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You cannot legally be sold auto insurance if you have no car to insure.

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The average cost for car insurance is around 1500 dollars a year. The cost will vary depending on driving record, make and model of car and other factors.

Car driving convictions affect the cost of one's insurance in the following way: the more conviction one has, the higher the price is for insurance, since one is more likely to make an accident again.

There are several factors that impact the cost of car insurance. These include: your age, your driving record and they type of coverage you buy.

No, but whoever was driving the car...his insurance cost will increase! It is the insurance on the car that crashes thru the wall that has to pay the claim. 4lifeguild

General car insurance costs vary a great deal. The cost of car insurance depends on many factors. The type of car you are insuring as well as your driving record have a great impact on your car. The deductibles on your policy also affect the cost.

That depends on your age, driving record and also the type of car you are driving.

If the car you are driving is insured then you are not driving without insurance.

There is no set price for car insurance for an 18 year old. The amount will be determined by the car insurance company, and the person's driving record.

To answer that, will need to know in what geographical area, the age and driving record of the primary driver, and the year of the car. All of these will affect the cost of insurance.

You would call the insurance company of the person's car that you are driving. The insurance follows the car and not the insured.

There is no one rate for insurance. It is determined by age, driving record and the state in which the insurance is written in. You will however pay more on a luxury than a regular car.

Nonowner InsuranceIt's called non owners insurance. I do not know much about it's cost , I believe it works just the same as if you own the car.

No, the color of a car does not affect the cost of insurance.

The cost of insurance for males or females is the same. The only thing that will make your insurance more expensive is your driving experience and any pre-existing tickets you may have.

Not necessarily. The driver's age and driving record are more relevant to the cost of auto insurance.

If you all ready have insurance on a car you sold or traded in all you have to do is contact your insurance company . Depending on the new car, your age, and driving record the cost will change for the insurance. If you don't have insurance at all you are required to get insurance within a timeframe set by law and by the lender.

How much AIS car insurance costs, depends on the individual. The age and gender of the driver, one's driving record, and how often one uses one's car all affect the cost of one's premiums.

It is not possible to give you the average cost or car insurance from Mercury Motor Insurance as the amount charged depends on a number of variables. These variables include, the type of car, the age of the driver and the amount of time they have been driving, as well as taking into account any previous insurance claims or no claims discounts.

There are many variables when calculating car insurance. Some of the variables being how much coverage you need, the age of the vehicle, and your driving record. Only an insurance company would be able to give you an accurate price for insurance.

"Depending on your driving record, as well as the type of vehicle you drive, Admiral car insurance will cost you an average of 10% less than large competitors."

Depending on your driving record it shouldn't cost too much. But it will be around the sports car level so be prepared for a steep price.

the car owners insurance The person driving the car would need to submit a claim to their insurance company. There are a few insurance companies that will cover not only the registered owner but anyone driving the car, however this is not usually the case.

In order to drive a car, you must have insurance. You do not have to have insurance with a permit if you're not planning on driving the car.

The average cost of auto insurance depends on a lot of factors. Your age, driving record, location, type of car, and whether or not you have a garage or alarm, all play a factor in how much your auto insurance will cost.

Auto Insurance follows the car not the driver. My son's girlfriend was driving his car when they where in an accident and his insurance was responsible.

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