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Actually, couscous is a pasta, not a grain. It is made by mixing semolina (coarsely ground durum wheat) and water, and then shaping into the little "grains" of pasta. The pasta is then coated with flour to prevent them from sticking to each other.
Couscous is a grain from the wheat plant; a staple of many North African countries, it tastes a bit like nutty pasta. It's about the size of a large grain of sand.
Originally it is a 'coarsely ground durum wheat', a kind of wheat semolina as it is for example the Rapunzel's cous-cous. Is important to read on the label if it is whole grain - which is rich in nutrients - or shelled grain. Other products can be pasta.

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Is couscous from Algeria?

No, couscous is from Morocco.

What region in France is couscous du poulet from?

The couscous, and the couscous de poulet (chicken couscous) are not French, they are north African recipes.

Are the calories the same in 100g of dry couscous and 100g cooked couscous?

No, dry couscous has 650 calories, where as cooked couscous have 176.

Is couscous masculine or feminine?

un couscous

Is there carbohydrate in couscous?

Yes, there is carbohydrate in couscous. .

What is couscous made from?

Couscous is made from stuff x

When do you eat chicken couscous?

never couscous is gross

What is cooked couscous?

Cooked Couscous means a couscous that had being cooked we make it in oackage in order to be easy to prepare in a shurt period .Couscous is a special moroccan meal.

Where is couscous grown?

Couscous is not grown, it is made from durum wheat which is first steamed and dried and then formed into couscous granules.

Main ingredient in couscous?

The main ingredient in Couscous is pasta.

How much starch does couscous contain?

There is actually no starch in couscous.

What is couscous rice?

couscous is not rice. Couscous is a type of semolina originating from North Africa, consisting of granules of crushed durum wheat.

What does couscous look like?

Couscous has the same texture and look as rice.

Where does couscous originate?

Some claim that couscous, like pasta, originated from China

How many grams of couscous in a cup?

what does 250 g of couscous convert into cups

Can dogs eat couscous?

Yes Couscous is pasta and pasta is fine for a treat.

Where is couscous from?

couscous is from North africait needs cold weather to survive and tastes beutiful!

Couscous is a staple of North African cuisine What the heck is couscous anyway?

Granular semolina

What is the serving size of couscous?

The common serving size for cooked couscous is 1 cup.

Is couscous a grain?

Despite having similar appearance to grain, couscous is actually pasta. Traditional couscous is made from ground millet, but can be produced with ground semolina wheat.

Is Couscous healthier than pasta?

Couscous is pasta. It originated in Africa, where semolina was crushed and steamed to obtain the tender granules called couscous. Both couscous and other forms of pasta, such as noodles, form an excellent part of a healthy diet. Couscous is more nutritious than pasta, see related links for more information.

Why is couscous good for you?

couscous is good for you because it is a grain and it is healthy and the way they make it is good too

When did people in Israel start eating couscous?

Couscous was brought by Jews from north Africa, like Tunis and Morocco Jews. When they came to Israel they brought their cuisine with them which included Couscous

Is couscous rice?

NO- couscous is traditionally made from wheat- like Bulgar. Whenever you see the word couscous without a modifier you can be sure it is wheat based. However there is now at least one commercial 'rice couscous' from lundberg farms, and there are Internet recipes for making a couscous like preparation from rice. These are very recent and will always have special labeling.

Does couscous contain gluten?

Yes, because it is related to durum wheat. However, you can buy gluten-free couscous.Yes. Couscous is made the same way as pasta and processed into small balls.