any other possible causes for the sensitive skin. If the doctor clears you of any conditions that need medical attention, then a gentle massage may be appropriate.

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a contraindication is a reason not to use a drug or a certain combination of drugs.

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