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Without simply copying and pasting another persons answer here, cuckolding is when a married women has sex with one or more men with the husband's knowledge. The husband may not only be aware, but may encourage this and even find it stimulating. In other words, she is screwing other guys and he knows and likely even likes it. He may get off on the "badness" of it, the humilation of it, watching it or simply hearing about it. Some men are aroused at the idea their their mate prefers the other guy especially if he is better endowed. He may want to be made to feel like a women while she gets a "real man". Other topics that may be related to this are: male chastity feminization small penis humilation femdom

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What actors and actresses appeared in Cuckolding with Carter - 2013?

The cast of Cuckolding with Carter - 2013 includes: Carter Cruise

Somebody answered a question of mine regarding cuckolding could they tell you more?


Do cuckolding men really love their wives?

Good friend, only a man who truly loves his wife can cuckold

What is cuckholding?

Cuckolding is when the girl has sex with someone other than her boyfriend/husband with her boyfriend/husband's knowledge and he does nothing about it, or in some cases gives consent and encourages it.

Should cuckold men wear panties?

Only if they are into that. While cuckolding is a masochistic emasculation fetish, that doesn't mean that every cuckold is also turned on by crossdressing or petticoat discipline.

What does capron in spanish means?

I believe its the equivalent of the old English phrase of cuckold or cuckolding .. literally meaning to know that's ones wife is being bowled by another chap and one does absolutely nothing about it ...

What are cockle shells in Mary Mary quite contrary?

In the nursery rhyme 'Mary Mary quite contrary',' which was written about 'Bloody' Mary, cockleshells are used to represent the fact that her husband (Prince Philip of Spain) has cheated on her many times, which in them days was called Cuckolding.

What do masters make male sex slaves do?

Really it depends heavily on the individual relationship. In a complete master slave relationship the master makes a slave do whatever he wants. In other relationships the master will use the slave within certain guidlines or the slave will have a safe word to end the session. Things common to master/slave or mistress/slave relationships include: -humiliation - cross dressing -forced bi-sexual -discipline -pain -bondage -cuckolding

Is cuckolding natural?

That is very much debated. In non-human species, breed parasitism is a strategy sometimes used to enhance the reproductive odds. Among humans, there has been research that suggests that the jealousy generated by non-monogamy increases male libido and therefore the quantity and force of male ejaculation. The theory is that this sperm competition leads to an arms race that enhances the prospects of breeding. The theory is respectable among scholars, but recent and controversial. In psychology, fetishes of all kinds are considered completely natural responses to developmental experiences and stimuli. Issues only arise if they prevent healthy functioning of the individual.

Are cuckold marriages successful?

They can be. No authoritative research has been done to determine if they are more or less successful than other marriages, whatever the definition of success. (Such research would face the same nearly insurmountable hurdles of all research in alternative sexual practices and fetishes: the unwillingness of enough people to speak honestly about their participation.)All marriages are different and are subject to risks the derive from the fears, weaknesses, and personalities of the two people in them. Since fetish involves playing with deep fears, it tends to bind people closer to each other rather than shove them apart. In the case of cuckolding fetish, however, the play centers specifically on fears of rejection, betrayal, and loss in marriage which strikes some folks as too close to the bone. As with any activity, the biggest concerns develop when one partner is into it and pushes the other to go beyond their comfort zone.However, if a couple have discussed it honestly and openly and are both willing, the fetish can actually strengthen their commitment to each other:Cuckolds themselves tend to be very faithful and devoted because the gratification of their fetish is dependent on a willing partner. "There are plenty of fish in the sea," is never a truism for people with serious fetishes, and in this case the fetish depends on being in a committed relationship because one can't get the cuckold thrill from a paid sex worker, stranger, or other person you do not have feelings for.In order to get to the point of engaging in a cuckold fetish, a deep level of intimacy and sharing of confidences and vulnerabilities had to have taken place between the couple. We know that such sharing builds commitment and strengthen relationships.Cuckolding couples have a lot of shared secrets from family and friends as a result of their activity. (Or if they are more public, possibly shared experience of censure and opposition.) This also tends to strengthen relationships.Although cuckold marriages involve women having sex with other men and sometimes are paired with denial fetishes in which certain kinds of sexual activity is withheld from the husband, the sexual intimacy of engaging in such an elaborate fetish actually exceeds that of some marriages with more traditional sexual activities.The fear that cuckolding will cause an otherwise solid marriage to fail is an illusion manifesting the very fears of replacement and betrayal that cuckolding fetishizes and rests on the fallacy that extramarital sex necessarily leads to decreased intimacy and trust within the marriage.A personal note: I am a cuckold myself and have been since before I was married 13 years ago! Our marriage is the strongest I can imagine and certainly stronger than that of many, many "vanilla" friends of ours. We plan and expect to grow old together and are more honest and supportive of each other than most marriages we know. Indeed, we are the envy of our friends. That is not scientific, of course. We are just one couple. Nut our marriage works, has worked, and is built to last.

What means cuckold?

A cuckold is a man whose wife is not sexually exclusive with him. Traditionally, this meant without his knowledge or consent. (Hence, she was "unfaithful," having broken their marriage vows of fidelity.)A woman whose husband is unfaithful is a "cuckquean."A man who knows and accept his wife's infidelity for whatever reason is termed a "wittol," a word devolved from Old English spellings of "wise" (as in "in the know') and cuckold.Fetish usageCuckold is also a sexual fetish term. In fetish cuckolding, the cuckold (or "cuck") is the willing male partner of a female who is sexually active with other males. Outside of fetish usage, such a man is properly be termed a wittol if the couple is married. It is important to note that in fetish usage a couple need not be married for the male to be termed a cuckold.

What are some medieval minstrel jokes?

Medieval humor is rather different from what we find funny today, although an exception may have to be made for several of today's lower ranking stand-up comedians. Medieval humour - also as told or sung by minstrels - would now mostly be considerd to be crude. In comedy sketches that have survived jokes about bodily functions were a favorite, and farting on stage always got a big laugh. Sex jokes of course also were a great favorite, especially when nuns or priests or wives cuckolding a husband were involved. Many stories now come across as pretty lame, but that even goes for many jokes from the early 20th century. A number of examples of medieval humour can be found by clicking the link below.

What does the poem bloody Mary mean?

1.Mary,Mary quite contray = The line is accusing Mary of going against her father and brother just for the sake of it.She wanted to change England back from protestant country into a catholic one. 2.How does your garden grow=The line is laughing at mary because she couldn't get pregnant,nothing in her would grow. 3.With silver bells=The line is laughing at mary because she liked church bells ringing and music playing. 4.And cockle shells=The line is about mary's husband King Philip was always having affairs with other women.In thoses days,this was called Cuckolding 5.And pretty maids all in a row=This line is all about the fact that Queen Mary was supposed to have had some baby girl's were born dead.She was supposed to have buried them in a long row!

Did Anne Boleyn do anything wrong?

Anne Boleyn was accused of many things, that most people think she was most likely innocent of. She was sentenced to death for treason. The treason she was accused of was adultery; cuckolding the King was tantamount to a sentence of death. It was widely believed at that time that the King simply wanted to get her out of the way; and this was the most effective. The common people of this time disliked Anne Boleyn profusely at first; she had overthrown a beloved and English-hearted queen. Catherine of Aragon was extra-ordinarily well loved by the coomon people, and they only forgave Anne when she was an innocent on the scaffold, another playtoy of which the King had tired. On the scaffold, she denied adultery, instead citing that the only crime she had committed was that of 'not loving the King as I should have'. It is taken that this meant the temper tantrums that Anne had thrown, accusing the King of another woman, or not loving her, ect, ect. Indeed, Anne was thought never to have loved the King, but to use him to get to her own aims, and the aims of her father, her brothers and her uncle. I sincerely hope that this helps.

What bad things did queen anne do?

Anne Boleyn was accused of many things, that most people think she was most likely innocent of. She was sentenced to death for treason. The treason she was accused of was adultery; cuckolding the King was tantamount to a sentence of death. It was widely believed at that time that the King simply wanted to get her out of the way; and this was the most effective. The common people of this time disliked Anne Boleyn profusely at first; she had overthrown a beloved and English-hearted queen. Catherine of Aragon was extra-ordinarily well loved by the coomon people, and they only forgave Anne when she was an innocent on the scaffold, another playtoy of which the King had tired. On the scaffold, she denied adultery, instead citing that the only crime she had committed was that of 'not loving the King as I should have'. It is taken that this meant the temper tantrums that Anne had thrown, accusing the King of another woman, or not loving her, ect, ect. Indeed, Anne was thought never to have loved the King, but to use him to get to her own aims, and the aims of her father, her brothers and her uncle. I sincerely hope that this helps.

How can you find a cuckold husband?

The best way is going to be to advertise on the internet through fetish dating sites like and cuckold community sites like People ted to be private, even secretive about their fetishes for obvious reasons and cuckolding carries more social sigma and opprobrium than many of them. So to find someone into it, you need to go where they do and where confidences can be safely shared. For live face-time you should try the local fetish scene. See about a club or munches (gatherings of BDSM folk.) Not all cuckolds are into the whole leather and chains thing, but since being a cuckold is a form of masochism many do find themselves drawn to the BDSM scene. In terms of keeping a look out in your daily life and conventional meeting/dating (not as effective a strategy) here is what to look for as markers of potential cucky-ness: - Shy or nervous about women. (Guys you need to make the moves with.) This does not always mean introverted or socially awkward. Many a "big man on campus" kind of outgoing popular guy is terrified of women and has trouble dating. - Talks to women a lot, but is always their friend - never seems to ask them out or make a move. - Overly sensitive or defensive about their masculinity. - A bit desperate to please attractive females. - Sensitive to the plight of outsiders. - Domineering or forbidding mother. Of course none of these things guarantees that they will have formed a cuckold fetish, but they are flags you can watch for. Ultimately, what you need to do is to find out by getting guys to share their kinky fantasies with you. This can be tricky because they will be afraid that if they do you will reject them, but they will be so bursting to have a woman to understand that they will be conflicted. It might be best for you to bring it up. Steer a conversation to fetishes in general, and from their to BDSM humiliation fetishes. Tell them you think it is hot. They will feel more comfortable 'fessing up then. Bring up cuckolding directly and say you think it is hot and see if they do too. Two things you have going for you: - Submissive male kinksters are generally desperate to find women they can open up, they are just too afraid to without coaxing. - They want to be coaxed and love to be interrogated as long as it is in a manner that makes them feel safe - that you aren't going to reject them over it. (Being naked in bed is good. Make them horny. They will be more willing to risk honest answers to your questions then.)

How do you know if you are a cuckold?

It depends on what you mean. By strict definition a cuckold is a man (traditionally) whose wife secretly has sex with another. So you should refer to the voluminous literature on "how do you know your partner is cheating on you." If, however, you mean "how do you know if you have a cuckold fetish," the answer is actually simpler. Do you get turned on by the thought of you partner choosing sex with someone else over sex with you? The important elements to consider here: - Do you get a masochistic thrill from it, or is it just that you are a voyeur and like to watch people copulating? Ask yourself if the thrill would be the same if one of the people was not a partner of yours, but two people you didn't know. If they didn't restrict you to watching, or make fun of you, would it still be so hot? - Is it hotter to imagine it being your spouse or the love of your life than just a sex buddy you don't have those "I love you so much" feelings for? Cuckolds will get a bigger charge out of it being someone they are bound to and/or value than someone they (and/or society) expect such behavior from. All kinds of people have non-mongamous relationships - swingers, open, poly, etc. What makes cuckolding distinct is the dimension of masochism you feel in being shoved aside or passed over.

What is cuckold?

Strictly speaking, a cuckold is a man whose wife has illicit sexual affairs. In contemporary usage it is sometimes applied to non-married couples and is sometimes used (incorrectly) for women in the analogous situation (who are correctly termed "cuckqueans.") It is also used today to apply to men and women who experience a masochistic sexual excitement at the idea of their committed partner having sex with someone else. This later BDSM fetish usage is the most common today. The fetish is generally referred to as "cuckolding." Linguistically this term is incorrect since cuckolds are by definition deceived and unwilling (willing or accepting cuckolds are technically "wittols,) but the pose of reluctance is integral to the fetish thrill. The term was widely used in medieval European society and literature where fidelity within marriage was strongly propounded by religious leaders and the center of morality tales. In the very patriarchic society of the day, a man who could not dominate his wife at least to the point of sexual exclusivity was seen to have failed on a fundamental level. "Cuckold" enjoyed wide use in Elizabethan and Restoration drama, when the figure and fears of the cuckold was used for both tragic and humorous purposes. The word appears less frequently today outside the fetish usage, although it is still seen in newspapers and legal proceedings as well as artistic criticism and novels.

What is the meaning of the term cuckold?

Strictly speaking, a cuckold is a man whose wife has illicit sexual affairs. In contemporary usage it is sometimes applied to non-married couples and is sometimes used (incorrectly) for women in the analogous situation (who are correctly termed "cuckqueans.") It is also used today to apply to men and women who experience a masochistic sexual excitement at the idea of their committed partner having sex with someone else. This later BDSM fetish usage is the most common today. The fetish is generally referred to as "cuckolding." Linguistically this term is incorrect since cuckolds are by definition deceived and unwilling (willing or accepting cuckolds are technically "wittols,) but the pose of reluctance is integral to the fetish thrill. The term was widely used in medieval European society and literature where fidelity within marriage was strongly propounded by religious leaders and the center of morality tales. In the very patriarchic society of the day, a man who could not dominate his wife at least to the point of sexual exclusivity was seen to have failed on a fundamental level. "Cuckold" enjoyed wide use in Elizabethan and Restoration drama, when the figure and fears of the cuckold was used for both tragic and humorous purposes. The word appears less frequently today outside the fetish usage, although it is still seen in newspapers and legal proceedings as well as artistic criticism and novels.

How can you get your wife to cuckold you?

As a 12 year cuckold myself, I recommend the following steps:Talk to her. Only by sharing your fantasy can you hope to realize and benefit from it. Give her the permission and the power.Find out her fantasies too - this is not a one way conversation.Let her know she may act on her pass at any time. Discuss groundrules and her fears to make her comfortable. Be supportive, but not pushy.Take every opportunity to ensure her, through actions as well as words, that you are committed to her and the relationship and it will not be endangered by her extramarital sex. A key reason women resist cuckolding is the fear that the reality will be different for the husband than the fantasy and she will ruin the good thing she already has and alienate the man she loves.Be patient. It may take her some time to feel comfortable.Don't set too many rules. You want her to be comfortable and that might be hard if you insist on being there or on hearing all the details or whatever. Go slow. Get her doing it first.Do all this and you will increase your chances that she will. Everyone is hot for someone new at some point. What holds them back is there conscience. They want to be fair to you. They don't want to risk what they have. They don't want to think bad of themselves for violating their own principles. All you can do is make her more comfortable with the fair to you and the risk factor.She may still not want to risk (health fears, worry it will "get out," etc.) and she may not ever feel comfortable in her own self. But you can't control that. (Or want to. If acting it out would make her feel negative about herself, you wouldn't want that anyway.)Good luck.

What are the different levels of cuckold relationships?

As with any fetish, the level of engagement runs on a spectrum from mere fantasy to extreme lifestyle. Here is an arbitrary, not necessaarily exhaustive, attempt to break-down of various levels actualization: 1. Occassional pillow-talk between the two partners. 2. Occassional role-play between the two partners. 3. This kind of role-play and talk dominates the couple's sex life. 4. Building the role-play into the relationship outside the bedroom, but still without outside involvement. 5. Including outsiders in the sense of letting them in on the secret and/or witnessing the way talka nd role-play about it is explicitly embedded in lifestyle. 6. Involving a third party in the sex covertly (someone you don't know, when traveling, etc.) in one-noight stand fashion. 7. Finding a regular third partner (or multiple regulars.) 8. Being open about the relatiosnhip with others. 9. A third party parner who is not just about sex, but more of an actual relationship. 10. A live in situation - wither the three together or the dominant lving in with the outside lover rather than the submissive partner. 11. More extreme options, such as divorce/remarriage, pregnancy, etc. This is jsut a bare sketch. The are endless finer levels between these and endless other variations since desire is not linear in the manner laid out here. It is also not unusal for cuckolding to be combined iwth other fetishes in a couple, which can add dimensions.

What is forced feminization?

Forced feminiation is generally a long term endeavor between a Dominant Female and her submissive subordinate male partner. These relations more often than not include cuckolding and despite a lack of approval from 'normal' society can only function in a loving, fulfilling relationship wher the man fulfills his better's every need in selfless service and has confided his true desire to be feminized for this is a man who truly reveres women. Her love of the selfless partner, should feed her dominant nature to help fulfill his need to be as close to the feminine gender as he possibly can. The mistake most couples make is trying to define what this will look like at the word "Go". this is a common mistake for that is what men do. They have a fantasy of the end state and that is what they show their partner, and she will never meet his ideal. that is how men operate because they need immediate gratification via their biology. so the picture he gives you is the one he uses to masturbate and quickly achieve orgasm with. A smart dominate Female should take her time. Once she finds out her man is a submissive with the femization fantasy, she should look to the future and only at her desires. this cannot work if the sub is giving her the terms. She should see a femined male in her future who does all the housework, and any other menial tasks in her life including cooking and the sky is the limit ladies so slow down and do it right. Look at his masturbation fantasies, chances are they will look similar to the cover artwork on a publication called, "Forced Womanhood". The husbands in these fantasies are transformed into women by their wives. The are feminized by being forced to wear women's clothes, they have dynamically big and perfectly rounded breasts, and they are forced to service other men's sexual needs to the delight of their dominant wife, and anyone and everyone she can possibly avail to her feminized man's dillema. and all this happens against the 'Sissified" partner's will. And there lies the key to your male's fantasy; for whatever reason he wants this but doesn't want to admit it and wants to feel like it is out of his control. That this is your desire for him and your decision, and he is powerless to do anything about it.. so if after you start, he is still telling you what he wants it won't work. look at it this way; your submissive man wants your desires to govern him as in you being the moral and divine authority to which he reports. Your natural courage will lead him to more and more humility. The more you humble your man with discipline, punishment, and humiliation in front of others the more of his autonomy he will relinquish to you. your goal must be his non existent ego. then you will know the most honest and selfless man, albeit in the form of your French Maid, you have ever known. You will be free to do whatever you wish, whenever you wish. you will not be tied down to household chores and your feminized man will take care of your every need save one, intercourse. Your need for a variety of lovers, will bring your ne selfless servant to new depths/heights in his own mind and you will see whover you want, whenever you want, and wherever you want while your servant serves your needs by himself at home. and you also now have a male who will dote on your every need, give you non stop foot and body massage and be there for all your emotional needs and what is more you can train him to be the best support you could ever have dreamed of. So how do you get here? Get a full mental picture of his end state fantasy, and then start breaking down the male definitions in your head as well as his. You have to tacke control of his sexual reward system by chastising him and you maintaining positive control of the key at all times. give it to a friend if you have to, and tell him so for it will humiliate him, which he loves and is desperately trying to tell you he does.If you hide it at home he will find it because he cannot help himself. It is his strongest drive and if you have trouble seeing that think, "Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, and Brett Favre". Mother nature always wins, it is no contest so chastise your submissive mail whatever his submissive fantasies are. When you do you have coralled every man's biggest source of motivation. you have seized the nexus of his masculinity so learn how to use this new power to your best advantage. Man has been using it to justify the oppression of women ever since man discovered his penis. Once you lock up his ability to pleasure himself, you own his mind. So get inside it and never stop. Humility, humility, humility; you must constantly check your male's ego so it doesn't take back control. Don't set definitions, its what men do and everything they have defined in history grows out of man's definitions. always look ahead with the assumption things might change. If they do and you defined something your competence is inherently called into question. Now his fantasy is to be some high class call girl tomorrow. It cannot happen so you set all the rules. start slow by getting him in panties, but constantly tell him how you will take him near his endstate fantasy, but to yours. you don't have to even have one but can make something up. he has made himself very vulnerable to you and is offering you a lifetime of selflessly serving your Joy. respect that, and do not demean. he loves you so much he wants to be you 24/7. tell him you appreciate his devotion and since his desire is a noble one that you will help him be the woman he aspires to be. then tell him what he is getting into I.E. 24/7 selfless service, duty maid uniform, serving your friends and bull in total humilituy. lay down your true rules where ever they nay present themselves. continuall talk his fantasy, deny him relief and have him serve you always. you have a lifetime together, take him down this pathat your liesure and reward him with something like letting him wear some silky night time lingerei to bed, if he has served you for 24 hours selflessly. Don't define, allow for change and bring him up slow and correctly and you will have the selfless servant of true love you have always wanted.

A 10 letter word with k?

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What had happen to King Arthur at the end of the story?

