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In linear algebra, Cramer's rule is an explicit formula for the solution of a system of linear equations with as many equations as unknowns, valid whenever the system has a unique solution.

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Who discovered the systems of linear equation?

The history of linear algebra begins with Leibniz in 1693 who studied determinants. In 1750, Cramer invented a rule (Cramer's rule) for solving linear systems.

When was Steven Cramer born?

Steven Cramer was born in 1953.

When was Dylan Cramer born?

Dylan Cramer was born in 1958.

When did Wilhelm Cramer die?

Wilhelm Cramer died in 1799.

When was Wilhelm Cramer born?

Wilhelm Cramer was born in 1746.

When was Jayme Cramer born?

Jayme Cramer was born in 1983.

When did Catharina Cramer die?

Catharina Cramer died in 1746.

When was Catharina Cramer born?

Catharina Cramer was born in 1656.

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Mary Cramer died in 1984.

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Pieter Cramer was born in 1721.

When did Pieter Cramer die?

Pieter Cramer died in 1776.

When was Michael Cramer born?

Michael Cramer was born in 1949.

When was Peter Cramer born?

Peter Cramer was born in 1726.

When did Peter Cramer die?

Peter Cramer died in 1782.

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Daniel Cramer died in 1637.

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Daniel Cramer was born in 1568.

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Philippe Cramer was born in 1970.

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August Cramer was born in 1860.

When did August Cramer die?

August Cramer died in 1912.

When was Anna Cramer born?

Anna Cramer was born in 1873.

When did Anna Cramer die?

Anna Cramer died in 1968.

When was Max Cramer born?

Max Cramer was born in 1934.

When did Max Cramer die?

Max Cramer died in 2010.

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Hank Cramer was born in 1953.

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