What is cous-cous?

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2009-11-29 12:27:31

Actually, couscous is a pasta, not a grain. It is made by mixing

semolina (coarsely ground durum wheat) and water, and then shaping

into the little "grains" of pasta. The pasta is then coated with

flour to prevent them from sticking to each other.

Couscous is a grain from the wheat plant; a staple of many North

African countries, it tastes a bit like nutty pasta. It's about the

size of a large grain of sand.

Originally it is a 'coarsely ground durum wheat', a kind of wheat

semolina as it is for example the Rapunzel's cous-cous. Is

important to read on the label if it is whole grain - which is rich

in nutrients - or shelled grain. Other products can be pasta.

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