King Arthur is a legendary British leader who, according to medieval histories and romances, led the defence of Britain against the Saxon invaders in the early 6th century. The details of Arthur's story are mainly composed of folklore and literary invention, and his historical existence is debated and disputed by modern historians.[2] The sparse historical background of Arthur is gleaned from various sources, including the Annales Cambriae, the Historia Brittonum, and the writings of Gildas. Arthur's name also occurs in early poetic sources such as Y Gododdin.[3]The legendary Arthur developed as a figure of international interest largely through the popularity of Geoffrey of Monmouth's fanciful and imaginative 12th-century Historia Regum Britanniae (History of the Kings of Britain).[4] However, some Welsh and Breton tales and poems relating the story of Arthur date from earlier than this work; in these works, Arthur appears either as a great warrior defending Britain from human and supernatural enemies or as a magical figure of folklore, sometimes associated with the Welsh Otherworld, Annwn.[5] How much of Geoffrey's Historia (completed in 1138) was adapted from such earlier sources, rather than invented by Geoffrey himself, is unknown.Although the themes, events and characters of the Arthurian legend varied widely from text to text, and there is no one canonical version, Geoffrey'sversion of events often served as the starting point for later stories. Geoffrey depicted Arthur as a king of Britain who defeated the Saxons and established an empire over Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Norway and Gaul. In fact, many elements and incidents that are now an integral part of the Arthurian story appear in Geoffrey's Historia, including Arthur's father Uther Pendragon, the wizard Merlin, the sword Excalibur, Arthur's birth at Tintagel, his final battle againstMordred at Camlann and final rest in Avalon. The 12th-century French writer Chrétien de Troyes, who added Lancelot and the Holy Grail to the story, began the genre of Arthurian romance that became a significant strand of medieval literature. In these French stories, the narrative focus often shifts from King Arthur himself to other characters, such as various Knights of the Round Table. Arthurian literature thrived during the Middle Ages but waned in the centuries that followed until it experienced a major resurgence in the 19th century. In the 21st century, the legend lives on, not only in literature but also in adaptations for theatre, film, television, comics and other mediaThe historical basis for the King Arthur legend has long been debated by scholars. One school of thought, citing entries in the Historia Brittonum(History of the Britons) and Annales Cambriae (Welsh Annals), sees Arthur as a genuine historical figure, a Romano-British leader who fought against the invading Anglo-Saxons sometime in the late 5th to early 6th century. The Historia Brittonum, a 9th-century Latin historical compilation attributed in some late manuscripts to a Welsh cleric called Nennius, lists twelve battles that Arthur fought. These culminate in the Battle of Mons Badonicus, or Mount Badon, where he is said to have single-handedly killed 960 men. Recent studies, however, question the reliability of the Historia Brittonum as a source for the history of this period.[6]The other text that seems to support the case for Arthur's historical existence is the 10th-century Annales Cambriae, which also link Arthur with the Battle of Mount Badon. The Annales date this battle to 516-518, and also mention the Battle of Camlann, in which Arthur and Medraut (Mordred) were both killed, dated to 537-539. These details have often been used to bolster confidence in the Historia's account and to confirm that Arthur really did fight at Mount Badon. Problems have been identified, however, with using this source to support the Historia Brittonum's account. The latest research shows that the Annales Cambriae was based on a chronicle begun in the late 8th century in Wales. Additionally, the complex textual history of theAnnales Cambriae precludes any certainty that the Arthurian annals were added to it even that early. They were more likely added at some point in the 10th century and may never have existed in any earlier set of annals. The Mount Badon entry probably derived from the Historia Brittonum.[7]This lack of convincing early evidence is the reason many recent historians exclude Arthur from their accounts of post-Roman Britain. In the view of historian Thomas Charles-Edwards, "at this stage of the enquiry, one can only say that there may well have been an historical Arthur [but …] the historian can as yet say nothing of value about him".[8] These modern admissions of ignorance are a relatively recent trend; earlier generations of historians were less sceptical. HistorianJohn Morris made the putative reign of Arthur the organising principle of his history of sub-Roman Britain and Ireland, The Age of Arthur (1973). Even so, he found little to say about a historical Arthur.[9Partly in reaction to such theories, another school of thought emerged which argued that Arthur had no historical existence at all. Morris's Age of Arthurprompted archaeologist Nowell Myres to observe that "no figure on the borderline of history and mythology has wasted more of the historian's time".[10]Gildas' 6th-century polemic De Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae (On the Ruin and Conquest of Britain), written within living memory of Mount Badon, mentions the battle but does not mention Arthur.[11] Arthur is not mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle or named in any surviving manuscript written between 400 and 820.[12] He is absent from Bede's early 8th-century Ecclesiastical History of the English People, another major early source for post-Roman history that mentions Mount Badon.[13] Historian David Dumville has written: "I think we can dispose of him [Arthur] quite briefly. He owes his place in our history books to a 'no smoke without fire' school of thought ... The fact of the matter is that there is no historical evidence about Arthur; we must reject him from our histories and, above all, from the titles of our books."[14]Some scholars argue that Arthur was originally a fictional hero of folklore - or even a half-forgotten Celtic deity - who became credited with real deeds in the distant past. They cite parallels with figures such as the Kentish totemic horse-gods Hengest and Horsa, who later became historicised. Bede ascribed to these legendary figures a historical role in the 5th-century Anglo-Saxon conquest of eastern Britain.[15] It is not even certain that Arthur was considered a king in the early texts. Neither the Historia nor the Annales calls him "rex": the former calls him instead "dux bellorum" (leader of battles) and "miles" (soldier).[16]Historical documents for the post-Roman period are scarce, so a definitive answer to the question of Arthur's historical existence is unlikely. Sites and places have been identified as "Arthurian" since the 12th century,[17] but archaeology can confidently reveal names only through inscriptions found in secure contexts. The so-called "Arthur stone", discovered in 1998 among the ruins at Tintagel Castle in Cornwall in securely dated 6th-century contexts, created a brief stir but proved irrelevant.[18] Other inscriptional evidence for Arthur, including the Glastonbury cross, is tainted with the suggestion of forgery.[19] Although several historical figures have been proposed as the basis for Arthur,[20] no convincing evidence for these identifications has emergedThe creator of the familiar literary persona of Arthur was Geoffrey of Monmouth, with his pseudo-historical Historia Regum Britanniae (History of the Kings of Britain), written in the 1130s. The textual sources for Arthur are usually divided into those written before Geoffrey's Historia (known as pre-Galfridian texts, from the Latin form of Geoffrey, Galfridus) and those written afterwards, which could not avoid his influence (Galfridian, or post-Galfridian, textsThe earliest literary references to Arthur come from Welsh and Breton sources. There have been few attempts to define the nature and character of Arthur in the pre-Galfridian tradition as a whole, rather than in a single text or text/story-type. One recent academic survey that does attempt this, by Thomas Green, identifies three key strands to the portrayal of Arthur in this earliest material.[35] The first is that he was a peerless warrior who functioned as the monster-hunting protector of Britain from all internal and external threats. Some of these are human threats, such as the Saxons he fights in the Historia Brittonum, but the majority are supernatural, including giant cat-monsters, destructive divine boars, dragons, dogheads, giants and witches.[36] The second is that the pre-Galfridian Arthur was a figure of folklore (particularly topographic or onomastic folklore) and localised magical wonder-tales, the leader of a band of superhuman heroes who live in the wilds of the landscape.[37] The third and final strand is that the early Welsh Arthur had a close connection with the Welsh Otherworld, Annwn. On the one hand, he launches assaults on Otherworldly fortresses in search of treasure and frees their prisoners. On the other, his warband in the earliest sources includes former pagan gods, and his wife and his possessions are clearly Otherworldly in origin.[38]One of the most famous Welsh poetic references to Arthur comes in the collection of heroic death-songs known as Y Gododdin(The Gododdin), attributed to the 6th-century poet Aneirin. In one stanza, the bravery of a warrior who slew 300 enemies is praised, but it is then noted that despite this "he was no Arthur", that is to say his feats cannot compare to the valour of Arthur.[39] Y Gododdin is known only from a 13th-century manuscript, so it is impossible to determine whether this passage is original or a later interpolation, but John Koch's view that the passage dates from a 7th-century or earlier version is regarded as unproven; 9th- or 10th-century dates are often proposed for it.[40] Several poems attributed to Taliesin, a poet said to have lived in the 6th century, also refer to Arthur, although these all probably date from between the 8th and 12th centuries.[41] They include "Kadeir Teyrnon" ("The Chair of the Prince"),[42] which refers to "Arthur the Blessed", "Preiddeu Annwn" ("The Spoils of Annwn"),[43] which recounts an expedition of Arthur to the Otherworld, and "Marwnat vthyr pen[dragon]" ("The Elegy of Uther Pen[dragon]"),[44] which refers to Arthur's valour and is suggestive of a father-son relationship for Arthur and Uther that pre-dates Geoffrey of Monmouth.Culhwch entering Arthur's Court in the Welsh tale Culhwch and Olwen, 1881Other early Welsh Arthurian texts include a poem found in the Black Book of Carmarthen, "Pa gur yv y porthaur?" ("What man is the gatekeeper?").[45]This takes the form of a dialogue between Arthur and the gatekeeper of a fortress he wishes to enter, in which Arthur recounts the names and deeds of himself and his men, notably Cei (Kay) and Bedwyr (Bedivere). The Welsh prose tale Culhwch and Olwen (c. 1100), included in the modern Mabinogioncollection, has a much longer list of more than 200 of Arthur's men, though Cei and Bedwyr again take a central place. The story as a whole tells of Arthur helping his kinsman Culhwch win the hand of Olwen, daughter of Ysbaddaden Chief-Giant, by completing a series of apparently impossible tasks, including the hunt for the great semi-divine boar Twrch Trwyth. The 9th-century Historia Brittonum also refers to this tale, with the boar there named Troy(n)t.[46] Finally, Arthur is mentioned numerous times in the Welsh Triads, a collection of short summaries of Welsh tradition and legend which are classified into groups of three linked characters or episodes in order to assist recall. The later manuscripts of the Triads are partly derivative from Geoffrey of Monmouth and later continental traditions, but the earliest ones show no such influence and are usually agreed to refer to pre-existing Welsh traditions. Even in these, however, Arthur's court has started to embody legendary Britain as a whole, with "Arthur's Court" sometimes substituted for "The Island of Britain" in the formula "Three XXX of the Island of Britain".[47] While it is not clear from the Historia Brittonum and the Annales Cambriaethat Arthur was even considered a king, by the time Culhwch and Olwen and the Triads were written he had become Penteyrnedd yr Ynys hon, "Chief of the Lords of this Island", the overlord of Wales, Cornwall and the North.[48]In addition to these pre-Galfridian Welsh poems and tales, Arthur appears in some other early Latin texts besides the Historia Brittonum and the Annales Cambriae. In particular, Arthur features in a number of well-known vitae("Lives") of post-Roman saints, none of which are now generally considered to be reliable historical sources (the earliest probably dates from the 11th century).[49] According to the Life of Saint Gildas, written in the early 12th century by Caradoc of Llancarfan, Arthur is said to have killed Gildas' brother Hueil and to have rescued his wife Gwenhwyfar from Glastonbury.[50] In the Life of Saint Cadoc, written around 1100 or a little before by Lifris of Llancarfan, the saint gives protection to a man who killed three of Arthur's soldiers, and Arthur demands a herd of cattle as wergeld for his men. Cadoc delivers them as demanded, but when Arthur takes possession of the animals, they turn into bundles of ferns.[51] Similar incidents are described in the medieval biographies of Carannog, Padarn and Eufflam, probably written around the 12th century. A less obviously legendary account of Arthur appears in the Legenda Sancti Goeznovii, which is often claimed to date from the early 11th century although the earliest manuscript of this text dates from the 15th century.[52] Also important are the references to Arthur in William of Malmesbury's De Gestis Regum Anglorum and Herman's De Miraculis Sanctae Mariae Laudensis, which together provide the first certain evidence for a belief that Arthur was not actually dead and would at some point return, a theme that is often revisited in post-Galfridian folklore.[53]Geoffrey of MonmouthMordred, Arthur's final foe according to Geoffrey of Monmouth, illustrated by H. J. Ford for Andrew Lang's King Arthur: The Tales of the Round Table, 1902The first narrative account of Arthur's life is found in Geoffrey of Monmouth's Latin work Historia Regum Britanniae(History of the Kings of Britain).[54]This work, completed c. 1138, is an imaginative and fanciful account of British kings from the legendary Trojan exile Brutus to the 7th-century Welsh king Cadwallader. Geoffrey places Arthur in the same post-Roman period as do Historia Brittonum and Annales Cambriae. He incorporates Arthur's father, Uther Pendragon, his magician advisor Merlin, and the story of Arthur's conception, in which Uther, disguised as his enemy Gorlois by Merlin's magic, sleeps with Gorlois's wife Igerna at Tintagel, and she conceives Arthur. On Uther's death, the fifteen-year-old Arthur succeeds him as King of Britain and fights a series of battles, similar to those in the Historia Brittonum, culminating in the Battle of Bath. He then defeats the Picts and Scotsbefore creating an Arthurian empire through his conquests of Ireland, Iceland and the Orkney Islands. After twelve years of peace, Arthur sets out to expand his empire once more, taking control of Norway, Denmark and Gaul. Gaul is still held by the Roman Empire when it is conquered, and Arthur's victory naturally leads to a further confrontation between his empire and Rome's. Arthur and his warriors, including Kaius (Kay), Beduerus (Bedivere) andGualguanus (Gawain), defeat the Roman emperor Lucius Tiberius in Gaul but, as he prepares to march on Rome, Arthur hears that his nephewModredus (Mordred) - whom he had left in charge of Britain - has married his wife Guenhuuara (Guinevere) and seized the throne. Arthur returns to Britain and defeats and kills Modredus on the river Camblam in Cornwall, but he is mortally wounded. He hands the crown to his kinsman Constantineand is taken to the isle of Avalon to be healed of his wounds, never to be seen again.[55]Merlin the wizard, c. 1300[56]How much of this narrative was Geoffrey's own invention is open to debate. Certainly, Geoffrey seems to have made use of the list of Arthur's twelve battles against the Saxons found in the 9th-century Historia Brittonum, along with the battle of Camlann from the Annales Cambriae and the idea that Arthur was still alive.[57] Arthur's personal status as the king of all Britain would also seem to be borrowed from pre-Galfridian tradition, being found in Culhwch and Olwen, the Triads and the Saints' Lives.[58] Finally, Geoffrey borrowed many of the names for Arthur's possessions,close family and companions from the pre-Galfridian Welsh tradition, including Kaius (Cei), Beduerus (Bedwyr), Guenhuuara (Gwenhwyfar), Uther (Uthyr) and perhaps also Caliburnus (Caledfwlch), the latter becoming Excalibur in subsequent Arthurian tales.[59] However, while names, key events and titles may have been borrowed, Brynley Roberts has argued that "the Arthurian section is Geoffrey's literary creation and it owes nothing to prior narrative."[60] So, for instance, the Welsh Medraut is made the villainous Modredus by Geoffrey, but there is no trace of such a negative character for this figure in Welsh sources until the 16th century.[61] There have been relatively few modern attempts to challenge this notion that the Historia Regum Britanniae is primarily Geoffrey's own work, with scholarly opinion often echoing William of Newburgh's late-12th-century comment that Geoffrey "made up" his narrative, perhaps through an "inordinate love of lying".[62] Geoffrey Ashe is one dissenter from this view, believing that Geoffrey's narrative is partially derived from a lost source telling of the deeds of a 5th-century British king named Riotamus, this figure being the original Arthur, although historians and Celticists have been reluctant to follow Ashe in his conclusions.[63]Whatever his sources may have been, the immense popularity of Geoffrey's Historia Regum Britanniae cannot be denied. Well over 200 manuscript copies of Geoffrey's Latin work are known to have survived, and this does not include translations into other languages.[64] Thus, for example, around 60 manuscripts are extant containing Welsh-language versions of theHistoria, the earliest of which were created in the 13th century; the old notion that some of these Welsh versions actually underlie Geoffrey's Historia, advanced by antiquarians such as the 18th-century Lewis Morris, has long since been discounted in academic circles.[65] As a result of this popularity, Geoffrey's Historia Regum Britanniae was enormously influential on the later medieval development of the Arthurian legend. While it was by no means the only creative force behind Arthurian romance, many of its elements were borrowed and developed (e.g., Merlin and the final fate of Arthur), and it provided the historical framework into which the romancers' tales of magical and wonderful adventures were inserted.[66]Romance traditionsDuring the 12th century, Arthur's character began to be marginalised by the accretion of "Arthurian" side-stories such as that of Tristan and Iseult. John William Waterhouse, 1916The popularity of Geoffrey's Historia and its other derivative works (such as Wace's Roman de Brut) is generally agreed to be an important factor in explaining the appearance of significant numbers of new Arthurian works in continental Europe during the 12th and 13th centuries, particularly in France.[67] It was not, however, the only Arthurian influence on the developing "Matter of Britain". There is clear evidence for a knowledge of Arthur and Arthurian tales on the Continent before Geoffrey's work became widely known (see for example, the Modena Archivolt),[68] as well as for the use of "Celtic" names and stories not found in Geoffrey's Historia in the Arthurian romances.[69] From the perspective of Arthur, perhaps the most significant effect of this great outpouring of new Arthurian story was on the role of the king himself: much of this 12th-century and later Arthurian literature centres less on Arthur himself than on characters such as Lancelot and Guenevere, Perceval, Galahad, Gawain, and Tristan and Isolde. Whereas Arthur is very much at the centre of the pre-Galfridian material and Geoffrey's Historia itself, in the romances he is rapidly sidelined.[70] His character also alters significantly. In both the earliest materials and Geoffrey he is a great and ferocious warrior, who laughs as he personally slaughters witches and giants and takes a leading role in all military campaigns,[71] whereas in the continental romances he becomes the roi fainéant, the "do-nothing king", whose "inactivity and acquiescence constituted a central flaw in his otherwise ideal society".[72] Arthur's role in these works is frequently that of a wise, dignified, even-tempered, somewhat bland, and occasionally feeble monarch. So, he simply turns pale and silent when he learns of Lancelot's affair with Guinevere in the Mort Artu, whilst in Chrétien de Troyes's Yvain, the Knight of the Lion he is unable to stay awake after a feast and has to retire for a nap.[73] Nonetheless, as Norris J. Lacy has observed, whatever his faults and frailties may be in these Arthurian romances, "his prestige is never - or almost never - compromised by his personal weaknesses ... his authority and glory remain intact."[74]Arthur (top centre) in an illustration to the Middle Englishpoem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, late 14th centuryArthur and his retinue appear in some of the Lais of Marie de France,[75] but it was the work of another French poet, Chrétien de Troyes, that had the greatest influence with regard to the above development of the character of Arthur and his legend.[76] Chrétien wrote five Arthurian romances between c. 1170 and c. 1190. Erec and Enide and Cligèsare tales of courtly love with Arthur's court as their backdrop, demonstrating the shift away from the heroic world of the Welsh and Galfridian Arthur, while Yvain, the Knight of the Lion features Yvain and Gawain in a supernatural adventure, with Arthur very much on the sidelines and weakened. However, the most significant for the development of the Arthurian legend are Lancelot, the Knight of the Cart, which introduces Lancelot and his adulterous relationship with Arthur's queen (Guinevere), extending and popularizing the recurring theme of Arthur as a cuckold, andPerceval, the Story of the Grail, which introduces the Holy Grail and the Fisher King and which again sees Arthur having a much reduced role.[77]Chrétien was thus "instrumental both in the elaboration of the Arthurian legend and in the establishment of the ideal form for the diffusion of that legend",[78] and much of what came after him in terms of the portrayal of Arthur and his world built upon the foundations he had laid. Perceval, although unfinished, was particularly popular: four separate continuations of the poem appeared over the next half century, with the notion of the Grail and its quest being developed by other writers such as Robert de Boron, a fact that helped accelerate the decline of Arthur in continental romance.[79] Similarly, Lancelot and his cuckolding of Arthur with Guinevere became one of the classic motifs of the Arthurian legend, although the Lancelot of the proseLancelot (c. 1225) and later texts was a combination of Chrétien's character and that of Ulrich von Zatzikhoven's Lanzelet.[80] Chrétien's work even appears to feed back into Welsh Arthurian literature, with the result that the romance Arthur began to replace the heroic, active Arthur in Welsh literary tradition.[81] Particularly significant in this development were the three Welsh Arthurian romances, which are closely similar to those of Chrétien, albeit with some significant differences: Owain, or the Lady of the Fountain is related to Chrétien's Yvain; Geraint and Enid, to Erec and Enide; and Peredur son of Efrawg, to Perceval.[82]The Round Table experience a vision of the Holy Grail. From a 15th century French manuscript.Up to c. 1210, continental Arthurian romance was expressed primarily through poetry; after this date the tales began to be told in prose. The most significant of these 13th-century prose romances was the Vulgate Cycle (also known as the Lancelot-Grail Cycle), a series of five Middle French prose works written in the first half of that century.[83] These works were the Estoire del Saint Grail, the Estoire de Merlin, the Lancelot propre (or ProseLancelot, which made up half the entire Vulgate Cycle on its own), the Queste del Saint Graal and the Mort Artu, which combine to form the first coherent version of the entire Arthurian legend. The cycle continued the trend towards reducing the role played by Arthur in his own legend, partly through the introduction of the character of Galahad and an expansion of the role of Merlin. It also made Mordred the result of an incestuous relationshipbetween Arthur and his sister and established the role of Camelot, first mentioned in passing in Chrétien's Lancelot, as Arthur's primary court.[84] This series of texts was quickly followed by the Post-Vulgate Cycle (c. 1230-40), of which the Suite du Merlin is a part, which greatly reduced the importance of Lancelot's affair with Guinevere but continued to sideline Arthur, now in order to focus more on the Grail quest.[83] As such, Arthur became even more of a relatively minor character in these French prose romances; in the Vulgate itself he only figures significantly in the Estoire de Merlin and the Mort Artu.The development of the medieval Arthurian cycle and the character of the "Arthur of romance" culminated in Le Morte d'Arthur, Thomas Malory's retelling of the entire legend in a single work in English in the late 15th century. Malory based his book - originally titled The Whole Book of King Arthur and of His Noble Knights of the Round Table - on the various previous romance versions, in particular the Vulgate Cycle, and appears to have aimed at creating a comprehensive and authoritative collection of Arthurian stories.[85] Perhaps as a result of this, and the fact that Le Morte D'Arthur was one of the earliest printed books in England, published by William Caxton in 1485, most later Arthurian works are derivative of Malory's.[86]Decline, revival, and the modern legendPost-medieval literatureThe end of the Middle Ages brought with it a waning of interest in King Arthur. Although Malory's English version of the great French romances was popular, there were increasing attacks upon the truthfulness of the historical framework of the Arthurian romances - established since Geoffrey of Monmouth's time - and thus the legitimacy of the whole Matter of Britain. So, for example, the 16th-century humanist scholar Polydore Vergil famously rejected the claim that Arthur was the ruler of a post-Roman empire, found throughout the post-Galfridian medieval "chronicle tradition", to the horror of Welsh and English antiquarians.[87] Social changes associated with the end of the medieval period and the Renaissance also conspired to rob the character of Arthur and his associated legend of some of their power to enthral audiences, with the result that 1634 saw the last printing of Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur for nearly 200 years.[88] King Arthur and the Arthurian legend were not entirely abandoned, but until the early 19th century the material was taken less seriously and was often used simply as vehicle for allegories of 17th- and 18th-century politics.[89] Thus Richard Blackmore's epics Prince Arthur(1695) and King Arthur (1697) feature Arthur as an allegory for the struggles of William IIIagainst James II.[89] Similarly, the most popular Arthurian tale throughout this period seems to have been that of Tom Thumb, which was told first through chapbooks and later through the political plays of Henry Fielding; although the action is clearly set in Arthurian Britain, the treatment is humorous and Arthur appears as a primarily comedic version of his romance character.[90] Tennyson and the revivalGustave Doré's illustration of Arthur and Merlin for Alfred, Lord Tennyson's Idylls of the King, 1868In the early 19th century, medievalism, Romanticism, and the Gothic Revival reawakened interest in Arthur and the medieval romances. A new code of ethics for 19th-century gentlemen was shaped around the chivalric ideals that the "Arthur of romance" embodied. This renewed interest first made itself felt in 1816, when Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur was reprinted for the first time since 1634.[91] Initially the medieval Arthurian legends were of particular interest to poets, inspiring, for example, William Wordsworth to write "The Egyptian Maid" (1835), an allegory of the Holy Grail.[92] Pre-eminent among these was Alfred Lord Tennyson, whose first Arthurian poem, "The Lady of Shalott", was published in 1832.[93] Although Arthur himself played a minor role in some of these works, following in the medieval romance tradition, Tennyson's Arthurian work reached its peak of popularity with Idylls of the King, which reworked the entire narrative of Arthur's life for the Victorian era. First published in 1859, it sold 10,000 copies within the first week.[94] In theIdylls, Arthur became a symbol of ideal manhood whose attempt to establish a perfect kingdom on earth fails, finally, through human weakness.[95]Tennyson's works prompted a large number of imitators, generated considerable public interest in the legends of Arthur and the character himself, and brought Malory's tales to a wider audience.[96] Indeed, the first modernization of Malory's great compilation of Arthur's tales was published shortly afterIdylls appeared, in 1862, and there were six further editions and five competitors before the century ended.[97]This interest in the "Arthur of romance" and his associated stories continued through the 19th century and into the 20th, and influenced poets such asWilliam Morris and Pre-Raphaelite artists including Edward Burne-Jones.[98] Even the humorous tale of Tom Thumb, which had been the primary manifestation of Arthur's legend in the 18th century, was rewritten after the publication of Idylls. While Tom maintained his small stature and remained a figure of comic relief, his story now included more elements from the medieval Arthurian romances, and Arthur is treated more seriously and historically in these new versions.[99] The revived Arthurian romance also proved influential in the United States, with such books as Sidney Lanier's The Boy's King Arthur(1880) reaching wide audiences and providing inspiration for Mark Twain's satiric A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court(1889).[100]Although the "Arthur of romance" was sometimes central to these new Arthurian works (as he was in Burne-Jones's The Last Sleep of Arthur in Avalon, 1881-1898), on other occasions he reverted back to his medieval status and is either marginalised or even missing entirely, with Wagner's Arthurian operas providing a notable instance of the latter.[101] Furthermore, the revival of interest in Arthur and the Arthurian tales did not continue unabated. By the end of the 19th century, it was confined mainly to Pre-Raphaelite imitators,[102] and it could not avoid being affected by the First World War, which damaged the reputation of chivalry and thus interest in its medieval manifestations and Arthur as chivalric role model.[103] The romance tradition did, however, remain sufficiently powerful to persuade Thomas Hardy, Laurence Binyon and John Masefield to compose Arthurian plays,[104] and T. S. Eliot alludes to the Arthur myth (but not Arthur) in his poem The Waste Land, which mentions the Fisher King.[105]Modern legendSee also: King Arthur in various mediaThe combat of Arthur andMordred, illustrated by N.C. Wyethfor The Boy's King Arthur, 1922In the latter half of the 20th century, the influence of the romance tradition of Arthur continued, through novels such as T. H. White's The Once and Future King (1958) and Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists of Avalon (1982) in addition to comic strips such as Prince Valiant (from 1937 onward).[106]Tennyson had reworked the romance tales of Arthur to suit and comment upon the issues of his day, and the same is often the case with modern treatments too. Bradley's tale, for example, takes a feminist approach to Arthur and his legend, in contrast to the narratives of Arthur found in medieval materials,[107] and American authors often rework the story of Arthur to be more consistent with values such as equality and democracy.[108] The romance Arthur has become popular in film and theatre as well. T. H. White's novel was adapted into the Lerner-Loewe stage musical Camelot (1960) and the Disney animated film The Sword in the Stone (1963); Camelot itself, with its focus on the love of Lancelot and Guinevere and the cuckolding of Arthur, was itself made into a film of the same name in 1967. The romance tradition of Arthur is particularly evident and, according to critics, successfully handled in Robert Bresson's Lancelot du Lac (1974), Eric Rohmer's Perceval le Gallois (1978) and perhaps John Boorman's fantasy filmExcalibur (1981); it is also the main source of the material utilised in the Arthurian spoof Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975).[109]Re-tellings and re-imaginings of the romance tradition are not the only important aspect of the modern legend of King Arthur. Attempts to portray Arthur as a genuine historical figure of c. 500 AD, stripping away the "romance", have also emerged. As Taylor and Brewer have noted, this return to the medieval "chronicle tradition"' of Geoffrey of Monmouth and the Historia Brittonum is a recent trend which became dominant in Arthurian literature in the years following the outbreak of the Second World War, when Arthur's legendary resistance to Germanic invaders struck a chord in Britain.[110]Clemence Dane's series of radio plays, The Saviours (1942), used a historical Arthur to embody the spirit of heroic resistance against desperate odds, and Robert Sherriff's play The Long Sunset (1955) saw Arthur rallying Romano-British resistance against the Germanic invaders.[111] This trend towards placing Arthur in a historical setting is also apparent in historical and fantasy novels published during this period.[112] In recent years the portrayal of Arthur as a real hero of the 5th century has also made its way into film versions of the Arthurian legend, most notably King Arthur (2004) and The Last Legion (2007).[113]Arthur has also been used as a model for modern-day behaviour. In the 1930s, the Order of the Fellowship of the Knights of the Round Table formed in Britain to promote Christian ideals and Arthurian notions of medieval chivalry.[114] In the United States, hundreds of thousands of boys and girls joined Arthurian youth groups, such as the Knights of King Arthur, in which Arthur and his legends were promoted as wholesome exemplars.[115] However, Arthur's diffusion within contemporary culture goes beyond such obviously Arthurian endeavours, with Arthurian names being regularly attached to objects, buildings and places. As Norris J. Lacy has observed, "The popular notion of Arthur appears to be limited, not surprisingly, to a few motifs and names, but there can be no doubt of the extent to which a legend born many centuries ago is profoundly embedded in modern culture at every level

