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Maybe 'India Cricket'

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Q: What is correct 'Indian Cricket' or 'India Cricket'?
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Related questions

Why some Indian cricket players have Indian flag on their helmet?

because,they like india & indian cricket team

Indian's are more passion about Movies or Cricket?

Cricket. Cricket is religion in India. If you have India playing in a cricket match, people forget everything and start seeing the match...

Who is India's cricket captain?

The Indian cricket captain is Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Which Indian cricket player played cricket for both India and England?


What is the full name of bcci?

its full form is board of cricket control in india. it is separate of indian govt. its governs the indian national cricket team.

Who are the former Indian Cricket captains?

Rahul Dravid was the former cricket captain of India.

What is the name of Indian cricket team?

Indian Cricket Team Team India Men In Blues INDIAN TIGERS

Who was first captain to the Indian cricket?

CK Nayudu was the first captain of India cricket team .

Who is the captain of indian cricket?

Currently it is Mahendra Singh Dhoni is captain of INDIA Cricket Team.

Why does Indian play cricket?

Because cricket's passion comes up naturally to an every indian youngsters.Everyone wants to play for his India team.

Which is the highest paid cricket team in the world?

India Indian cricket team is the highest paid cricket teams in the world.

Who was the caption of the Indian Indian cricket team when India won the match?

Kapil Dev

What if match in aliens and Indian cricket team?

if india practiced hard india will win

What is the Name of the current Indian cricket team?

team India

Who is the first Indian cricket player got 200 in ODI?

sachin tendulkar (India) is the first Indian cricket player got 200 in ODI

Which was the first white Indian cricket club?

The first cricket club founded by British in India was the Calcutta Cricket Club in 1792

Richest cricket club in the world?

Since India is the richest cricket team all the clubs in India are way richer than anywhere else...chennai super kings and Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier league are richest cricket clubs in the world and Indian cricket team is the richest national sports team in the world(not just cricket)

When was Indian cricket invented?

Cricket was introduced to India by European merchant sailors in 18th century. The first cricket club in India was established in Calcutta in 1792. India played their first test match in 25th June 1932 at lords.

Why in India cricket is more glamorized sport then its national game hockey?

Cricket in India is more popular than Hockey, because, Indian have always been better at cricket than their national sport, Hockey. Since India was once the best in the world at cricket, the Indians gave up their encouragement towards India for Hockey. Cricket is currently India's No. 1 sport! India was once the best at hockey, but, after years when cricket was discovered in India, Hockey was almost forgotten! But India is still known for Hockey and is great at it as well as cricket!

India's first cricket coach?

Ajit Wadekar was the first to coach the Indian cricket team.He was both the manager and the coach of the Indian cricket team from 1992 to 1996. John Wright was India's first foreign coach.

Who was the captain of India cricket team in 1975 cricket world cup?

Srinivasaraghavan Venkataraghavan was the captain of indian team in 1975 cricket world cup

What is Indian national sport?

its hockey.........although hockey is India's nation sport,cricket is more popular in India hockey in India is administered by Indian Hockey Federation

Do Indians play cricket or watch cricket?

Yes, Indian play and watch cricket. Cricket is more than a sport in India. People consider it as a religion.

In which year India won the women's cricket world cup?

Indian women's cricket team did not win world cup.

Do you thing that Indian cricketers should only play cricket and not endure goods in television?

indian peoples are interested in cricket and it is also favorite game of india