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What is cookies in a computer?

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saved information from web pages ie: passwords

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How do you get cookies on the computer?

cookies already come with the computer. i dont know why they are called cookies but cookies are very important to the computer

Where can one find information on how to delete cookies from a computer?

Information about deleting cookies on a computer can be found online at a number of computer websites. These websites, such as About Cookies or All About Cookies, specialize in the subject.

Websites use cookies?

some do but there not food cookies (Lol) there computer cookies

How do you say cookies in Spanish?

The "cookies" you eat: <galletas> en español The "cookies" stored in your computer: <cookies>

Can cookies slow your computer?

Of course! Tracking cookies (or any type of computer cookies, for that matter), can slow the performance of your laptop or desktop computer, whether it be a Mac or PC, etc.

How do you get to your cookies?

It is in My Computer or Computer Icon you can delete it in yools

How do you print a list of cookies on your computer?

Answer You can't print the list of cookies on your computer, but you could take a pen and write them down.

What browser company created the first 'cookies'?

computer terminology, internet

How do you get rid of cookies in your computer?

first make a hole were the cookies are make sure you idnt break anything in the computer that's important then you take the cookies out next you fix the hole and you took them out

How do you add necessary cookies to your computer?

You don't add them. Cookies will be added when you visit a website.

Where does IE store cookies?

in my computer location is "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Cookies"

How can you view the cookies on your computer using Firefox?

Tools --> Clear Recent History --> Cookies.

how do i remove cookies from my computer?

Go to tools/then choose internet options/then clear cookies.

Should you delete cookies from your computer?

AnswerIt is OK to delete cookies from your computer. The worst thing that will happen is that you may have to log in to some sites that saved your login information via those cookies. (In some situations, though, this is a good thing, especially if you're using a shared computer.)AnswerYes you can delete cookies form the web browser , there is no issue with the deleting the cookies form the web to delete cookies from the internet tools > internet options > Temporary internet file, and then click delete cookies.It is important to delete cookies from your computer because it helps to keep things running smoothly. It can also help to keep viruses from showing up on the computer.

How many computer cookies can you have?

Every website you visit places a small file onto your computer harddrive called "a cookie". A cookie tracks web visiting behavior. But it also contains information for your userID, loggin, and the last time you visited the site. If you look at a list of computer cookies saved onto your computer, often you will see a number in brackets after it showing the number of visits. Computer cookies are also useful when a person buys via the Internet. Computer users dislike cookies, feeling that cookies invade the users' privacy. Cookies also accumulate over time. So there are programs that will reliably delete cookies from your computer without harming the harddrive. As to how many cookies there can be or might be, the number on your computer depends on how many different websites you visit in a day, week, month, or year. If you use the Internet a lot and browse a lot, you probably have accumulated a lot of cookies.

Does foopets give your computer cookies?


How do you delete programs on your computer?

clear your cookies

Where do computer cookies reside?

in the cookie jar

Can i get cookies on my computer from a website I haven't visited?


What is cookies in computer term?

Chocolatey Delights

I tried buying Minecraft but it says I need cookies. What are those and why can't I buy Minecraft?

You will need to enable cookies on your computer. Unless you do this, Minecraft cannot communicate with your computer to process the transaction. See the related question below for how to enable cookies on your computer.

How do CD ROM drive help the computer?

it does not leave cookies on the computer Etan

Are cookies of the computer bad?

no some sites need cookies if you want to do everything on that site but if you want to delete cookies i cant tell you how sorry

How do you cookies in French?

This is if you want to say cookies in French Un biscuit is a cookie If you mean the cookies left on your computer when you surf the Internet, the word is "témoins" !

How long do cookies stay on a computer?

as long as they are baking.