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pining, pinion, pinite, pinked, pinken, pinker, pinkey, pinkie, pinkly, pinkos, pinnae, pinnal, pinnas, pinned, pinner, pinole, pinons, pinots, pintas, pintle, pintos, pinups, pinyin, pinyon, piping, pipkin, pippin, plains, plaint, plinks, plinth, plying, poinds, pointe, points, pointy, poking, poling, poplin, poring, posing, postin, poxing, prince, prinks, prints, prying, pterin, puffin, puking, puling, punkin, purine, purins, purlin, qindar, qintar, quaint, quince, quinic, quinin, quinoa, quinol, quinsy, quinte, quints, quoins, rabbin, racing, raging, rained, raisin, raking, rapine, raping, raring, rasing, ratine, rating, ratlin, ravine, raving, ravins, rawins, raxing, raying, razing, reagin, rebind, recoin, redfin, reding, refind, refine, regain, regina, reined, reinks, rejoin, reline, relink, remain, remind, remint, renins, rennin, repine, repins, requin, resins, resiny, retain, retina, retine, retint, rewind, rewins, rhinal, rhinos, ricing, ricins, riding, riling, riming, rinded, ringed, ringer, rinsed, rinser, rinses, riping, rising, riving, robbin, robing, robins, roping, rosing, rosins, rosiny, roving, rowing, ruined, ruiner, ruling, rumina, rusine, rutins, ryking, sabine, sabins, saimin, sained, saints, salina, saline, saning, sarins, sasins, sating, satins, satiny, savine, saving, savins, sawing, saying, seeing, seined, seiner, seines, seisin, seizin, semina, sequin, serein, serine, sering, serins, sewing, sexing, shindy, shined, shiner, shines, shinny, shrine, shrink, shying, siding, simlin, sinews, sinewy, sinful, singed, singer, singes, single, singly, sinker, sinned, sinner, sinter, siping, siring, siskin, siting, sizing, skeins, skiing, skinks, skinny, skying, slings, slinks, slinky, sluing, soling, soring, sowing, sozine, sozins, spavin, sphinx, spinal, spined, spinel, spines, spinet, spinny, spinor, spinto, spline, splint, sprain, spring, sprint, spuing, spying, squint, stains, steins, stingo, stings, stingy, stinko, stinks, stinky, stints, strain, string, stying, suints, supine, swains, swinge, swings, swingy, swinks, sylvin, syrinx, tahini, taints, taking, takins, tamein, taming, tannin, taping, taring, tawing, taxing, teeing, teinds, tenpin, tewing, theine, theins, things, thinks, thinly, tiding, tieing, tiepin, tiffin, tiling, timing, tincal, tincts, tinder, tineal, tineas, tineid, tinful, tinged, tinges, tingle, tingly, tinier, tinily, tining, tinker, tinkle, tinkly, tinman, tinmen, tinned, tinner, tinsel, tinted, tinter, tiring, tocsin, toeing, toking, toling, toning, toping, toting, towing, toxine, toxins, toying, trains, trinal, trined, trines, tropin, truing, trying, tsking, tubing, tuning, twains, twined, twiner, twines, twinge, tyning, typing, tyring, umping, unakin, unbind, uncini, undine, unkind, unkink, unlink, unpins, unwind, upbind, upping, upwind, urchin, urging, urinal, urines, ursine, vagina, vahine, vainer, vainly, valine, veinal, veined, veiner, venine, venins, verdin, vermin, vexing, vicing, viking, vimina, vinals, vincas, vineal, vinery, vinier, vinify, vining, vinous, vinyls, violin, virgin, vising, voling, voting, vowing, wading, waging, wahine, waking, waling, waning, waring, waving, waxing, weiner, welkin, whined, whiner, whines, whiney, whinge, whinny, wifing, wiling, winced, wincer, winces, wincey, winded, winder, windle, window, windup, winery, winged, winger, winier, wining, winish, winked, winker, winkle, winned, winner, winnow, winoes, winter, wintle, wintry, winzes, wiping, wiring, wising, within, witing, wiving, wooing, wowing, wrings, wrying, wyling, wyting, yawing, yeelin, yogini, yogins, yoking, yowing, zayins, zeatin, zechin, zinced, zincic, zincky, zinebs, zinged, zinger, zinnia, zoning7-letter wordsabasing, abating, abiding, ablings, aboding, absinth, abstain, abusing, acarine, acetins, acinose, acinous, aclinic, acrasin, actinal, actings, actinia, actinic, actinon, acyloin, addling, adenine, adjoins, adjoint, adoring, affinal, affined, affines, against, ageings, aginner, aiblins, ainsell, airings, airline, airting, alanine, alanins, albinal, albinic, albinos, albumin, aldrins, alevins, alexine, alexins, aliners, alining, alkalin, alkines, allicin, allying, alpines, alumina, alumine, alumins, amazing, ambling, amboina, amidine, amidins, aminity, ammines, amorini, amorino, amusing, aneling, aneurin, anginal, anginas, angling, anguine, anhinga, aniline, anilins, ankling, anoints, anteing, antings, appoint, archine, arching, arcking, arcsine, argling, arguing, arising, armings, aroints, arshins, arsines, asinine, askings, aspirin, asquint, atingle, atoning, atropin, attains, attaint, audings, autoing, auxinic, avidins, avowing, awaking, awnings, babying, baching, backing, badging, baffing, bagging, bailing, baiting, bakings, balding, balking, balling, bambini, bambino, bamming, banding, banging, banking, banning, barbing, barding, barfing, bargain, barging, barking, barring, bashing, basinal, basined, basinet, basking, basting, bathing, batting, batwing, bawling, beading, beaming, beaning, bearing, beating, becking, bedding, bedouin, beduins, beefing, beeline, beeping, begging, beguine, behinds, belling, belting, belying, bending, benzine, benzins, benzoin, bepaint, berline, berlins, besting, betaine, bethink, betting, biasing, bibbing, bidding, biffing, biffins, bigging, biggins, bikinis, bilging, bilking, billing, binders, bindery, binding, bindles, binging, binning, binocle, biotins, birding, birling, birring, bitting, bivinyl, blaming, blaring, blawing, blazing, blinded, blinder, blindly, blinked, blinker, blintze, blowing, bluefin, blueing, bluings, bluming, boating, bobbing, bobbins, bodings, bodkins, bodying, boffins, bogging, boiling, bolling, bolting, bombing, bonding, bonging, bonking, boobing, booking, booming, boomkin, booting, boozing, bopping, borings, bossing, botulin, bousing, bovines, bowfins, bowings, bowline, bowling, bowsing, boxings, bracing, brained, braking, braving, braying, brazing, brewing, bribing, brinded, brindle, briners, bringer, brinier, brinies, brining, brinish, bromine, bromins, brucine, brucins, bruting, bubinga, bucking, budding, budging, buffing, bugging, bugling, bulging, bulking, bulling, bumkins, bumming, bumping, bumpkin, bunging, bunking, bunting, buoying, burking, burling, burning, burping, burring, burying, bushing, busings, busking, buskins, bussing, busting, busying, butling, butting, butyrin, buzzing, bylined, byliner, bylines, byrling, cabbing, cabined, cabinet, cabling, caching, cadging, caffein, calcine, calking, calkins, calling, calming, calving, camping, canakin, canikin, canines, canning, cantina, canting, capelin, caplins, capping, caprine, captain, carabin, carbine, carding, carinae, carinal, carinas, carking, carline, carling, carlins, carmine, carotin, carping, carting, carving, caseins, cashing, casings, casinos, casking, cassino, casting, catkins, catling, catlins, catmint, catting, cauline, causing, cavings, ceasing, ceiling, celling, censing, ceratin, certain, cervine, cessing, chafing, chagrin, chained, chaines, charing, chasing, chawing, chewing, chewink, chiding, chiming, chinchy, chining, chinked, chinned, chinone, chinook, chintzy, chitins, chitlin, chlorin, choking, choline, chopine, chopins, chorine, choring, chowing, chuting, cinched, cinches, cinders, cindery, cineast, cinemas, cineole, cineols, cinerin, cingula, cinques, cipolin, citrine, citrins, clawing, claying, cleping, clewing, clinged, clinger, clinics, clinked, clinker, cloning, closing, cloying, clueing, coalbin, coaling, coaming, coating, coaxing, cocaine, cocains, cochins, cocking, codding, codeina, codeine, codeins, codling, codlins, coffing, coffins, cogging, coifing, coiling, coinage, coiners, coinfer, coining, cointer, cojoins, colicin, collins, combine, combing, comings, comping, complin, confine, coniine, conines, conjoin, conking, conning, contain, cooking, cooling, cooping, copings, copping, copying, coquina, corbina, cording, corking, corning, cortins, corvina, corvine, coshing, cosines, costing, cosying, couping, cousins, covings, cowbind, cowling, cowskin, cozying, craning, craping, crating, craving, crazing, creatin, creping, cretins, crewing, cringed, cringer, cringes, cringle, crinite, crinkle, crinkly, crinoid, crinums, crocein, crocine, crowing, cuffing, cuisine, culling, culming, cumarin, cummins, cunning, cupping, curbing, curding, curling, curring, cursing, curtain, curving, cussing, cutline, cutting, cyanine, cyanins, cycasin, cycling, cymling, cymlins, cystein, cystine, czarina, dabbing, dadoing, daffing, damming, damning, damping, dancing, danging, dapping, darings, darking, darling, darning, darting, dashing, daubing, dauphin, dauting, dawning, dawting, dealing, deaning, deaving, decking, decline, deeding, deeming, defined, definer, defines, defying, deicing, delaine, deleing, delving, denning, dentine, denting, dentins, denying, depaint, destain, destine, destiny, detains, detinue, detrain, deucing, deveins, dextrin, dezincs, dialing, diamine, diamins, diazine, diazins, dibbing, dicliny, dieting, digging, digoxin, dimming, dindled, dindles, dineric, dineros, dinette, dingbat, dingeys, dingier, dingies, dingily, dinging, dingles, dingoes, dinkeys, dinkier, dinkies, dinking, dinkums, dinners, dinning, dinting, dioxins, dipping, dirking, dirling, discing, disdain, dishing, disjoin, disking, distain, divined, diviner, divines, doating, dobbins, docking, dodging, doeskin, doffing, dogging, dolling, dolphin, domains, domines, dominie, dominos, donning, dooming, dormins, dossing, dotting, dourine, dousing, downing, dowsing, drained, drainer, draping, drawing, draying, dreeing, drinker, driving, droning, droving, drumlin, dubbing, dubbins, ducking, duckpin, ducting, dueling, dulling, dumbing, dumping, dunging, dunking, dunlins, dunning, dunting, dupping, durning, dusking, dustbin, dusting, dwindle, dwining, dyeings, eanling, earings, earning, earring, easting, eatings, eccrine, echinus, echoing, eddying, edgings, editing, educing, einkorn, elapine, elastin, elating, eliding, eloined, eloiner, eloping, eluding, eluting, emetine, emetins, eminent, emodins, emoting, emptins, enamine, enchain, encinal, encinas, endings, endrins, enduing, engined, engines, engrain, enjoins, ensuing, entrain, entwine, enuring, envying, enwinds, eosines, eosinic, epinaoi, epinaos, equines, equinox, erasing, erepsin, eringos, erlking, ermined, ermines, eroding, errhine, eserine, espying, essoins, estrins, etamine, etamins, etching, ethinyl, eucaine, evading, evening, evinced, evinces, eviting, evoking, examine, exiling, exiting, explain, exscind, extinct, exuding, eyewink, fabling, facings, fadging, fadings, fagging, failing, fainest, fainted, fainter, faintly, fairing, falling, famines, fanning, fanzine, farcing, farding, farinas, farinha, farming, fascine, fashing, fasting, fatling, fatting, fawning, fearing, feasing, feazing, feeding, feeling, feezing, feinted, felines, felling, felting, feminie, fencing, fending, fessing, fetting, feuding, fibbing, fibrins, fibroin, fidging, figging, filings, filling, filming, finable, finagle, finales, finalis, finally, finance, finback, finches, finders, finding, finesse, finfish, finfoot, fingers, finials, finical, finicky, finikin, finings, finises, finites, finking, finless, finlike, finmark, finnier, finning, firings, firkins, firming, fishing, fisting, fitting, fixings, fizzing, flaking, flaming, flaring, flavine, flavins, flawing, flaying, fleeing, flexing, fleying, flinder, flinger, flinted, fliting, florins, flowing, fluking, fluming, fluorin, fluting, fluxing, flyings, flyting, foaling, foaming, fobbing, fogging, foiling, foining, folacin, folding, fonding, fontina, fooling, footing, fopping, forcing, fording, forging, forints, forking, forming, fouling, fowling, foxings, foxskin, framing, fraying, freeing, fringed, fringes, frizing, fubbing, fuchsin, fudging, fueling, fugging, fugling, fuguing, fulling, fulmine, funding, funking, funning, furling, furring, fusains, fussing, futzing, fuzzing, gabbing, gabling, gadding, gaffing, gagging, gainers, gainful, gaining, gainsay, gaiting, gallein, galling, gamines, gamings, gamming, ganging, gaoling, gapping, garbing, garring, gashing, gasking, gaskins, gasping, gassing, gasting, gastrin, gauging, gauming, gawking, gawping, gearing, gecking, gelatin, gelding, gelling, geminal, gemming, genuine, germina, getting, gherkin, gibbing, gifting, gigging, gilding, gilling, gimping, gingall, gingals, gingeli, gingely, gingers, gingery, gingham, gingili, gingiva, ginkgos, ginners, ginnier, ginning, ginseng, gipping, girding, girning, girting, glaring, glazing, gliadin, gliding, gliming, glinted, globing, globins, glonoin, gloving, glowing, glozing, glueing, glycine, glycins, gnawing, goading, goaling, gobbing, goblins, godding, godling, golfing, gonging, goofing, goosing, gorging, gosling, gouging, gowning, gracing, gradine, grading, gradins, grained, grainer, graplin, gratine, grating, gratins, graving, graying, grazing, greeing, gremlin, greying, griding, griffin, griming, grinded, grinder, grinned, grinner, griping, griskin, groined, groping, growing, guanine, guanins, guiding, guiling, guineas, guising, gulfing, gulling, gulping, gumming, gunning, gurging, gushing, gusting, gutting, gypping, hacking, haemins, hafting, hagging, hailing, hairpin, haloing, halting, halving, hamming, handing, hanging, hanking, hanting, happing, harking, harmine, harming, harmins, harping, harpins, hashing, hasping, hasting, hatpins, hatting, hauling, hawking, hayings, hazings, heading, headpin, healing, heaping, hearing, heating, heaving, hedging, heeding, heeling, heezing, hefting, heiling, heinies, heinous, heiring, helling, helming, helping, helving, hematin, hemline, hemming, henting, heparin, herding, heroine, heroins, herring, hidings, hijinks, hilding, hilling, hilting, hinders, hindgut, hingers, hinging, hinnied, hinnies, hinters, hinting, hipline, hipping, hircine, hirudin, hissing, histing, hitting, hoatzin, hoaxing, hobbing, hoboing, hocking, hoddins, hogging, hoising, holding, holking, homines, hominid, honking, hooding, hoofing, hooking, hooping, hooting, hopping, hordein, hording, horning, horsing, hosting, hotline, hotting, housing, howking, howling, huffing, hugging, hulking, hulling, humming, humping, hunting, hurling, hurting, hushing, husking, hutting, hyaline, hyalins, hyenine, hymning, hypoing, iciness, imagine, imaging, imbuing, impaint, impinge, impings, imprint, inanely, inanest, inanity, inaptly, inarmed, inbeing, inboard, inbound, inbreds, inbreed, inbuilt, inburst, incaged, incages, incants, incased, incases, incense, incepts, incests, inching, incipit, incisal, incised, incises, incisor, incited, inciter, incites, incivil, inclasp, incline, inclips, inclose, include, incomer, incomes, inconnu, incross, incrust, incubus, incudal, incudes, incurve, incused, incuses, indabas, indamin, indenes, indents, indexed, indexer, indexes, indican, indices, indicia, indicts, indigen, indigos, indited, inditer, indites, indiums, indoles, indoors, indorse, indowed, indoxyl, indraft, indrawn, induced, inducer, induces, inducts, induing, indulge, indulin, indults, indusia, indwell, indwelt, inearth, inedita, ineptly, inertia, inertly, inexact, infancy, infanta, infante, infants, infarct, infares, infauna, infects, infeoff, inferno, infests, infidel, infield, infight, infirms, infixed, infixes, inflame, inflate, inflect, inflict, inflows, infolds, informs, infract, infused, infuser, infuses, ingates, ingenue, ingesta, ingests, ingoing, ingoted, ingraft, ingrain, ingrate, ingress, ingroup, ingrown, ingulfs, inhabit, inhaled, inhaler, inhales, inhauls, inhered, inheres, inherit, inhibit, inhuman, inhumed, inhumer, inhumes, initial, injects, injured, injurer, injures, inkblot, inkhorn, inkiest, inkless, inklike, inkling, inkpots, inkwell, inkwood, inlaced, inlaces, inlands, inlayer, inliers, inmates, innards, innerly, innerve, innings, innless, inocula, inosite, inphase, inpours, inquest, inquiet, inquire, inquiry, inroads, insaner, inscape, insculp, inseams, insects, inserts, inshore, insider, insides, insight, insigne, insipid, insists, insnare, insofar, insoles, insouls, inspans, inspect, inspire, install, instals, instant, instars, instate, instead, insteps, instill, instils, insular, insulin, insults, insured, insurer, insures, inswept, intagli, intakes, integer, intends, intense, intents, interim, interne, interns, inthral, intimae, intimal, intimas, intines, intitle, intombs, intoned, intoner, intones, intorts, intrant, intreat, introfy, introit, introns, intrude, intrust, intuits, inturns, intwine, intwist, inulase, inulins, inuring, inurned, inutile, invaded, invader, invades, invalid, inveigh, invents, inverse, inverts, invests, invital, invited, invitee, inviter, invites, invoice, invoked, invoker, invokes, involve, inwalls, inwards, inweave, inwinds, inwound, inwoven, inwraps, iodines, irising, ironing, isatine, isatins, isoline, isospin, issuing, itching, iteming, jabbing, jacinth, jacking, jacobin, jagging, jailing, jalapin, jambing, jamming, jarinas, jarring, jasmine, jasmins, jauking, jauping, javelin, jawline, jazzing, jeeping, jeering, jelling, jerking, jerkins, jessing, jesting, jetting, jibbing, jigging, jilting, jimminy, jingall, jingals, jingled, jingler, jingles, jingoes, jinkers, jinking, jinxing, jobbing, jogging, joinder, joiners, joinery, joining, jointed, jointer, jointly, jolting, joshing, jotting, jouking, judging, jugging, juicing, jumping, junking, justing, jutting, kachina, kainite, kainits, kamsins, kaoline, kaolins, karting, katcina, kayoing, kecking, kedging, keeking, keeling, keening, keeping, kegling, kelping, kelvins, kenning, kepping, keratin, kerbing, kerfing, kerning, khamsin, kicking, kidding, kidskin, killing, kilning, kilting, kinases, kindest, kindled, kindler, kindles, kindred, kinemas, kineses, kinesic, kinesis, kinetic, kinetin, kinfolk, kingcup, kingdom, kinging, kinglet, kingpin, kinkier, kinkily, kinking, kinship, kinsman, kinsmen, kipping, kipskin, kirning, kissing, kithing, kitling, kitting, kneeing, knifing, knowing, konking, kremlin, kything, lacings, lacking, ladings, ladinos, ladling, ladykin, lagging, lairing, lakings, lalling, lambing, lambkin, laminae, laminal, laminar, laminas, lamming, lamping, lancing, landing, lanolin, lapping, lapsing, lapwing, larding, larking, lashing, lashins, lasting, lathing, latinos, latrine, lattins, lauding, lauwine, lawines, lawings, lazying, leading, leafing, leaking, leaning, leaping, leasing, leaving, leching, lectins, leering, legging, leggins, legumin, lemming, lending, lensing, leonine, letting, leucine, leucins, levulin, levying, licking, lidding, lifting, lignins, ligroin, likings, lilting, limbing, liminal, limning, limping, limpkin, linable, linages, linalol, lindane, lindens, lindies, lineage, lineate, linecut, lineman, linemen, lineups, lingams, lingcod, lingers, lingier, lingoes, linguae, lingual, liniest, linings, linkage, linkboy, linkers, linking, linkman, linkmen, linkups, linnets, linocut, linsang, linseed, linseys, lintels, linters, lintier, lintols, linuron, lipping, lisping, listing, livings, loading, loafing, loaming, loaning