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What is correlation?

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is when on a graph the dots are close together (Not quite.)

answ2. Correlation is the amount of a phenomenon which may be explained by one of the variables.
When plotted on a graph, if the data formed a straight line with no outlying points, that would illustrate a high degree of correlation. (between the x and y axes.)

If there were considerable scatter of your points from a line, then the correlation would be weak.

If for example I plotted the height of a class of boys, against their ages, I would expect a good correlation. In other words, a large amount of the variability in height could be explained by the age variable.

2017-01-27 11:42:21
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a relationship between two variables ~apex

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Q: What is correlation?
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Auto correlation and cross correlation?

Auto correlation is the correlation of one signal with itself. Cross correlation is the correlation of one signal with a different signal.

What is a correlation where both sets of data values increase or decrease together?

Positive correlation.Positive correlation.Positive correlation.Positive correlation.

What are three types of correlations?

positive correlation-negative correlation and no correlation

Is 0.5 the strongest correlation coefficient?

No. The strongest correlation coefficient is +1 (positive correlation) and -1 (negative correlation).

What is the maximum and minimum value of the correlation coefficient?

The correlation can be anything between +1 (strong positive correlation), passing through zero (no correlation), to -1 (strong negative correlation).

How do you use correlation in a sentence?


What is a sample correlation?

If measurements are taken for two (or more) variable for a sample , then the correlation between the variables are the sample correlation. If the sample is representative then the sample correlation will be a good estimate of the true population correlation.

What is a Correlation coefficient of 0.00457?

Evidence that there is no correlation.

Are negative correlation and reverse correlation same?


What rhymes with correlation?

Indentation rhymes with correlation

What is a correlation coefficient?

a number derived from the formula for measuring a correlation and indicating the strength and direction of a correlation

Is 1.10 a strong correlation?

No, The correlation can not be over 1. An example of a strong correlation would be .99

Does the units affect the correlation?

No. The units of the two variables in a correlation will not change the value of the correlation coefficient.

What are the trends of a line?

They can be positive correlation, negative correlation or no correlation depending on 'line of best fit'

What is multiple correlation coefficient and partial correlation coefficient?

partial correlation is the relation between two variable after controlling for other variables and multiple correlation is correlation between dependent and group of independent variables.

What type of correlation do you have when are is equal to one?

A correlation coefficient of 1 (r=1) is a perfect positive correlation.

How is the coefficient of correlation interpreted?

correlation is a difference in statistics

What is the opposite of correlation?

it depends on if it is negative or positive correlation

Is there a correlation between handedness and thumb dominance?

No, there is not a correlation.

When there is no linear correlation the correlation coefficient equals?


What is the meaning of 0.79 coefficient correlation?

good correlation

Is 1.5 a correlation coefficient?

No, it cannot be a correlation coefficient.

Is a curved line a correlation?

Yes, but not a linear correlation.

What is the difference between positve and negative correlation?

Positive correlation has a positive slope and negative correlation has a negative slope.

A positive value for a correlation indicates?

A positive value for a correlation indicates a positive correlation; e.g. it has a positive slope.