, lobbing, lobefin, locking, locoing, lodging, lofting, logging, lolling, lomeins, longing, looking, looming, looping, loosing, looting, lopping, lording, loriner, losings, lotting, louping, louring, lousing, louting, lowings, lucking, luffing, lugeing, lugging, lulling, luminal, lumping, lunging, lunting, lupines, lupulin, lurking, lushing, lusting, luteins, lutings, lyingly, lysines, machine, madding, mailing, maiming, maintop, makings, malines, malkins, malling, malting, manakin, manikin, mankind, manning, mapping, margins, marinas, mariner, marines, marking, marline, marling, marlins, marring, marting, martini, martins, mashing, masking, massing, masting, matinal, matinee, matings, matting, mattins, maudlin, mauling, maximin, mayings, mayvins, meaning, medinas, meeting, meinies, melanin, melding, melling, melting, mending, mensing, meouing, meowing, merging, merinos, merlins, meshing, messing, mestino, metring, mewling, miching, midline, miffing, milking, milline, milling, milting, minable, minaret, mincers, mincier, mincing, minders, mindful, minding, mindset, mineral, mingier, mingled, mingler, mingles, minibus, minicab, minicar, minikin, minimal, minimax, minimum, minings, minions, miniski, miniums, minivan, miniver, minnies, minnows, minorca, minored, minster, mintage, minters, mintier, minting, minuend, minuets, minuses, minuted, minuter, minutes, minutia, minxish, minyans, misbind, miscoin, misjoin, mislain, missing, misting, mitring, moaning, moating, mobbing, mocking, mogging, moiling, molding, molting, mooning, mooring, mooting, mopping, moraine, morning, morphin, mossing, moulins, mousing, mowings, mucking, mudding, mueddin, muezzin, muffing, muffins, mugging, muggins, mullein, mulling, mumming, mumping, munting, muntins, mureins, murines, murrain, murrine, mushing, musings, muslins, mussing, musting, mutined, mutines, myeline, myelins, myosins, nabbing, nagging, nailing, nandins, nankins, napkins, napping, narcein, nardine, narking, nearing, necking, needing, nervine, nerving, nesting, netting, neurine, niacins, nibbing, niching, nicking, nicotin, nighing, nilling, nimming, ninepin, ninnies, ninthly, nipping, nitinol, nocking, nodding, nogging, noggins, noising, nominal, nominee, nooning, noosing, noshing, nosings, nothing, nubbins, nuclein, nudging, nulling, numbing, nurling, nursing, nutting, obeying, obtains, ocarina, ochring, oestrin, offings, oilskin, oinking, oinomel, okaying, olefine, olefins, oleines, olivine, omening, ominous, ongoing, oodlins, opaline, opening, opining, opinion, opsonin, orating, orceins, orcinol, ordains, ordinal, ordines, origins, orpines, oscines, osseins, ouabain, ouching, ousting, outfind, outgain, outgrin, outings, outjinx, outlain, outline, outring, outsing, outsins, outwind, overing, oxazine, packing, padding, paginal, pagings, paiking, painful, paining, painted, painter, pairing, paladin, palings, palling, palming, panging, panning, panting, papains, pardine, parging, parings, parking, parling, parring, parsing, parting, pashing, passing, pastina, pasting, patinae, patinas, patined, patines, patting, paulins, pausing, pavings, pawning, peacing, peaking, pealing, peching, pecking, pectins, peeking, peeling, peening, peeping, peering, peeving, pegging, peining, peising, pelting, pembina, pending, penguin, pennine, penning, pepping, pepsine, pepsins, perinea, perking, perming, pertain, petting, phasing, phocine, phoning, picking, picolin, pidgins, piecing, pigging, piggins, pigskin, pilings, pilling, pimping, pinangs, pinatas, pinball, pinbone, pincers, pinched, pincher, pinches, pinders, pinenes, pinesap, pinetum, pinfish, pinfold, pingers, pinging, pinguid, pinhead, pinhole, piniest, pinions, pinites, pinitol, pinkens, pinkers, pinkest, pinkeye, pinkeys, pinkies, pinking, pinkish, pinkoes, pinnace, pinnate, pinners, pinnies, pinning, pinnula, pinnule, pinocle, pinoles, pinones, pintada, pintado, pintail, pintano, pintles, pintoes, pinwale, pinweed, pinwork, pinworm, pinyons, pipings, pipkins, pipping, pippins, piquing, piscina, piscine, pishing, pithing, pitting, pitying, placing, plained, plainer, plainly, plaints, planing, plasmin, platina, plating, playing, plinked, plinker, plinths, plowing, ploying, pluming, pocking, pocosin, podding, poinded, pointed, pointer, pointes, poising, polling, poncing, ponding, ponging, pontine, ponying, poohing, pooling, pooping, poplins, popping, porcine, porcini, porcino, porting, posting, postins, potline, potting, pouring, pouting, praline, prating, praying, prebind, preeing, preying, pricing, priding, primine, priming, princes, princox, prinked, prinker, printed, printer, prising, prizing, probing, proline, promine, propine, prosing, protein, proving, pruning, pterins, ptomain, ptyalin, pudding, puffing, puffins, pugging, pulings, pulling, pulping, pulsing, pulvini, pumping, pumpkin, punkins, punning, punting, pupping, purging, purines, purline, purling, purlins, purloin, purring, pursing, pushing, pushpin, putting, putzing, qindars, qintars, quaking, quassin, queuing, quinary, quinate, quinces, quinela, quinina, quinine, quinins, quinnat, quinoas, quinoid, quinols, quinone, quintal, quintan, quintar, quintes, quintet, quintic, quintin, quiring, quoined, quoting, rabbins, racings, racking, radding, rafting, ragging, raiding, railing, rainbow, rainier, rainily, raining, rainout, raising, raisins, raisiny, ralline, ramekin, ramming, ramping, ranging, ranking, ranting, rapines, rapping, rappini, rasping, ratfink, ratines, ratings, ratline, ratlins, ratting, ravelin, ravined, ravines, ravings, razzing, reading, reagins, reaming, reaping, rearing, reaving, rebinds, recking, recline, recoins, redding, redfins, redline, redoing, redwing, reeding, reefing, reeking, reeling, reeving, reffing, refinds, refined, refiner, refines, refrain, regains, reginae, reginal, reginas, regrind, rehinge, reincur, reindex, reining, reinked, reinter, reiving, rejoins, relaxin, relined, relines, relinks, relying, remains, reminds, remints, rending, rennins, renting, repaint, repined, repiner, repines, reprint, requins, rescind, reshine, resined, resting, retains, rethink, retinae, retinal, retinas, retines, retinol, retints, retinue, retrain, retsina, retting, retying, reusing, revving, rewinds, rhyming, ribbing, ricinus, ricking, ridding, ridging, ridings, riffing, rifling, rifting, rigging, rilling, rimming, ringent, ringers, ringgit, ringing, ringlet, ringtaw, rinning, rinsers, rinsing, rioting, ripping, risings, risking, roaming, roaring, robbing, robbins, rocking, rodding, roguing, roiling, rolling, romaine, romping, roofing, rooking, rooming, roosing, rooting, rosined, rosinol, rotting, rouging, rouping, rousing, routine, routing, rovings, rowings, rubbing, rubying, ruching, rucking, ruffing, rugging, ruinate, ruiners, ruining, ruinous, rulings, ruminal, running, rushing, rusting, rutting, sabbing, sabeing, sabines, sabring, sacking, sacring, sagging, sailing, saimins, saining, sainted, saintly, salicin, salinas, salines, salpinx, saltine, salting, salving, sanding, sapling, saponin, sapping, sardine, sashing, sassing, satinet, saucing, savarin, savines, savings, sayings, scaling, scaping, scaring, scoring, scowing, scrying, sculpin, sealing, seaming, searing, seating, seeding, seeings, seeking, seeling, seeming, seeping, seiners, seining, seising, seisins, seizing, seizins, selfing, selling, seminal, seminar, sending, sensing, sequins, sereins, serging, sericin, serines, seringa, serving, sestina, sestine, setline, setting, sewings, sextain, shading, shaking, shaming, shaping, sharing, shaving, shawing, shewing, shindig, shindys, shiners, shingle, shingly, shinier, shinily, shining, shinned, shinney, shoeing, shooing, shoring, shoving, showing, shrined, shrines, shrinks, shuting, sibling, siccing, sicking, sidings, sidling, sieging, sieving, sifting, sighing, signing, silking, siloing, silting, simlins, sincere, sinewed, singers, singing, singled, singles, singlet, sinkage, sinkers, sinking, sinless, sinners, sinning, sinopia, sinopie, sinsyne, sinters, sinuate, sinuous, sinuses, sipping, sirloin, siskins, sitting, sizings, skating, skeeing, skeined, skewing, skiings, skinful, skinked, skinker, skinned, skinner, skiting, skiving, skyline, slainte, slaking, slating, slaving, slaying, slewing, slicing, sliding, sliming, slinger, slinked, sliping, sloping, slowing, smidgin, smiling, smiting, smoking, snaking, snaring, snawing, sniping, snoring, snowing, soaking, soaping, soaring, sobbing, socking, sodding, soiling, solanin, soloing, solving, sooting, sopping, sorbing, sordine, sordini, sordino, sorings, sorning, sorting, souping, souring, sousing, sozines, spacing, spading, spaeing, sparing, spavins, spaying, spewing, spicing, spiking, spiling, spinach, spinage, spinals, spinate, spindle, spindly, spinels, spinets, spinier, spinner, spinney, spinoff, spinors, spinose, spinous, spinout, spintos, spinula, spinule, spiring, spiting, splined, splines, splints, spoking, spongin, sporing, sprains, springe, springs, springy, sprints, spuming, squinch, squinny, squints, squinty, staging, stained, stainer, staking, staling, stamina, stanine, staning, staring, stating, staving, staying, stearin, stewing, stibine, stinger, stingos, stinker, stinted, stinter, stoking, stoning, stoping, storing, stowing, strains, strings, stringy, styling, subbing, suberin, subjoin, subline, subring, sucking, sudsing, sueding, sughing, suiting, sulking, summing, sunning, supines, supping, surfing, surging, sussing, sustain, swaging, swaying, swindle, swingby, swinged, swinger, swinges, swingle, swinish, swinked, swinney, swiping, swiving, sylvine, sylvins, syncing, syringa, syringe, tabbing, tabling, taborin, tabuing, tacking, tagging, tahinis, tailing, tainted, takings, talcing, talking, tamarin, tameins, tamping, tanging, tanking, tanning, tannins, tapping, tarring, tarting, tasking, tasting, tatting, taurine, tauting, tawsing, taxiing, taxying, teaming, tearing, teasing, tedding, teeming, tegmina, telling, tending, tenpins, tensing, tenting, terming, termini, terrain, terrine, testing, thawing, theelin, theines, theming, therein, thiamin, thiazin, thinker, thinned, thinner, thionin, tholing, thouing, thymine, ticking, tidings, tidying, tiepins, tiering, tiffing, tiffins, tilings, tilling, tilting, timings, tinamou, tincals, tincted, tinders, tindery, tineids, tinfoil, tinfuls, tinging, tingled, tingler, tingles, tinhorn, tiniest, tinkers, tinkled, tinkler, tinkles, tinlike, tinners, tinnier, tinnily, tinning, tinsels, tinters, tinting, tintype, tinware, tinwork, tipping, tirling, tithing, titling, tocsins, togging, toiling, toiting, tolidin, tolling, tombing, tonging, tontine, tooling, tooting, topping, topspin, tossing, totting, touring, tousing, touting, towline, toxines, tracing, trading, trained, trainee, trainer, treeing, triazin, tricing, trinary, trindle, trining, trinity, trinket, troking, tropine, tropins, trowing, trucing, trueing, trypsin, tsarina, tubbing, tubings, tubulin, tucking, tufting, tugging, tunning, tupping, turbine, turdine, turfing, turning, tushing, tusking, tutting, twiners, twinged, twinges, twinier, twining, twinjet, twinkle, twinkly, twinned, twinset, tylosin, tything, tzarina, unaging, unbinds, unchain, uncinal, uncinus, undines, undoing, undying, unhinge, uniting, unjoint, unkinks, unlined, unlinks, unsling, unthink, untwine, untying, unwinds, upbinds, upfling, upgoing, uppings, upswing, upwinds, urchins, uridine, urinals, urinary, urinate, urinose, urinous, uterine, vaccina, vaccine, vaginae, vaginal, vaginas, vahines, vailing, vainest, valines, valuing, valving, vamping, vanning, varmint, varying, vatting, vealing, veering, veiling, veiners, veinier, veining, veinlet, veinule, vending, venging, venines, venting, verdins, verging, versine, versing, vervain, vespine, vesting, vetoing, vetting, vialing, vicinal, viewing, vikings, villain, villein, viminal, vinasse, vincula, vinegar, viniest, vintage, vintner, vinylic, violins, virgins, visaing, viseing, vitamin, vitrain, vitrine, voicing, voiding, volutin, vulpine, vyingly, wadding, waffing, wafting, wagging, wahines, waifing, wailing, wairing, waiting, waiving, walking, walling, wanning, wanting, wapping, warding, warking, warming, warning, warping, warring, washing, wasting, wauking, wauling, wawling, waxings, waxwing, weaning, wearing, weaving, webbing, wedding, wedging, weeding, weening, weeping, weeting, weiners, welding, welkins, welling, welting, wending, westing, wetting, whaling, wherein, whiling, whiners, whinged, whinges, whinier, whining, whiting, whoring, wicking, wigging, wilding, willing, wilting, wincers, winceys, winched, wincher, winches, wincing, windage, windbag, winders, windier, windigo, windily, winding, windled, windles, windows, windrow, windups, windway, winesop, wingbow, wingers, wingier, winging, winglet, wingman, wingmen, wingtip, winiest, winkers, winking, winkled, winkles, winless, winners, winning, winnock, winnows, winsome, winters, wintery, wintled, wintles, wirings, wishing, wisping, wissing, wisting, withing, withins, witling, witting, wolfing, wonning, wonting, woodbin, wooding, woofing, wording, working, worming, wotting, wringed, wringer, wrinkle, wrinkly, writing, xanthin, xylidin, yacking, yaffing, yakking, yanking, yapping, yarding, yarning, yauping, yawling, yawning, yawping, yealing, yeaning, yeelins, yelling, yelping, yenning, yerking, yessing, yeuking, yipping, yirring, yocking, yodling, yoginis, yowling, yucking, yukking, zagging, zapping, zeatins, zebrine, zecchin, zechins, zeroing, zesting, zigging, zincate, zincify, zincing, zincite, zincked, zincoid, zincous, zingani, zingano, zingara, zingare, zingari, zingaro, zingers, zingier, zinging, zinkify, zinnias, zipping, zonking, zooming8-letter wordsabashing, abdomina, abducing, abetting, abjuring, ablating, aborning, aborting, abrading, abscisin, absinthe, absinths, abstains, abutting, acarines, acauline, acceding, accruing, accusing, achiness, achingly, acquaint, acrasins, acridine, acrolein, actiniae, actinian, actinias, actinide, actinism, actinium, actinoid, actinons, acyloins, adapting, adducing, adeeming, adenines, adhering, adjoined, adjoints, adjuring, admiring, admixing, adopting, adorning, advising, aequorin, aerating, affinely, affinity, affixing, aginners, agisting, agminate, agnizing, agnomina, agreeing, ainsells, airiness, airliner, airlines, airthing, alanines, alarming, albinism, albumins, alcidine, alerting, alexines, alfaquin, algerine, alginate, alibiing, aliening, aligning, alizarin, alkaline, allaying, alleging, allergin, allicins, allowing, alloying, alluding, alluring, alpinely, alpinism, alpinist, altering, aluminas, alumines, aluminic, aluminum, amandine, amanitin, amassing, amboinas, amending, amercing, amidines, anatoxin, anchusin, anearing, aneurins, angeling, angering, anginose, anginous, anglings, anhingas, anilines, annexing, annoying, anointed, anointer, anserine, antiarin, antiking, antinode, antinomy, antinuke, anviling, anything, apocrine, applying, appoints, apposing, aproning, aquatint, aquiline, arcading, archines, archings, arcsines, arginase, arginine, armoring, arointed, arousing, arraying, arriving, arrowing, artiness, ashiness, aspiring, aspirins, assassin, assaying, assuming, assuring, astatine, astringe, atheling, atrazine, atropine, atropins, attained, attainer, attaints, attiring, attuning, auditing, auguring, availing, avenging, averring, averting, aviating, avoiding, avulsing, awaiting, awarding, awninged, babbling, backings, backspin, bacterin, baculine, badinage, baffling, baggings, balkline, bambinos, bandying, bankings, bantling, bargains, baseline, basinets, bassinet, bastings, batching, battings, battling, baudekin, bauhinia, baulking, beaching, beadings, bearding, bearings, bearskin, beatings, becoming, beddings, bedewing, bedouins, beelines, beeswing, beetling, befinger, befringe, begazing, beginner, beguines, behaving, behoving, belaying, belching, bellying, beltings, beltline, bemingle, bemiring, bemixing, bemusing, benaming, benching, benjamin, benzidin, benzines, benzoins, bepaints, beraking, berating, berberin, beriming, beringed, berlines, berrying, berthing, beryline, betaines, betaking, bethinks, betiding, beveling, bewaring, bewinged, biassing, biddings, bielding, bigeminy, biggings, bighting, bikinied, bilinear, billings, binaries, binately, binaural, bindable, bindings, bindweed, bingeing, binnacle, binocles, binomial, biotoxin, birching, birdings, birlings, birthing, bitching, bitewing, bitingly, bittings, bivinyls, blabbing, blackfin, blacking, blanking, blasting, blatting, blearing, bleating, bleeding, bleeping, blending, blessing, blindage, blinders, blindest, blinding, blinkard, blinkers, blinking, blintzes, blipping, blissing, blitzing, bloating, blobbing, blocking, bloodfin, blooding, blooming, blooping, blotting, blousing, bluefins, blueings, blueline, bluffing, blunging, blunting, blurbing, blurring, blurting, blushing, boarding, boasting, boatings, bobbinet, bobbling, bobolink, bodingly, bogeying, boggling, bombesin, bombings, bondings, boniness, boodling, boogying, bookings, boomkins, boosting, borating, boringly, bosoming, botching, bottling, botulins, bouncing, bounding, bovinely, bovinity, boweling, bowering, bowingly, bowlines, bowlings, boxiness, bracings, bradding, bragging, braiding, brailing, brainier, brainily, braining, brainish, brainpan, braising, branding, branning, brasilin, brassing, bravoing, brawling, brazilin, breading, breaking, breaming, breeding, breezing, brewings, bricking, bridging, bridling, briefing, brimming, brindled, brindles, bringers, bringing, briniest, brisking, brisling, broiling, bromelin, bromines, bronzing, brooding, brooking, brooming, browning, browsing, brucines, bruising, bruiting, brushing, bubaline, bubbling, bubingas, buckling, buckskin, buddings, buddying, building, bulletin, bullring, bullying, bumbling, bumpkins, bunching, buncoing, bundling, bungling, bunkoing, buntings, buntline, burbling, burgling, burnings, bursting, bushings, business, buskined, bussings, bustling, butyrins, byliners, bylining, cabinets, cabining, cackling, caddying, caffeine, caffeins, cageling, caginess, cajoling, calamine, calamint, calcined, calcines, calfskin, callings, calquing, calycine, cameoing, camphine, campings, canakins, canaling, candling, candying, canikins, caninity, cannabin, cannikin, cannings, canoeing, cantinas, capelins, capering, capeskin, cappings, capsicin, captains, capuchin, carabine, carabins, carbines, carbinol, cardinal, cardings, carinate, carlines, carlings, carmines, caroling, caroming, carotins, carpings, carrotin, carrying, carvings, caryotin, cassinos, castings, castling, catching, catechin, catering, catlings, catmints, caulking, cavatina, cavatine, caviling, ceilings, ceinture, centring, cephalin, ceratins, chaffing, chagrins, chaining, chainman, chainmen, chairing, chalking, champing, chancing, changing, chanting, chaplain, chapping, characin, charging, charking, charming, charring, charting, chasings, chatting, cheating, checking, cheeking, cheeping, cheering, cheesing, cheffing, chevying, chewinks, childing, chilling, chinbone, chinches, chinkier, chinking, chinless, chinning, chinones, chinooks, chintses, chintzes, chipping, chirking, chirming, chirping, chirring, chitling, chitlins, chivying, chlorine, chlorins, chocking, choiring, cholines, chomping, choosing, chopines, chopping, chording, chorines, chousing, chowsing, chroming, chucking, chuffing, chugging, chumming, chumping, chunking, churning, churring, chymosin, cinching, cinchona, cincture, cindered, cineaste, cineasts, cineoles, cinerary, cinerins, cingulum, cinnabar, cinnamic, cinnamon, cinnamyl, cinquain, cioppino, cipolins, circling, citrines, citrinin, clacking, cladding, clagging, claiming, clamming, clamping, clanging, clanking, clapping, clarinet, clashing, clasping, classing, cleaning, clearing, cleating, cleaving, cleeking, clefting, clerking, clicking, climbing, clinally, clinched, clincher, clinches, clingers, clingier, clinging, clinical, clinkers, clinking, clipping, cliquing, cloaking, clocking, clogging, clomping, clonings, clonking, clopping, closings, clothing, clotting, clouding, clouring, clouting, clowning, clubbing, clucking, clumping, clunking, coaching, coacting, coalbins, coamings, coapting, coasting, coatings, cobbling, cocaines, cocinera, cockling, coddling, codeinas, codeines, codlings, coercing, coffined, coffling, cohering, coiffing, coigning, coinable, coinages, coincide, coinfers, coinhere, coinmate, coinsure, cointers, coinvent, cojoined, colicine, colicins, colinear, colistin, collying, coloring, comaking, combined, combiner, combines, combings, comingle, complain, compline, complins, compting, confined, confiner, confines, congaing, coniines, conjoins, conjoint, contains, continua, continue, continuo, convince, cooeeing, cooeying, cooingly, cookings, coonskin, coopting, coprince, coquinas, corbinas, cordings, cordwain, corvinas, cosiness, couching, coughing, coumarin, counting, coupling, coursing, courting, cousinly, cousinry, covering, coveting, cowbinds, cowering, cowinner, cowlings, cowskins, coxswain, cozening, coziness, craaling, crabbing, cracking, cradling, crafting, cramming, cramping, cranking, crankpin, crapping, crashing, cravings, crawling, creaking, creaming, creasing, creatine, creating, creatins, creeling, creeping, cremains, cresting, cribbing, cricking, criminal, crimping, cringers, cringing, cringles, crinites, crinkled, crinkles, crinoids, crisping, croaking, croceine, croceins, crocking, crooking, crooning, cropping, crossing, crowding, crowning, crudding, cruising, crumbing, crumping, crushing, crusting, cryingly, cuddling, cuisines, culicine, culinary, cullying, culverin, cumarins, cunnings, cupeling, cuppings, curarine, curbings, curdling, curlings, currying, curtains, cutinise, cutinize, cutlines, cuttings, cuttling, cyanines, cycasins, cyclings, cylinder, cymbling, cymlings, cyprinid, cysteine, cysteins, cystines, cytidine, cytosine, czarinas, dabbling, daddling, daggling, daintier, dainties, daintily, dairying, dallying, damaging, dampings, dandling, dangling, dappling, daringly, darkling, darlings, darnings, dartling, dateline, daunting, dauphine, dauphins, davening, dawdling, dazzling, deadline, deairing, dealings, deashing, debasing, debating, debiting, deboning, debuting, decaying, deciding, deckings, declined, decliner, declines, decoding, decoying, decrying, deducing, deerskin, defacing, defaming, defiling, definers, defining, definite, defusing, defuzing, deifying, deigning, delaines, delating, delaying, deleting, deliming, deluding, deluging, demising, demoting, denoting, dentinal, dentines, denuding, depaints, deponing, deposing, deputing, deriding, deringer, deriving, desexing, desinent, desiring, destains, destined, destines, detained, detainee, detainer, detinues, detoxing, detrains, deveined, develing, deviling, devilkin, devising, devoting, dewaxing, dewiness, dextrine, dextrins, dezinced, dialings, dialling, diamines, diazines, diazinon, dibbling, diddling, dieldrin, diggings, dighting, digoxins, dilating, diluting, diminish, dimpling, dindling, dinettes, dingbats, dingdong, dinghies, dingiest, dinguses, dinkiest, dinosaur, diolefin, dirtying, discoing, disdains, disinter, disjoins, disjoint, distains, distinct, distrain, disusing, ditching, dittoing, dividing, divinely, diviners, divinest, divining, divinise, divinity, divinize, divvying, dizening, dizzying, doctrine, doeskins, dollying, dolphins, dominant, dominate, domineer, dominick, dominies, dominion, dominium, dominoes, donating, doodling, dopamine, dopiness, dotingly, doubling, doubting, douching, dourines, dovening, doweling, dowering, downwind, dozening, doziness, drabbing, drafting, dragging, dragline, drainage, drainers, draining, dramming, dratting, drawings, drawling, dreading, dreaming, dredging, dressing, dribbing, drifting, driftpin, drilling, drinkers, drinking, dripping, drivings, drolling, drooling, drooping, dropping, drouking, drowning, drowsing, drubbing, drudging, drugging, drumlins, drumming, drypoint, dubbings, duckling, duckpins, ductings, duelling, duetting, dulcinea, dummying, dumpings, dumpling, dustbins, duvetine, dwarfing, dwelling, dwindled, dwindles, eanlings, earnings, earrings, earthing, easiness, eastings, echinate, echinoid, edginess, edifying, eeriness, effacing, effusing, egesting, einkorns, einstein, ejecting, ektexine, elaphine, elapsing, elastins, elaterin, elbowing, electing, eloiners, eloining, embaying, embowing, embruing, emceeing, emending, emerging, emetines, eminence, eminency, emitting, empaling, emptings, emptying, enabling, enacting, enamines, encaging, encasing, enceinte, enchains, encoding, encoring, endbrain, endexine, enditing, endowing, endpoint, enduring, enfacing, engaging, engineer, enginery, engining, enginous, engrains, enisling, enjoined, enjoiner, enjoying, enkindle, enlacing, enraging, enrobing, enshrine, ensiling, enskying, ensuring, entering, enticing, entrains, entwined, entwines, ephedrin, epinasty, epoxying, equaling, equating, equinely, equinity, erecting, erepsins, eringoes, erlkings, errhines, erringly, eructing, erupting, escaping, escoting, eserines, essaying, estating, etamines, etchings, ethinyls, eucaines, euchring, evenings, everting, evicting, evincing, evincive, evolving, exacting, exalting, examined, examinee, examiner, examines, exciding, excising, exciting, excusing, exerting, exhaling, exhuming, existing, exocrine, exotoxin, expiring, explains, exposing, exscinds, extincts, exulting, eyeliner, eyepoint, eyewinks, faceting, fagoting, failings, faineant, fainters, faintest, fainting, faintish, fairings, faithing, fancying, fanzines, farinhas, farinose, farmings, farthing, fascines, fastings, fatlings, faulting, favoring, feasting, feelings, feigning, feinting, felinely, felinity, fellahin, feltings, feminacy, feminine, feminise, feminism, feminist, feminity, feminize, fencings, feoffing, ferritin, ferrying, feruling, fetching, fettling, fevering, fibroins, fiddling, fielding, fighting, figuline, figurine, figuring, filching, fileting, fillings, finagled, finagler, finagles, finalism, finalist, finality, finalize, financed, finances, finbacks, findable, findings, fineable, fineness, fineries, finespun, finessed, finesses, finfoots, fingered, fingerer, finialed, finickin, finiking, finished, finisher, finishes, finitely, finitude, finmarks, finnicky, finniest, finnmark, finochio, firepink, fishings, fishline, fittings, fivepins, fixating, fizzling, flacking, flagging, flailing, flamines, flamingo, flamming, flanging, flanking, flapping, flashing, flatling, flatting, flavines, flecking, fledging, fleecing, fleering, fleeting, flensing, fleshing, flicking, flinched, flincher, flinches, flinders, flingers, flinging, flinkite, flintier, flintily, flinting, flipping, flirting, flitting, floating, floccing, flocking, flogging, flooding, flooring, flopping, flossing, flouring, flouting, flubbing, fluffing, flumping, flunking, fluorine, fluorins, flushing, flutings, flytings, focusing, foisting, folacins, folioing, fondling, fontinas, footings, footling, foozling, foraging, foramina, foraying, fordoing, foreskin, forewing, forgings, forgoing, formalin, foulings, founding, fountain, fowlings, foxiness, foxskins, foziness, fragging, framings, franking, franklin, frapping, fraulein, frayings, freaking, freezing, freshing, fretting, frilling, fringier, fringing, frisking, fritting, frizzing, frocking, frogging, fronting, frosting, frothing, frowning, frugging, fruiting, fuchsine, fuchsins, fuddling, fuelling, fulmined, fulmines, fulminic, fumbling, fumingly, furriner, furrings, gabbling, gaggling, gainable, gainless, gainlier, gainsaid, gainsays, galleins, gallying, galoping, gambling, gaminess, gangling, gantline, gapingly, garaging, garbling, gargling, garoting, gaskings, gasoline, gassings, gastrins, gaveling, gaywings, gearings, gelatine, gelating, gelatins, geldings, geminate, gentling, germinal, gherkins, ghosting, gibingly, giddying, giggling, gildings, gillying, gingalls, gingeley, gingelis, gingelli, gingelly, gingered, gingerly, ginghams, gingilis, gingilli, gingivae, gingival, gingkoes, ginkgoes, ginniest, ginnings, ginsengs, gipsying, girdling, girthing, glaceing, gladding, glairing, glancing, glassine, glassing, glazings, gleaming, gleaning, gleeking, gleeting, gliadine, gliadins, glinting, gloaming, gloating, globulin, glomming, glonoins, glooming, glopping, glorying, glossina, glossing, glouting, gloxinia, glucinic, glucinum, glugging, glutelin, glutting, glycerin, glycines, gnarling, gnarring, gnashing, gnawings, goatskin, gobbling, godlings, goggling, golfings, gorgerin, goriness, goslings, grabbing, gradines, grafting, grainers, grainier, graining, granting, graphing, grapline, graplins, grasping, grassing, gratinee, gratings, grayling, grazings, greasing, greening, greeting, gremlins, grieving, griffins, grifting, grilling, grinders, grindery, grinding, grinners, grinning, gripping, griskins, gritting, groaning, groining, grooming, grooving, grossing, grouping, grousing, grouting, growling, grubbing, grudging, grueling, gruffing, grumping, grunting, guanidin, guanines, guarding, guessing, guesting, guggling, gullying, gunflint, gunnings, gunpoint, gurgling, gussying, guttling, guzzling, gypsying, gyrating, habiting, hackling, haematin, haggling, hairline, hairpins, halloing, handling, hangings, hardline, harmines, harpings, harrying, hassling, hatching, haunting, havening, havering, hawfinch, hawkings, haziness, headings, headline, headpins, headwind, hearings, hearsing, hearting, heckling, heelings, heisting, helloing, helminth, helpings, hematein, hematine, hematins, hemlines, henequin, hennaing, heparins, hereinto, heroines, herrings, herrying, hexamine, higgling, highting, hildings, hilloing, hindered, hinderer, hindguts, hindmost, hinnying, hiplines, hireling, hirpling, hirsling, hirudins, hissings, histamin, histidin, hitching, hoactzin, hoarding, hoatzins, hobbling, hocusing, hogtying, hoicking, hoisting, hokiness, holdings, holiness, hollaing, holloing, holstein, homaging, homering, hominess, hominian, hominids, hominies, hominine, hominize, hominoid, hondling, honeying, honoring, hoodwink, hoppling, hordeins, hotching, hotlines, hounding, housings, hoveling, hovering, howdying, huddling, hulloing, humbling, humoring, humphing, hunching, huntings, hurdling, hurlings, hurrying, hurtling, huskings, hustings, hustling, hutching, huzzaing, hyacinth, hyalines, hyoscine, ibogaine, iceblink, ickiness, ideating, iffiness, igniting, ignominy, ignoring, illinium, illumine, illuming, imaginal, imagined, imaginer, imagines, imbibing, imbruing, imminent, immingle, immixing, immuring, impaints, impaling, impeding, impinged, impinger, impinges, implying, imponing, imposing, imprints, imputing, inaction, inactive, inarable, inarched, inarches, inarming, inbeings, inboards, inbounds, inbreeds, inbursts, incaging, incanted, incasing, incensed, incenses, incepted, inceptor, inchmeal, inchoate, inchworm, incident, incipits, incising, incision, incisive, incisors, incisory, incisure, incitant, inciters, inciting, inclasps, inclined, incliner, inclines, inclosed, incloser, incloses, included, includes, incomers, incoming, inconnus, incorpse, increase, increate, incrusts, incubate, incudate, incumber, incurred, incurved, incurves, incusing, indagate, indamine, indamins, indebted, indecent, indented, indenter, indentor, indevout, indexers, indexing, indicans, indicant, indicate, indicias, indicium, indicted, indictee, indicter, indictor, indigene, indigens, indigent, indignly, indigoes, indigoid, indirect, inditers, inditing, indocile, indolent, indorsed, indorsee, indorser, indorses, indorsor, indowing, indoxyls, indrafts, inducers, inducing, inducted, inductee, inductor, indulged, indulger, indulges, induline, indulins, indurate, indusial, indusium, industry, indwells, inearths, inedible, inedited, inequity, inerrant, inertiae, inertial, inertias, inexpert, infamies, infamous, infantas, infantes, infantry, infarcts, infaunae, infaunal, infaunas, infected, infecter, infector, infecund, infeoffs, inferior, infernal, infernos, inferred, inferrer, infested, infester, infidels, infields, infights, infinite, infinity, infirmed, infirmly, infixing, infixion, inflamed, inflamer, inflames, inflated, inflater, inflates, inflator, inflects, inflexed, inflicts, inflight, influent, influxes, infolded, infolder, informal, informed, informer, infought, infracts, infrared, infringe, infrugal, infusers, infusing, infusion, infusive, ingather, ingenues, ingested, ingoting, ingrafts, ingrains, ingrates, ingroups, ingrowth, inguinal, ingulfed, inhabits, inhalant, inhalers, inhaling, inhauler, inherent, inhering, inherits, inhesion, inhibits, inhumane, inhumers, inhuming, inimical, iniquity, initials, initiate, injected, injector, injurers, injuries, injuring, inkberry, inkblots, inkhorns, inkiness, inklings, inkstand, inkwells, inkwoods, inlacing, inlander, inlayers, inlaying, inmeshed, inmeshes, innately, innerved, innerves, innocent, innovate, innuendo, inoculum, inosites, inositol, inpoured, inputted, inquests, inquiets, inquired, inquirer, inquires, inrushes, insanely, insanest, insanity, inscapes, inscribe, inscroll, insculps, insectan, insecure, inserted, inserter, insetted, insetter, insheath, inshrine, insiders, insights, insignia, insisted, insister, insnared, insnarer, insnares, insolate, insolent, insomnia, insomuch, insouled, inspects, insphere, inspired, inspirer, inspires, inspirit, instable, installs, instance, instancy, instants, instated, instates, instills, instinct, instroke, instruct, insulant, insulars, insulate, insulins, insulted, insulter, insurant, insureds, insurers, insuring, inswathe, intaglio, intarsia, integers, integral, intended, intender, intenser, intently, interact, interage, interbed, intercom, intercut, interest, interims, interior, interlap, interlay, intermit, intermix, internal, interned, internee, internes, interred, interrex, interrow, intersex, intertie, interval, interwar, inthrall, inthrals, inthrone, intimacy, intimate, intimist, intitled, intitles, intitule, intombed, intonate, intoners, intoning, intorted, intraday, intrados, intrants, intreats, intrench, intrepid, intrigue, introits, intromit, introrse, intruded, intruder, intrudes, intrusts, intubate, intuited, inturned, intwined, intwines, intwists, inulases, inundant, inundate, inurbane, inurning, invaders, invading, invalids, invasion, invasive, invected, inveighs, inveigle, invented, inventer, inventor, inverity, inverses, inverted, inverter, invertor, invested, investor, inviable, inviably, invirile, inviscid, invitees, inviters, inviting, invocate, invoiced, invoices, invokers, invoking, involute, involved, involver, involves, inwalled, inwardly, inweaved, inweaves, iodating, iodinate, iodizing, iodopsin, ionising, ionizing, ironings, isatines, isatinic, isocline, isolines, isospins, itchings, jacinthe, jacinths, jacobins, jalapins, jangling, japingly, jasmines, jauncing, jaunting, javelina, javelins, jawlines, jellying, jemmying, jestings, jetliner, jettying, jeweling, jibingly, jiggling, jimmying, jingalls, jingkoes, jinglers, jinglier, jingling, jingoish, jingoism, jingoist, joggings, joggling, joinable, joinders, joinings, jointers, jointing, jointure, joisting, jokingly, jollying, jostling, jottings, jouncing, jousting, juggling, jumbling, justling, juttying, kachinas, kainites, kaiserin, kallidin, kamaaina, kaolines, kaolinic, kartings, karyotin, katchina, katcinas, kayaking, keckling, keepings, keglings, kennings, kephalin, keratins, kerosine, khamsins, kibbling, kidskins, killings, kiltings, kindlers, kindless, kindlier, kindling, kindness, kindreds, kinesics, kinetics, kinetins, kinfolks, kingbird, kingbolt, kingcups, kingdoms, kingfish, kinghood, kingless, kinglets, kinglier, kinglike, kingpins, kingpost, kingship, kingside, kingwood, kinkajou, kinkiest, kinsfolk, kinships, kipskins, kitlings, kittling, knacking, knapping, kneading, kneeling, knelling, knitting, knocking, knolling, knotting, knouting, knowings, knurling, kolinski, kolinsky, kotowing, kraaling, kremlins, labeling, laboring, lacewing, laciness, ladening, ladykins, lagering, laggings, lambkins, lambskin, laminary, laminate, laminose, laminous, landings, lanoline, lanolins, lapwings, larrikin, lashings, lassoing, lastings, latching, latening, lathings, latinity, latinize, latrines, laughing, lauwines, layering, laziness, leaching, leadings, leaguing, leanings, learning, leashing, leasings, leavings, lecithin, leeching, leftwing, legatine, legating, leggings, legumins, lemmings, lemurine, leporine, letching, leucines, leveeing, leveling, levering, levulins, liaising, libeling, lichenin, lichting, lickings, lifeline, ligating, lighting, ligroine, ligroins, likening, limacine, liminess, limiting, limpkins, linalols, linalool, linchpin, lindanes, lineable, lineages, lineally, linearly, lineated, linebred, linecuts, lineless, linelike, linesman, linesmen, lingcods, lingered, lingerer, lingerie, lingiest, linguals, linguine, linguini, linguist, liniment, linkable, linkages, linkboys, linksman, linksmen, linkwork, linocuts, linoleum, linsangs, linseeds, linstock, lintiest, lintless, linurons, lippings, listings, lithoing, livening, livingly, loadings, loanings, loathing, lobbying, lobefins, lobeline, locating, lodgings, loggings, loginess, longeing, longings, longline, lordings, lordling, loriners, losingly, lounging, lovevine, lovingly, lowering, luminary, luminist, luminous, lunching, lupulins, lurching, lustring, luteolin, luxating, lynching, lynchpin, machined, machines, mackinaw, mackling, maculing, magazine, mailings, mainland, mainline, mainmast, mainsail, mainstay, maintain, maintops, majoring, malihini, malinger, mamboing, managing, manakins, mandarin, mandolin, mangling, manikins, mannikin, mantling, manuring, mappings, marbling, marching, margarin, marginal, margined, marinade, marinara, marinate, mariners, markings, marlines, marlings, marrying, martinet, martinis, maskings, masoning, matching, matinees, matiness, mattings, maturing, maximins, maziness, meanings, medaling, meddling, medicine, meetings, melamine, melanins, melinite, menacing, mendings, meninges, meringue, meriting, mestinos, metaling, metering, methinks, miaouing, miaowing, miauling, midbrain, middling, midlines, midpoint, migraine, milliner, millines, millings, mimeoing, minacity, minarets, minatory, minciest, mindless, mindsets, mineable, minerals, mingiest, minglers, mingling, minibike, minicabs, minicars, minified, minifies, minikins, minimals, minimise, minimize, minimums, minipark, minished, minishes, miniskis, minister, ministry, minivans, minivers, minorcas, minoring, minority, minsters, minstrel, mintages, mintiest, minuends, minutely, minutest, minutiae, minutial, minuting, minyanim, miriness, misbegin, misbinds, miscoins, miscuing, misdoing, misinfer, misinter, misjoins, mislying, mispaint, mispoint, misprint, misthink, mistrain, misusing, mitering, mizzling, moccasin, modeling, moldings, moleskin, monellin, monotint, mooching, moorings, mopingly, morainal, moraines, morainic, mornings, morphine, morphins, mortmain, moseying, motiving, motoring, mottling, mouching, moulding, moulting, mounding, mountain, mounting, mourning, mousings, mouthing, movingly, mucinoid, mucinous, muddling, muddying, mueddins, muezzins, muffling, muggings, mulching, mulcting, mulleins, mumbling, mummying, munching, munchkin, muntings, murrains, murrhine, muscling, musingly, mutating, mutchkin, mutineer, mutinied, mutinies, mutining, mutinous, muzzling, myelines, myelinic, naething, nainsook, narceine, narceins, neckings, neckline, needling, negating, neighing, neomycin, nervines, nervings, nestling, nettings, nettling, neurines, neutrino, nibbling, nickling, nicotine, nicotins, nidering, niggling, nigrosin, ninebark, ninefold, ninepins, nineteen, nineties, ninnyish, nitinols, nobbling, noddling, noggings, nominals, nominate, nominees, nonbeing, noncling, nonfinal, nonprint, nonusing, noodging, noodling, noonings, northing, nosiness, notating, notching, nothings, noticing, nucleins, nudzhing, numinous, nursings, nursling, nutating, nuttings, nuzzling, nystatin, obliging, obtained, obtainer, ocarinas, ochering, oestrins, offering, offprint, oiliness, oilskins, oinology, oinomels, ointment, olefines, olefinic, olivines, olivinic, omitting, oncoming, ooziness, opalines, opaquing, openings, opiating, opinions, opposing, opsonins, orbiting, orcinols, ordained, ordainer, ordering, ordinals, ordinand, ordinary, ordinate, original, orinasal, oscinine, osmosing, ostinato, ouabains, oughting, outdoing, outdrink, outfinds, outgains, outgoing, outgrins, outlined, outliner, outlines, outlying, outpaint, outpoint, outrings, outshine, outsings, outthink, outvying, outwinds, overkind, overlain, overmine, overspin, overthin, overwind, oxazines, oxytocin, pachinko, packings, paddings, paddling, paginate, painches, painless, painters, paintier, painting, pairings, paladins, palatine, palinode, palmitin, palomino, palsying, pandying, paneling, pangolin, pannikin, papering, papyrine, parading, paraffin, parawing, parching, pargings, parkings, paroling, parrying, partings, partying, parvolin, passings, pastinas, patching, patinate, patining, patinize, pavonine, peaching, pearling, pearmain, pebbling, pecorini, pecorino, pectines, pedaling, peddling, peelings, pelerine, pembinas, pemoline, penguins, pennines, penpoint, peopling, pepsines, perching, peregrin, periling, perineal, perineum, pertains, perusing, pestling, petaline, petering, pettings, pettling, phenazin, phonying, phosphin, photoing, phrasing, phthalin, piaffing, pickings, pickling, picoline, picolins, picoting, piddling, piecings, piercing, piffling, pigskins, piloting, pinafore, pinaster, pinballs, pinbones, pinchbug, pincheck, pinchers, pinching, pindling, pinecone, pineland, pinelike, pineries, pinesaps, pinewood, pinfolds, pingrass, pinheads, pinholes, pinioned, pinitols, pinkened, pinkeyes, pinkings, pinkness, pinkroot, pinnaces, pinnacle, pinnated, pinniped, pinnulae, pinnular, pinnules, pinochle, pinocles, pinpoint, pinprick, pinscher, pintadas, pintados, pintails, pintanos, pintsize, pinwales, pinweeds, pinwheel, pinworks, pinworms, pipeline, piperine, pipiness, pipingly, pirating, piscinae, piscinal, piscinas, pitching, pittings, pivoting, pixiness, plaguing, plainest, plaining, plaiting, planking, planning, plantain, planting, plashing, plasmins, platinas, platings, platinic, platinum, platting, pleading, pleasing, pleating, pledging, plinkers, plinking, plodding, plonking, plopping, plotting, plotzing, plucking, plugging, plumbing, plumping, plunging, plunking, plyingly, poaching, pocosins, poinding, pointers, pointier, pointing, pointman, pointmen, pokiness, policing, polkaing, pollinia, pollinic, pomading, pooching, popinjay, poppling, posingly, positing, postings, potlines, pouching, pouncing, pounding, powering, praising, pralines, prancing, pranging, pranking, prawning, prebinds, precinct, preening, prepping, preprint, prerinse, prescind, pressing, pretrain, prevuing, pricking, prigging, prilling, primines, primings, primming, primping, princely, princess, principe, principi, princock, prinkers, prinking, printers, printery, printing, printout, prissing, pristine, procaine, prochain, prochein, prodding, progging, prolamin, prolines, promines, pronging, proofing, propined, propines, propping, protamin, proteins, province, prowling, pruinose, pryingly, psalming, pshawing, psilocin, psyching, ptomaine, ptomains, ptyalins, puddings, puddling, pulingly, pulvinar, pulvinus, pumicing, pumpkins, punching, pungling, puniness, pupating, purblind, pureeing, purfling, purgings, purlines, purloins, purpling, purpurin, pursuing, pushpins, putamina, puttying, puzzling, pyridine, pyronine, qindarka, quacking, quadding, quaffing, quailing, quainter, quaintly, quanting, quashing, quassins, quatrain, queening, queering, quelling, quercine, querying, questing, queueing, quieting, quilling, quilting, quincunx, quinelas, quinella, quiniela, quininas, quinines, quinnats, quinoids, quinolin, quinones, quinsies, quintain, quintals, quintans, quintars, quintets, quintics, quintile, quintins, quipping, quirking, quirting, quisling, quitting, quizzing, quoining, quoiting, rabbinic, rabbling, raciness, raddling, radioing, raffling, ragingly, railings, rainband, rainbird, rainbows, raincoat, raindrop, rainfall, rainiest, rainless, rainouts, rainwash, rainwear, raisings, rallying, ralphing, rambling, ramekins, ramequin, ranching, rankings, rankling, rassling, ratfinks, ratlines, rattling, ravaging, raveling, ravelins, ravening, ravingly, ravining, razeeing, razoring, reaching, reacting, readding, readings, readying, reaginic, reanoint, rearming, reattain, rebating, reboring, rebuking, rebuying, recaning, receding, reciting, reclined, recliner, reclines, recoding, recoined, recusing, redating, reddling, redefine, redlined, redlines, redrying, reducing, redwings, redyeing, reedings, reedling, reesting, refacing, refiling, refiners, refinery, refining, refinish, refiring, refixing, reflying, refrains, refrying, refuging, refusing, refuting, regained, regainer, regaling, regiving, regluing, regrinds, reguline, rehinged, rehinges, rehiring, reifying, reigning, reincite, reincurs, reindeer, reindict, reinduce, reinduct, reinfect, reinform, reinfuse, reinject, reinjure, reinjury, reinking, reinless, reinsert, reinsman, reinsmen, reinsure, reinters, reinvade, reinvent, reinvest, reinvite, reinvoke, rejoined, rekeying, rekindle, relacing, relating, relaxing, relaxins, relaying, relining, relinked, reliving, relumine, reluming, remained, remaking, remating, reminded, reminder, reminted, remising, remixing, removing, renaming, rendzina, reneging, renewing, renminbi, reobtain, reoiling, reordain, repaints, repaving, repaying, repiners, repining, repinned, replevin, replying, reposing, reprints, reputing, reremind, rerising, resawing, resaying, rescinds, rescuing, reseeing, resewing, reshined, reshines, residing, resiling, resinate, resinify, resining, resinoid, resinous, resiting, resizing, resoling, resorcin, resowing, respring, restrain, restring, resuming, resupine, retained, retainer, retaking, retaping, retaxing, retching, rethinks, retiming, retinals, retinene, retinite, retinols, retinted, retinued, retinues, retinula, retiring, retrains, retrying, retsinas, retuning, retyping, reveling, revering, reviling, revising, reviving, revoking, revoting, rewaking, rewaxing, rewinded, rewinder, rewiring, rezoning, rhinitis, rhodamin, ribbings, riddling, ridgling, riesling, rifampin, riffling, riflings, riggings, righting, riminess, rimpling, ringbark, ringbolt, ringbone, ringdove, ringhals, ringlets, ringlike, ringneck, ringside, ringtail, ringtaws, ringtoss, ringworm, rinsable, rinsible, rinsings, ripening, rippling, rivaling, riverine, riveting, roaching, roarings, roasting, rockling, rogueing, rollings, romaines, roofings, roofline, roosting, ropiness, rosiness, rosining, rosinols, rosinous, rotating, roughing, rounding, rousting, routines, rovingly, roweling, rubbings, rubbling, ruchings, ruckling, ruddling, ruffling, ruinable, ruinated, ruinates, rumbaing, rumbling, ruminant, ruminate, rumoring, rumpling, runkling, runnings, rushings, rustling, sabering, sackings, sacrings, saddling, safranin, sailings, sainfoin, saintdom, sainting, salicine, salicins, salinity, salinize, sallying, saltines, saltings, saluting, salvoing, sambaing, sampling, sandling, sanguine, santonin, saplings, saponine, saponins, sardines, satinets, satinpod, sauteing, savaging, savarins, savingly, savoring, savvying, scabbing, scalding, scalping, scamming, scamping, scanning, scanting, scarfing, scarfpin, scarping, scarring, scarting, scathing, scatting, scending, scenting, scheming, scincoid, sciurine, scoffing, scolding, sconcing, scooping, scooting, scorning, scouring, scouting, scowling, scraping, screwing, scribing, scriving, scrutiny, scudding, scuffing, sculking, sculling, sculping, sculpins, scumming, scything, seagoing, sealskin, searobin, seatings, seatrain, seceding, secretin, securing, sedating, seducing, seedling, seemings, seething, segueing, seisings, seizings, seminars, seminary, seminude, semolina, sentinel, sepaline, sequined, seraphin, sergings, sericins, seringas, serotine, serrying, servings, sestinas, sestines, setlines, settings, settling, severing, sewering, sexiness, sextains, shadings, shafting, shagging, shamming, shanking, sharking, sharping, shauling, shavings, shawling, sheafing, shealing, shearing, sheaving, shedding, sheening, sheering, sheeting, shelling, shelving, shending, shieling, shifting, shilingi, shilling, shimming, shinbone, shindies, shindigs, shingled, shingler, shingles, shiniest, shinleaf, shinnery, shinneys, shinnied, shinnies, shinning, shipping, shirking, shirring, shirting, shoaling, shocking, shogging, shooling, shooting, shopping, shorings, shorting, shotting, shouting, showings, shrewing, shrining, shrinker, shriving, shucking, shunning, shunting, shushing, shutting, siblings, sickling, sideline, sideling, sidespin, siftings, sighting, simazine, sinapism, sincerer, sinciput, sinecure, sinewing, sinfonia, sinfonie, sinfully, singable, singeing, singlets, singling, singsong, singular, sinicize, sinister, sinkable, sinkages, sinkhole, sinology, sinopias, sintered, sinuated, sinuates, sinusoid, sirloins, sittings, siziness, sizzling, skatings, skeining, skelping, skidding, skilling, skimming, skimping, skinfuls, skinhead, skinkers, skinking, skinless, skinlike, skinners, skinnier, skinning, skioring, skipping, skirling, skirring, skirting, skoaling, skulking, skunking, skylines, slabbing, slacking, slagging, slamming, slanging, slanting, slapping, slashing, slatings, slatting, sleaving, sledding, sledging, sleeking, sleeping, sleeting, sleeving, slicking, slimming, slingers, slinging, slinkier, slinkily, slinking, slipping, slitting, slogging, slopping, sloshing, slotting, slubbing, sluffing, slugging, sluicing, slumming, slumping, slurping, slurring, slushing, smacking, smaltine, smarting, smashing, smearing, smeeking, smelling, smelting, smerking, smidgins, smirking, smocking, smudging, smutting, snacking, snafuing, snagging, snailing, snapping, snarling, sneaking, sneaping, snedding, sneering, sneezing, snelling, snibbing, snicking, sniffing, snipping, snogging, snooding, snooking, snooling, snooping, snooting, snoozing, snorting, snouting, snubbing, snuffing, snugging, soarings, sobering, solacing, solanine, solanins, solating, sonatina, sonatine, soothing, sopiting, sordines, soricine, soughing, sounding, sourdine, southing, spacings, spaeings, spalling, spanking, spanning, sparging, sparking, sparling, sparring, spatting, spavined, spawning, speaking, speaning, spearing, speccing, specking, speeding, speeling, speering, speiling, speiring, spelling, spending, spermine, sphering, sphinges, sphingid, sphinxes, spieling, spiering, spiffing, spilikin, spilings, spilling, spinages, spinally, spindled, spindler, spindles, spinelle, spiniest, spinifex, spinless, spinners, spinnery, spinneys, spinnies, spinning, spinoffs, spinouts, spinster, spinulae, spinules, spirting, spitting, splaying, splicing, splining, splinted, splinter, spoiling, sponging, spongins, spoofing, spooking, spooling, spooning, spooring, sporting, spotting, spousing, spouting, sprained, spraying, springal, springed, springer, springes, sprinkle, sprinted, sprinter, sprucing, spudding, spunking, spurning, spurring, spurting, squaring, squinted, squinter, squiring, stabbing, stabling, stacking, staffing, stagging, stagings, stainers, staining, stalking, stalling, staminal, staminas, stamping, standing, stanging, stanines, stapling, starling, starring, starting, starving, stashing, steading, stealing, steaming, steapsin, stearine, stearins, steeking, steeling, steeping, steering, steeving, steinbok, stemming, stepping, sterling, stetting, stibines, sticking, stickpin, stiffing, stifling, stilling, stilting, stimying, stingers, stingier, stingily, stinging, stingray, stinkard, stinkbug, stinkers, stinkier, stinking, stinkpot, stinters, stinting, stirring, stobbing, stocking, stodging, stomping, stooging, stooking, stooling, stooping, stopping, storming, storying, stotinka, stotinki, strafing, strained, strainer, strawing, straying, strewing, striding, striking, stringed, stringer, striping, striving, stroking, strowing, stroying, stubbing, studding, studying, stuffing, stumming, stumping, stunning, stunting, stylings, stymying, subbasin, subbings, subduing, suberins, subindex, subjoins, sublines, subrings, subtilin, succinct, succinic, succinyl, suckling, sugaring, suitings, sulfinyl, sullying, sunshine, sunshiny, supering, supinate, supinely, suppling, surfings, surprint, sustains, suturing, suzerain, swabbing, swagging, swainish, swamping, swanking, swanning, swanskin, swapping, swarding, swarming, swashing, swathing, swatting, swearing, sweating, sweeping, sweeting, swelling, swerving, swigging, swilling, swimming, swindled, swindler, swindles, swinepox, swingbys, swingers, swingier, swinging, swingled, swingles, swingman, swingmen, swinking, swinneys, swirling, swishing, swobbing, swooning, swooping, swopping, swotting, swouning, sycamine, sylvines, synching, syncline, syringas, syringed, syringes, syrinxes, tabbying, tabering, tabooing, taborine, taboring, taborins, tachinid, tackling, tailings, tailspin, tailwind, tainting, takingly, talapoin, talcking, talkings, tallying, tamarind, tamarins, tangling, tangoing, tannings, tapeline, tapering, tappings, tarrying, tattings, tattling, taunting, taurines, taxingly, teaching, teazling, teething, tefillin, tegminal, tegumina, telexing, tempting, tenoning, teosinte, terminal, terminus, terpinol, terrains, terrapin, terrines, thacking, thanking, thebaine, theelins, theremin, thiamine, thiamins, thiazine, thiazins, thieving, thinclad, thindown, thinkers, thinking, thinners, thinness, thinnest, thinning, thinnish, thionine, thionins, thirling, tholepin, thorning, thrawing, thriving, thrombin, throning, throwing, thudding, thumbing, thumbkin, thumping, thunking, thymines, thymosin, thyroxin, tickings, tickling, tidiness, tiffined, tinamous, tincting, tincture, tinfoils, tingeing, tinglers, tinglier, tingling, tinhorns, tininess, tinkered, tinkerer, tinklers, tinklier, tinkling, tinniest, tinnitus, tinplate, tinseled, tinselly, tinsmith, tinstone, tintings, tintless, tintypes, tinwares, tinworks, tippling, tissuing, tithings, toadying, toasting, toddling, toggling, tokening, tolidine, tolidins, toluidin, tonguing, tontines, toolings, toothing, tootling, topazine, toppings, toppling, topspins, torching, torquing, totaling, touching, toughing, tourings, tousling, touzling, toweling, towering, towlines, tracings, tracking, traiking, trailing, trainees, trainers, trainful, training, trainman, trainmen, trainway, tramline, tramming, tramping, trancing, trapping, trashing, trawling, treading, treating, trebling, trekking, trending, trephine, triazine, triazins, trichina, tricking, trifling, trigging, trilling, trimming, trindled, trindles, trinkets, trinkums, trinodal, tripling, tripping, trithing, troaking, trocking, trolling, tromping, trooping, tropines, troponin, trothing, trotline, trotting, trouping, trucking, trudging, trumping, trussing, trusting, tryingly, trypsins, trysting, tsarinas, tubulins, tumbling, tumpline, turbinal, turbines, turnings, turtling, tussling, tutoring, twanging, tweaking, tweeting, tweezing, twigging, twilling, twinborn, twinging, twiniest, twinight, twinjets, twinkled, twinkler, twinkles, twinning, twinsets, twinship, twirling, twisting, twitting, tylosins, tyramine, tyrosine, tzarinas, ugliness, uintaite, ulcering, umbering, umpiring, unageing, unarming, unboxing, uncaging, uncaking, uncaring, uncasing, unchains, uncinate, unclinch, uncoffin, uncoined, undaring, underpin, undoings, unending, unerring, unfading, unfixing, ungainly, ungluing, unhinged, unhinges, unifying, unjoined, unjoints, unkinder, unkindly, unkingly, unkinked, unlacing, unlading, unlaying, unlinked, unliving, unloving, unmaking, unmewing, unmingle, unmoving, unpaying, unpiling, unpinned, unrinsed, unrobing, unsaying, unseeing, unsewing, unsexing, unsinful, unslings, unstring, unthinks, untinged, untiring, untuning, untwined, untwines, unveined, unwaning, unwinder, unyoking, upcoming, updating, updiving, updrying, upending, upflings, upgazing, uppiling, uprising, upspring, upswings, uredinia, urgingly, uridines, urinated, urinates, urinemia, urinemic, ushering, usurping, uttering, vacating, vaccinal, vaccinas, vaccinee, vaccines, vaccinia, vaginate, vainness, valeting, vamosing, vanillin, vaporing, varmints, vaulting, vaunting, veilings, veiniest, veinings, veinless, veinlets, veinlike, veinules, veinulet, velamina, veluring, venoming, veratrin, versines, vervains, vestings, vexingly, vialling, vicinage, vicinity, viewings, villains, villainy, villeins, vinasses, vincible, vincibly, vinculum, vinegars, vinegary, vineries, vineyard, vinifera, vinified, vinifies, vinosity, vinously, vintager, vintages, vintners, viomycin, viperine, virginal, visiting, visoring, vitamine, vitamins, vitellin, vitrains, vitrines, vittling, vituline, vizoring, voluming, volutins, vomerine, vomiting, vouching, voyaging, vrooming, wabbling, waddings, waddling, waddying, wafering, waffling, wagering, waggling, wagoning, wainscot, waisting, waitings, wakening, walkings, waltzing, wambling, wangling, warbling, warfarin, wariness, warnings, warsling, washings, watching, watering, wattling, wavering, waviness, waxiness, waxwings, waygoing, weakling, weanling, wearying, webbings, weddings, wedeling, weepings, weighing, welching, welshing, weltings, wenching, westings, wettings, whacking, whalings, whamming, whanging, whapping, wharfing, wheeling, wheeping, wheezing, whelming, whelping, whetting, whidding, whiffing, whinchat, whiniest, whinnied, whinnier, whinnies, whipping, whirling, whirring, whishing, whisking, whisting, whitings, whizzing, whomping, whoofing, whooping, whopping, whumping, wickings, widdling, widening, widowing, wielding, wiggings, wiggling, wildings, wildling, wiliness, willying, wimbling, wimpling, winchers, winching, windable, windages, windbags, windburn, windfall, windflaw, windgall, windiest, windigos, windings, windlass, windless, windling, windmill, windowed, windpipe, windrows, windsock, windward, windways, wineless, wineries, wineshop, wineskin, winesops, wingback, wingbows, wingding, wingedly, wingiest, wingless, winglets, winglike, wingover, wingspan, wingtips, winkling, winnable, winnings, winnocks, winnowed, winnower, winsomer, wintered, winterer, winterly, wintling, wintrier, wintrily, wiriness, witching, witlings, wittings, wizening, wobbling, womaning, woodbind, woodbine, woodbins, woodwind, wooingly, woolskin, woopsing, wooshing, wordings, workings, worrying, worsting, worthing, wounding, wracking, wrapping, wrathing, wreaking, wrecking, wresting, wricking, wringers, wringing, wrinkled, wrinkles, writhing, writings, wronging, xanthein, xanthine, xanthins, xylidine, xylidins, yachting, yawpings, yealings, yeanling, yearling, yearning, yeasting, yielding, yodeling, zamindar, zaniness, zecchini, zecchino, zecchins, zemindar, zeppelin, zibeline, zincates, zincites, zincking, zingiest, zizzling, zucchini9-letter wordsabdominal, abducting, abhorring, abidingly, abominate, aborigine, abounding, abridging, abscising, abscisins, abseiling, absenting, absinthes, absolving, absorbing, abstained, abstainer, abstinent, abuilding, accenting, accepting, accessing, according, accosting, accreting, achieving, acquaints, acquiring, acridines, acroleins, actinians, actinides, actinisms, actiniums, actinoids, actuating, acuminate, acylating, addicting, adducting, adenosine, adjoining, adjudging, adjusting, admitting, adoringly, adsorbing, adulating, advancing, advecting, adverting, aequorins, aerifying, affecting, affirming, affording, affraying, aflatoxin, agatizing, agenizing, agentings, aggrading, agitating, agonising, agonizing, airliners, alaruming, albinisms, albinotic, alfaquins, algerines, alginates, alighting, alinement, alizarins, allantoin, allergins, allethrin, allotting, almandine, alpinisms, alpinists, aluminate, aluminium, aluminize, aluminous, aluminums, amanitins, amazingly, amberinas, ambushing, aminities, amounting, amusingly, amygdalin, amylopsin, analysing, analyzing, anatoxins, anchoring, anchusins, andantino, angriness, anilingus, animating, annealing, annulling, anodizing, anointers, anointing, anserines, answering, antheming, antiaging, antiarins, antiauxin, anticking, anticline, anticling, antikings, antimycin, antinodal, antinodes, antinoise, antinomic, antinovel, antiquing, antitoxin, antivenin, anvilling, anythings, appalling, appealing, appearing, appeasing, appending, appertain, appointed, appointee, apprising, apprizing, approving, aquatints, arabinose, arabizing, arcadings, arccosine, archiving, arecoline, argentine, arginases, arginines, argufying, armouring, arointing, aroynting, arranging, arresting, articling, ascending, ascertain, ascribing, ashlaring, ashlering, asininely, asininity, aspersing, assailing, assassins, assenting, asserting, assessing, assigning, assisting, assoiling, assorting, assuaging, asswaging, astatines, astonying, astringed, astringes, athelings, atomising, atomizing, atrazines, atropines, attaching, attacking, attainder, attainers, attaining, attainted, attending, attesting, attorning, aubergine, aureoling, authoring, averaging, avouching, awakening, azotising, azotizing, babblings, backspins, backswing, bacterins, badgering, badinaged, badinages, badminton, bagginess, balancing, baldachin, balkiness, balklines, ballerina, balloting, ballpoint, balminess, balsaming, bandaging, banishing, banjaxing, bannering, bantering, bantlings, baptising, baptizing, barbering, bargained, bargainer, barraging, barreling, bartering, baseliner, baselines, basifying, basinfuls, basseting, bassinets, bastinade, bastinado, battening, battering, battiness, baudekins, bauhinias, bawdiness, beaconing, bearskins, beastings, beavering, becalming, becapping, beckoning, becomings, becriming, becursing, bedamning, bedaubing, bedecking, bedimming, bedraping, bedspring, bedumbing, beduncing, beelining, beestings, beeswings, befalling, befingers, befitting, befleaing, befogging, befooling, befouling, befringed, befringes, begalling, begetting, beggaring, beginners, beginning, begirding, begriming, beguiling, begulfing, beheading, beholding, behooving, behowling, bekissing, beladying, belauding, beleaping, believing, bellowing, belonging, beltlines, bemeaning, bemingled, bemingles, bemisting, bemoaning, bemocking, bendaying, bengaline, benjamins, benumbing, benzidine, benzidins, bepainted, berberine, berberins, bereaving, berhyming, beseeming, besetting, beshaming, besieging, besliming, besmiling, besmoking, besnowing, besotting, bestowing, betraying, bettering, bevelling, bewailing, beweeping, bewigging, beworming, bewraying, bickering, bicycling, bigeminal, bilingual, bilirubin, billeting, billowing, binderies, bindingly, bindweeds, binnacles, binocular, binomials, biopsying, biotoxins, bipinnate, birdbrain, birdieing, bisecting, bishoping, bisontine, bitewings, bittering, blackfins, blackings, blanching, blastings, blazingly, blazoning, bleaching, bleedings, blenching, blessings, blighting, blindages, blindfish, blindfold, blindness, blindside, blindworm, blinkards, blinkered, bloodfins, bloodings, bloodline, bloodying, blotching, bluelines, bluepoint, blueprint, boardings, boatswain, bobbinets, bobolinks, bollixing, bolloxing, bombazine, bombesins, bombinate, bonneting, boogeying, boohooing, bordering, borrowing, bossiness, bothering, bottlings, bottoming, botulinal, botulinum, botulinus, bowelling, bowstring, bowwowing, brabbling, bracingly, braidings, brailling, braincase, brainiest, brainless, brainpans, brainsick, brainwash, brambling, branching, brandying, brasilins, brattling, brazening, brazilins, breaching, breadline, breakings, breasting, breathing, breeching, breedings, breveting, bridgings, briefings, brigading, bringdown, brininess, brislings, bristling, brittling, broaching, brocading, brokering, bromating, bromelain, bromelins, brominate, bromizing, bronzings, brunching, bucketing, buckskins, budgeting, buffering, buffeting, buggering, buildings, bulkiness, bulleting, bulletins, bullfinch, bullrings, bumblings, bumpering, bumpiness, bumpkinly, bundlings, bunglings, bunkering, buntlines, burdening, burliness, burningly, burrowing, busheling, bushiness, bustlines, buttering, buttinski, buttinsky, buttoning, bypassing, byzantine, caballing, cabbaging, cabinetry, cacheting, cacuminal, cadencing, caffeines, cagelings, calamined, calamines, calamints, calcimine, calcining, calfskins, callusing, cambering, campesino, camphines, campiness, campusing, canalling, canceling, candlepin, cankering, cannabins, cannikins, canniness, cannoning, canopying, cantering, cantoning, canvasing, capeskins, capsaicin, capsicins, capsizing, capsuling, captaincy, captained, capturing, capuchins, carabiner, carabines, carbamino, carbinols, carcinoid, carcinoma, cardinals, careening, careering, caressing, carinated, carnitine, carolling, carousing, carpeting, carpingly, carroming, carrotins, cartoning, caryotins, cascading, caseating, casefying, caseinate, casketing, casuarina, catechins, catfacing, cathepsin, cattiness, caucusing, caulkings, cavatinas, caveating, caverning, cavilling, cavorting, ceilinged, ceintures, celandine, cellaring, celloidin, cementing, censoring, censuring, censusing, centering, centrings, cephalins, certainer, certainly, certainty, chaffinch, chagrined, chainsaws, chammying, chaplains, characins, chariness, chasseing, chatelain, chaunting, checkrein, chelating, chicaning, chieftain, chilblain, chinaware, chinbones, chinchier, chinkapin, chinkiest, chintzier, chiseling, chitinous, chitlings, chivvying, chlorines, chokingly, chortling, chorusing, chromatin, chromings, chuckling, churching, churnings, chymosins, cinchonas, cinctured, cinctures, cindering, cineastes, cinematic, cineraria, cinereous, cingulate, cinnabars, cinnamons, cinnamyls, cinquains, cioppinos, ciphering, circinate, cisalpine, cisplatin, citifying, citrinins, claddings, clamoring, clarinets, clavering, cleansing, clearings, clearwing, clenching, climaxing, clinchers, clinching, clingiest, clinician, clinkered, clinquant, clintonia, clippings, clonidine, closeting, closuring, clothings, cloturing, cloyingly, clutching, coastings, coastline, cobalamin, cobaltine, cocainize, cocaptain, cochineal, cocineras, cockering, cockiness, cocooning, codifying, codriving, coediting, coempting, coffering, coffining, cofinance, cognising, cognizing, cognomina, coheading, cohosting, coincided, coincides, coinhered, coinheres, coinmates, coinsured, coinsurer, coinsures, coinvents, cojoining, coleading, colicines, colistins, collaging, collaring, collating, colleting, colliding, collinear, collinses, colluding, colorings, colouring, colubrine, columbine, combating, combiners, combining, comingled, comingles, commingle, comminute, commixing, commoving, communing, commuting, comparing, compering, competing, compiling, complains, complaint, complines, complying, composing, computing, concaving, conceding, concubine, condoling, condoning, conducing, confiding, confiners, confining, confusing, confuting, congeeing, conjoined, conjuring, conniving, connoting, conominee, consoling, constrain, consuming, contained, container, continent, continual, continued, continuer, continues, continuos, continuum, contusing, convening, conveying, convinced, convincer, convinces, convoking, convoying, coonskins, coopering, coppering, coppicing, coprinces, coralline, corbeling, cordoning, cordwains, corkiness, cornering, cornicing, corniness, corrading, corroding, corseting, coshering, cosigning, cosseting, costuming, cottoning, couchings, coumarins, couplings, couponing, coursings, cousinage, covelline, coverings, cowhiding, cowinners, cowriting, coxswains, crackings, crackling, cranching, crankling, crankpins, cratering, cravening, crayoning, craziness, creatines, crediting, creeshing, cremating, creneling, crestings, cretinism, cretinous, cribbings, criminals, criminate, criminous, crimpling, crinklier, crinkling, crinoline, crippling, croceines, crossings, crosswind, crouching, cruisings, crumbling, crumpling, crunching, crusading, crutching, cuckooing, cudgeling, cuittling, culicines, culminant, culminate, culturing, culverins, cumbering, cunninger, cunningly, cupelling, cupolaing, curarines, curetting, curliness, curtained, curtsying, curveting, cutinised, cutinises, cutinized, cutinizes, cuttingly, cyaniding, cyclizing, cylinders, cylindric, cymblings, cyphering, cyprinids, cysteines, cytidines, cytokines, cytokinin, cytolysin, cytosines, cytotoxin, dabblings, dackering, daggering, daikering, dailiness, daintiest, dairyings, damasking, damningly, dampening, dandering, dangering, darkening, darlingly, dashingly, datelined, datelines, dauphines, deaconing, deadening, deadlines, deafening, deaminase, deaminate, debarking, debarring, debeaking, debriding, debugging, debunking, decamping, decanting, deceasing, deceiving, decerning, declaring, declawing, decliners, declining, decocting, decreeing, decupling, decurving, deducting, deepening, deerskins, defanging, defatting, defeating, defecting, defending, defensing, deferring, definable, definably, definiens, deflating, defleaing, defoaming, defogging, deforcing, deforming, defraying, defunding, degassing, degerming, deglazing, degrading, degumming, degusting, dehiscing, dehorning, dehorting, dejecting, deleading, deleaving, delineate, delisting, delousing, demanding, demarking, demasting, demeaning, dementing, demerging, demitting, demobbing, demurring, denominal, denyingly, depainted, departing, depending, deperming, depicting, deplaning, depleting, deploring, deploying, depluming, deporting, depraving, depriving, derailing, deranging, deratting, deringers, derringer, desalting, desanding, descrying, deserting, deserving, designing, desisting, desorbing, despising, despiting, destained, destinies, destining, detaching, detailing, detainees, detainers, detaining, detecting, deterging, determine, deterring, detesting, deticking, detouring, detrained, detruding, devaluing, deveining, devesting, deviating, devilkins, devilling, devoicing, devolving, devouring, dewooling, deworming, dextrines, dezincing, dezincked, diademing, diallings, dialoging, dialysing, dialyzing, diapering, diazinons, dickering, diclinies, diclinous, dictating, dieldrins, dieseling, differing, diffusing, digesting, digitalin, digitonin, digitoxin, dingdongs, dinginess, dinosaurs, diolefins, directing, dirtiness, disabling, disarming, discasing, disdained, diseasing, disinfect, disinfest, disinters, disinvest, disinvite, disjoined, disjoints, disliking, dismaying, disowning, disposing, disputing, disrating, disrobing, dissaving, disseisin, disseizin, distained, distingue, distrains, distraint, disyoking, dithering, diverging, diverting, divesting, divinised, divinises, divinized, divinizes, divorcing, divulging, dizziness, docketing, doctoring, doctrinal, doctrines, doddering, dodginess, dogearing, doggoning, dognaping, dolloping, dominance, dominants, dominated, dominates, dominator, domineers, dominical, dominicks, dominions, dominique, dominiums, dopamines, dottiness, dowdiness, dowelling, downlinks, downswing, drabbling, draftings, draggling, draglines, drainages, drainpipe, dredgings, drenching, dressings, dribbling, driftpins, drillings, drinkable, drippings, driveline, driveling, drizzling, droningly, droppings, drownding, drubbings, drumbling, drypoints, dualizing, ducklings, dulcineas, dumpiness, dumplings, duplexing, duralumin, duskiness, dustiness, duvetines, dwellings, dwindling, earliness, earthling, easygoing, ebonising, ebonizing, echinoids, eclipsing, educating, effecting, effulging, eglantine, egressing, einsteins, ektexines, elaterins, eledoisin, elegising, elegizing, elevating, eliciting, eliminate, eloigning, emanating, embalming, embanking, embarking, embarring, embedding, emblazing, embleming, embodying, embosking, embossing, embracing, embruting, eminences, eminently, emplacing, emplaning, employing, emptiness, emulating, enameling, enamoring, encamping, encashing, enceintes, enchained, enchasing, enclosing, encysting, endbrains, endearing, endexines, endocrine, endorphin, endorsing, endotoxin, endpoints, enflaming, enfolding, enforcing, enframing, engilding, engineers, engirding, engorging, engrained, engraving, engulfing, enhaloing, enhancing, enjoiners, enjoining, enkindled, enkindles, enlarging, enlisting, enmeshing, ennobling, enouncing, enplaning, enquiring, enriching, enrolling, enrooting, enserfing, enshrined, enshrinee, enshrines, enslaving, ensnaring, ensouling, entailing, entertain, enthusing, entitling, entoiling, entombing, entrained, entrainer, entwining, envyingly, enwinding, enwombing, ephedrine, ephedrins, equalling, equinoxes, equipping, erotizing, escarping, eschewing, escorting, escrowing, espousing, esquiring, estaminet, esteeming, estopping, estraying, estuarine, ethionine, evildoing, evincible, examinant, examinees, examiners, examining, exampling, exceeding, excelling, excepting, excessing, excluding, excreting, executing, exempting, exhorting, exocrines, exotoxins, expanding, expecting, expelling, expending, expensing, experting, expiating, explained, explainer, exploding, exploring, exporting, expulsing, expunging, exscinded, exsecting, exserting, extending, extermine, extincted, extolling, extorting, extrinsic, extruding, eyeliners, eyepoints, eyestrain, facetting, factoring, faggoting, fagotings, failingly, faineants, faintness, falconine, fallowing, faltering, famishing, fanciness, farrowing, farseeing, farthings, fascinate, fastening, fathering, fathoming, fatiguing, fattening, fattiness, favouring, fawningly, featuring, feelingly, fellating, fellowing, feminines, feminised, feminises, feminisms, feminists, feminized, feminizes, fenagling, ferreling, ferreting, ferritins, ferruling, festering, festinate, fettering, fettlings, fettucine, fettucini, fibrinoid, fidgeting, fieriness, fightings, figulines, figurines, filiating, filleting, filliping, filminess, filtering, finaglers, finagling, finalised, finalises, finalisms, finalists, finalized, finalizes, financial, financier, financing, finessing, finfishes, fingerers, fingering, fingertip, finically, finickier, finicking, finishers, finishing, finitudes, finnmarks, finochios, firepinks, firstling, fishlines, fissuring, fittingly, flagellin, flaggings, flakiness, flambeing, flamingly, flamingos, flaringly, flashings, flatlings, flaunting, flavoring, fledgling, fleeching, flenching, fleshings, fletching, flighting, flinchers, flinching, flinkites, flintiest, flintlike, flintlock, flitching, flockings, floggings, floorings, flouncing, flowering, flowingly, fluorines, flurrying, foaminess, focussing, foddering, fogginess, foliating, following, fomenting, fondlings, footprint, foraminal, forboding, forebrain, foredoing, foregoing, foreskins, foresting, forewings, forgiving, formalins, forsaking, fortuning, fostering, foundling, fountains, fraggings, francolin, franklins, frauleins, frazzling, freckling, frenching, frenzying, frescoing, fribbling, friending, frighting, frillings, fringiest, frivoling, frizzling, frontline, frostings, frouncing, frowsting, fuchsines, fullering, fulminant, fulminate, fulmining, funkiness, funneling, funniness, furcating, furnacing, furriners, furrowing, fussiness, fustiness, fusulinid, fuzziness, gabardine, gaberdine, gainfully, gainliest, gainsayer, galantine, galingale, gallamine, galleting, gallingly, gallinule, galloping, gamboling, gammoning, gandering, gantlines, gardening, garnering, garotting, garroting, gartering, gasifying, gasolines, gasolinic, gassiness, gathering, gaudiness, gavelkind, gavelling, gavotting, gazetting, gazumping, gelatines, geminally, geminated, geminates, gemmating, gendering, genuinely, germinate, gestating, gesturing, gettering, gheraoing, ghettoing, ghostings, gibbering, gibbeting, giddiness, gimbaling, gimleting, gingeleys, gingelies, gingellis, gingering, gingillis, glaringly, glassines, gleanings, gliadines, glimpsing, gloamings, globulins, gloomings, glossinas, glowering, glowingly, gloxinias, glucinums, glunching, glutamine, glutelins, glutinous, glycerine, glycerins, goatskins, godliness, goffering, goldfinch, goofiness, gorgerins, gossiping, governing, grabbling, gradating, grainiest, grapevine, grapiness, graplines, grappling, gratineed, gratinees, gratingly, gravamina, graveling, graylings, grecizing, greenings, greenling, greenwing, greetings, gregarine, grenadine, griddling, grimacing, grimalkin, griminess, grizzling, grosgrain, grouching, grounding, groupings, groveling, growingly, gruelings, gruelling, grumbling, gruntling, grutching, guanidine, guanidins, guanosine, guffawing, guideline, gumminess, gunflints, gunpoints, gushiness, gushingly, gusseting, gustiness, gutsiness, guttering, hachuring, haematins, hagriding, hairiness, hairlines, halloaing, hallooing, hallowing, halocline, haltering, haltingly, hamboning, hammering, hamminess, hampering, hamstring, handiness, handlings, handprint, hangaring, hankering, hanseling, happening, happiness, harassing, harbinger, harboring, hardening, hardiness, harkening, harlequin, harrowing, hastening, hastiness, hatchings, hatchling, havocking, hazarding, headiness, headlined, headliner, headlines, headwinds, heaviness, hectoring, hedgingly, heehawing, heftiness, heinously, helmeting, helminths, hemateins, hematines, hematinic, hemolysin, henequins, heralding, heroinism, heroizing, hexamines, hiccuping, hifalutin, hijacking, hilloaing, hindbrain, hinderers, hindering, hindrance, hindsight, hippiness, hirelings, hirseling, histamine, histamins, histidine, histidins, hoactzins, hoardings, hoariness, hoatzines, hobgoblin, hocussing, hogtieing, hoidening, hollering, holloaing, hollooing, hollowing, holocrine, holsteins, hominians, hominized, hominizes, hominoids, honchoing, honouring, hoodooing, hoodwinks, hoofprint, hoorahing, hooraying, horniness, horsemint, horsiness, hosteling, houseling, hovelling, howlingly, hoydening, huffiness, hulloaing, humankind, humdinger, humouring, hungering, hunkering, hurrahing, hurraying, huskiness, huzzahing, hyacinths, hydrating, hydrazine, hyoscines, hyperfine, hyphening, ibogaines, iceblinks, icinesses, idolising, idolizing, ignifying, illiniums, illumined, illumines, imaginary, imaginers, imagining, imbalming, imbarking, imbedding, imblazing, imbodying, imbruting, imitating, immerging, immersing, immeshing, imminence, imminency, immingled, immingles, impacting, impainted, impairing, imparking, imparting, impasting, impawning, impelling, impending, impingers, impinging, imploding, imploring, importing, imposting, imprinted, imprinter, improving, impugning, impulsing, inability, inactions, inamorata, inaneness, inanimate, inanities, inanition, inaptness, inarching, inaudible, inaudibly, inaugural, inbounded, inbreathe, incanting, incapable, incapably, incarnate, incaution, incensing, incenters, incentive, incepting, inception, inceptive, inceptors, incessant, inchworms, incidence, incidents, incipient, incisions, incisures, incitants, inclasped, inclement, incliners, inclining, inclipped, inclosers, inclosing, inclosure, including, inclusion, inclusive, incognita, incognito, incomings, incommode, incondite, incorpsed, incorpses, incorrect, incorrupt, increased, increaser, increases, increment, incrossed, incrosses, incrusted, incubated, incubates, incubator, incubuses, inculcate, inculpate, incumbent, incumbers, incunable, incurable, incurably, incurious, incurrent, incurring, incursion, incurvate, incurving, indagated, indagates, indagator, indamines, indecency, indecorum, indelible, indelibly, indemnify, indemnity, indenters, indenting, indention, indentors, indenture, indexical, indexings, indicants, indicated, indicates, indicator, indiciums, indictees, indicters, indicting, indiction, indictors, indigence, indigenes, indigents, indignant, indignity, indigoids, indigotin, indispose, indolence, indorsees, indorsers, indorsing, indorsors, inducible, inductees, inducting, induction, inductive, inductors, indulgent, indulgers, indulging, indulines, indurated, indurates, indweller, inearthed, inebriant, inebriate, inebriety, ineffable, ineffably, inelastic, inelegant, ineptness, inerrancy, inertness, inexactly, inexperts, infalling, infancies, infantile, infantine, infarcted, infatuate, infecters, infecting, infection, infective, infectors, infeoffed, inferable, inference, inferiors, inferrers, inferring, infertile, infestant, infesters, infesting, infielder, infighter, infinites, infirmary, infirming, infirmity, infixions, inflamers, inflaming, inflaters, inflating, inflation, inflators, inflected, inflexion, inflicted, inflicter, inflictor, influence, influents, influenza, infolders, infolding, informant, informers, informing, infracted, infrareds, infringed, infringer, infringes, infuriate, infusible, infusions, ingathers, ingenious, ingenuity, ingenuous, ingesting, ingestion, ingestive, inglenook, ingrafted, ingrained, ingresses, ingrowing, ingrowths, ingulfing, inhabited, inhabiter, inhalants, inhalator, inharmony, inhaulers, inherence, inherited, inheritor, inhesions, inhibited, inhibitor, inholding, inhumanly, initialed, initially, initiated, initiates, initiator, injectant, injecting, injection, injective, injectors, injurious, injustice, inkstands, inkstones, inlanders, inletting, inmeshing, innermost, innersole, innervate, innerving, innkeeper, innocence, innocency, innocents, innocuous, innovated, innovates, innovator, innuendos, inoculant, inoculate, inoculums, inorganic, inositols, inotropic, inpatient, inpouring, inputting, inquieted, inquiline, inquirers, inquiries, inquiring, insatiate, inscribed, inscriber, inscribes, inscrolls, insculped, insectary, insectile, inselberg, insensate, inserters, inserting, insertion, insetters, insetting, insheaths, inshrined, inshrines, insidious, insignias, insincere, insinuate, insipidly, insistent, insisters, insisting, insnarers, insnaring, insolated, insolates, insolence, insolents, insoluble, insolubly, insolvent, insomniac, insomnias, insouling, inspanned, inspected, inspector, insphered, inspheres, inspirers, inspiring, inspirits, installed, installer, instanced, instances, instanter, instantly, instarred, instating, instigate, instilled, instiller, instincts, institute, instrokes, instructs, insulants, insularly, insulated, insulates, insulator, insulters, insulting, insurable, insurance, insurants, insurgent, inswathed, inswathes, intaglios, intarsias, integrals, integrand, integrate, integrity, intellect, intendant, intendeds, intenders, intending, intensely, intensest, intensify, intension, intensity, intensive, intention, interacts, interbank, interbeds, interbred, intercede, intercell, intercept, intercity, interclan, interclub, intercoms, intercrop, intercuts, interdict, interests, interface, interfere, interfile, interfirm, interflow, interfold, interfuse, intergang, interiors, interject, interlace, interlaid, interlaps, interlard, interlays, interlend, interlent, interline, interlink, interlock, interlope, interlude, intermale, interment, intermesh, intermits, intermont, internals, internees, interning, internist, internode, interplay, interpled, interpose, interpret, interring, interrupt, intersect, interterm, interties, intertill, interunit, intervale, intervals, intervene, interview, interwork, interwove, interzone, intestacy, intestate, intestine, inthralls, inthroned, inthrones, intimated, intimater, intimates, intimists, intitling, intituled, intitules, intombing, intonated, intonates, intorting, intreated, intricacy, intricate, intrigant, intrigued, intriguer, intrigues, intrinsic, introduce, introfied, introfies, introject, intromits, introvert, intruders, intruding, intrusion, intrusive, intrusted, intubated, intubates, intuiting, intuition, intuitive, intwining, intwisted, inunction, inundated, inundates, inundator, inurement, inutility, invalided, invalidly, invariant, invasions, invective, inveighed, inveigher, inveigled, inveigler, inveigles, inventers, inventing, invention, inventive, inventors, inventory, inverness, inversely, inversion, inversive, invertase, inverters, inverting, invertors, investing, investors, invidious, inviolacy, inviolate, invisible, invisibly, invocated, invocates, invoicing, involucra, involucre, involuted, involutes, involvers, involving, inwalling, inweaving, inwinding, inwrapped, iodinated, iodinates, iodopsins, ironizing, irrupting, isinglass, islanding, isoclines, isolating, itchiness, itemising, itemizing, iterating, itinerant, itinerary, itinerate, jabbering, jacinthes, jacketing, japanning, jargoning, jarringly, javelinas, javelined, jawboning, jazziness, jeeringly, jerkiness, jessamine, jetliners, jewelling, jiggering, jigsawing, jingliest, jingoisms, jingoists, jittering, jockeying, joineries, jointedly, jointress, jointured, jointures, jointworm, joyriding, juddering, jugglings, juiciness, jumpiness, junketing, kaiserins, kallidins, kamaainas, kanamycin, kaolinite, karabiner, karyotins, kashering, katchinas, kayakings, kenneling, kephalins, kerneling, kerosines, keynoting, kibitzing, kiboshing, kiddingly, kidnaping, kilderkin, killingly, kindliest, kindlings, kinematic, kinescope, kingbirds, kingbolts, kingcraft, kinghoods, kingliest, kingmaker, kingposts, kingships, kingsides, kingwoods, kinkajous, kinkiness, kinswoman, kinswomen, kippering, kittening, knighting, knittings, knottings, knowinger, knowingly, knuckling, kookiness, koshering, kowtowing, kundalini, kvetching, kyanising, kyanizing, kyboshing, laagering, labelling, labouring, labyrinth, lacewings, laciniate, lackering, lackeying, lactating, laddering, laicising, laicizing, lambskins, lamebrain, lamenting, laminaria, laminarin, laminated, laminates, laminator, laminitis, landlines, lankiness, lanolines, lappering, lariating, larkiness, larrikins, larruping, lastingly, lathering, latinized, latinizes, latticing, laughings, launching, laureling, laveering, lavishing, lawmaking, lawyering, layerings, leakiness, learnings, leavening, lechering, lecithins, lecturing, leeringly, legginess, lessening, lessoning, lettering, levanting, levelling, libelling, libertine, libidinal, librating, licencing, licensing, lichening, lichenins, lidocaine, lifelines, lightings, lightning, ligroines, liltingly, limbering, limousine, linalools, linchpins, lineality, lineament, linearise, linearity, linearize, lineation, linerless, lingerers, lingeries, lingering, lingually, linguines, linguinis, linguists, liniments, linkworks, linoleate, linoleums, linstocks, lintwhite, lionising, lionizing, lippening, lippering, liquating, liquoring, listening, littering, loathings, lobelines, loftiness, loincloth, loitering, lolloping, longingly, longlines, looniness, loosening, loppering, lordlings, loudening, lousiness, lovevines, lowliness, luciferin, luckiness, lumbering, luminaire, luminance, luminaria, luminesce, luminisms, luminists, lumpiness, lustering, lustiness, lustrings, luteinize, luteolins, lynchings, lynchpins, macedoine, machinate, machinery, machining, machinist, macintosh, mackinaws, maddening, madeleine, magazines, magicking, mainframe, mainlands, mainlined, mainlines, mainmasts, mainsails, mainsheet, mainstays, maintains, maligning, malihinis, malingers, mammering, manacling, mandarins, mandating, mandoline, mandolins, manginess, manliness, mannequin, mannikins, mantlings, mapmaking, marauding, marblings, margarine, margarins, marginate, margining, marinaded, marinades, marinaras, marinated, marinates, marketing, marocains, marooning, marrowing, martinets, martyring, marveling, masculine, massaging, mastering, mattering, matutinal, meaningly, measuring, meatiness, meclizine, medalling, mediating, medicinal, medicined, medicines, melamines, melatonin, melinites, mellowing, meltingly, meningeal, mentoring, merbromin, meringues, merocrine, merriness, mescaline, messaging, messaline, messiness, mestinoes, metalling, metheglin, mezzanine, mezzotint, microinch, micromini, midbrains, middlings, midpoints, midwifing, midwinter, midwiving, migraines, migrating, mildening, mildewing, milkiness, milliners, millinery, mimicking, mincemeat, mincingly, mindfully, minefield, minelayer, miniature, minibiker, minibikes, minibuses, minicamps, minifying, minimally, minimaxes, minimills, minimised, minimises, minimized, minimizer, minimizes, miniparks, miniscule, minishing, miniskirt, ministate, ministers, minoxidil, minstrels, minuscule, minuteman, minutemen, mirroring, misacting, misadding, misaiming, misbegins, misciting, miscoding, miscoined, misdating, misdefine, misdoings, miseating, misfiling, misfiring, misgiving, misinfers, misinform, misinters, misjoined, mislaying, misliking, misliving, mismaking, mismating, mismoving, misnaming, mispaging, mispaints, mispoints, misprints, misrating, misruling, missaying, mistaking, misthinks, mistiming, mistiness, mistrains, mistuning, mistyping, misyoking, mitomycin, moccasins, mockingly, modelings, modelling, modifying, moilingly, moldering, moldiness, moleskins, molesting, monellins, mongering, monishing, monkeying, monoamine, monocline, monotints, montaging, moodiness, moonshine, morphines, morseling, mortaring, morticing, mortising, mortmains, mothering, motioning, motorings, mouldings, mountains, mountainy, mountings, mournings, mousiness, muddiness, mugginess, mujahedin, multiline, munchkins, murdering, murkiness, murmuring, muscadine, muscarine, mushiness, muskiness, mussiness, mustering, mustiness, mutchkins, mutineers, mutinying, muttering, muzziness, mycotoxin, myoglobin, naethings, naggingly, nainsooks, napalming, narceines, narrating, narrowing, nastiness, nattering, nattiness, nazifying, neatening, necklines, necrosing, nectarine, neediness, needlings, nemertine, neomycins, nepheline, nerviness, nestlings, netminder, neutering, neutrinos, newsiness, newsprint, nickeling, nickering, nicotines, nicotinic, nictating, niderings, nidifying, nielloing, niffering, nigglings, nigrosins, ninebarks, nineteens, ninetieth, ninhydrin, nippiness, nippingly, nitrating, nitriding, noisiness, nominally, nominated, nominates, nominator, nonacting, nonbeings, nonbinary, nonbiting, nonbuying, noncaking, noncoking, nonending, nonfading, nonfinite, nonflying, noninjury, noninsect, nonjoiner, nonjuring, nonlineal, nonlinear, nonliving, nonmoving, nonpaying, nonruling, nonsaline, nonshrink, nonvirgin, nonvoting, northings, notifying, novocaine, numbering, numbingly, nurslings, nurturing, nuttiness, nystatins, obelising, obelizing, objecting, obliquing, obscuring, observing, obsessing, obstinacy, obstinate, obtainers, obtaining, obtesting, obtruding, obtunding, obverting, obviating, occluding, occulting, occupying, occurring, octupling, odorizing, offending, offerings, officinal, offprints, offspring, ointments, oleoresin, ominously, oncomings, onionskin, onlooking, onrushing, oompahing, operating, opinioned, oppugning, optioning, ordainers, ordaining, ordinance, ordinands, ordinates, organzine, orienting, originals, originate, orinasals, ornithine, orphaning, ossifying, ostinatos, outacting, outadding, outasking, outbaking, outboxing, outbuying, outcrying, outdaring, outdating, outdrinks, outeating, outfacing, outfiring, outflying, outfoxing, outgained, outgiving, outgoings, outjinxed, outjinxes, outlawing, outlaying, outliners, outlining, outliving, outloving, outmoding, outmoving, outpacing, outpaints, outpoints, outracing, outraging, outrating, outraving, outriding, outrowing, outseeing, outshined, outshines, outsinned, outsprint, outthinks, outvoting, outwiling, outwinded, ovalbumin, overawing, overdoing, overdrink, overlying, overmined, overmines, overprint, overspins, overswing, overthink, overtrain, overusing, overwinds, ovulating, oxacillin, oxalating, oxidating, oxidising, oxidizing, oxytocins, oystering, ozonating, ozonising, ozonizing, pachinkos, pacifying, packaging, packeting, paddlings, paginated, paginates, painfully, painterly, paintiest, paintings, paintwork, palanquin, palatines, palinodes, palmitins, palominos, palpating, paltering, pampering, pancaking, pandering, panelings, panelling, panfrying, pangolins, panicking, pannikins, paraffins, parawings, parceling, pardoning, parenting, pargeting, pargyline, parlaying, parleying, parodying, parroting, partaking, parvolins, passaging, passerine, pastiness, pastoring, pasturing, patenting, patinated, patinates, patinized, patinizes, pattering, paupering, pearmains, pecorinos, pectinate, pectizing, pedalling, pelerines, pellagrin, pelleting, peltering, pemolines, penancing, penciling, peneplain, peninsula, penpoints, peppering, peppiness, peptizing, percaline, perduring, peregrine, peregrins, perfuming, perfusing, perilling, perinatal, perishing, perjuring, perkiness, permuting, pertained, pertinent, pervading, pestering, pettiness, phenazine, phenazins, phenytoin, philtring, phonating, phoneying, phoniness, phosphine, phosphins, phrasings, phthalins, picaninny, pickaxing, picketing, picolines, picturing, pidginize, pilfering, pillaging, pillaring, pillowing, pilotings, pinafored, pinafores, pinasters, pinchbeck, pinchbugs, pinchecks, pineapple, pinecones, pinedrops, pinelands, pinewoods, pinfishes, pinfolded, pinheaded, pinioning, pinkening, pinkroots, pinnacled, pinnacles, pinnately, pinnipeds, pinochles, pinocytic, pinpoints, pinpricks, pinschers, pinsetter, pinstripe, pintadoes, pinwheels, pipelined, pipelines, piperines, pipetting, pistoling, pithiness, pityingly, placating, plainness, plainsman, plainsmen, plainsong, plaintext, plaintful, plaintiff, plaintive, plaitings, plankings, plannings, plantains, plantings, platinize, platinums, plaything, pleaching, pleadings, plighting, plotlines, ploughing, plumbings, pocketing, poetising, poetizing, pogroming, poinciana, pointedly, pointelle, pointiest, pointless, poisoning, poleaxing, polishing, pollening, pollinate, pollinium, polluting, polyamine, polymyxin, polyvinyl, pommeling, pondering, popinjays, porcelain, porcupine, porphyrin, porringer, portaging, portering, posturing, pothering, pottering, pouringly, pourpoint, powdering, powwowing, pratingly, prattling, preaching, preacting, prearming, prebaking, preceding, precincts, precising, precoding, precuring, predating, predefine, predinner, prefacing, prefading, prefiling, prefiring, prefixing, prehiring, preluding, premising, premixing, prenomina, preordain, preparing, prepaying, preprints, prerinses, presaging, prescinds, preshrink, presiding, pressings, presuming, pretaping, pretrains, prettying, pretyping, prevising, prickings, prickling, priesting, princedom, princelet, princesse, principal, principia, principle, princocks, princoxes, printable, printhead, printings, printless, printouts, prisoning, probating, procaines, procuring, producing, profaning, profiling, profiting, progestin, prolactin, prolamine, prolamins, prologing, prominent, promising, promoting, prompting, pronating, properdin, propining, proponing, proposing, prorating, prosiness, protamine, protamins, providing, provinces, provoking, psilocins, pteridine, ptomaines, puckering, puddlings, pudginess, puffiness, pulpiness, pulsating, pummeling, punishing, punkiness, purflings, purifying, purloined, purloiner, puromycin, purposing, purpurins, purringly, pursiness, purveying, pushiness, puttering, pyrethrin, pyridines, pyronines, pyroxylin, quaintest, quarrying, quatrains, quavering, quenching, quercetin, quibbling, quillings, quiltings, quinaries, quinellas, quinidine, quinielas, quinoline, quinolins, quinonoid, quintains, quintette, quintiles, quintuple, quislings, quivering, rabbeting, rabbinate, rabbinism, rabbiting, racketing, rackingly, radiating, raffinose, ragouting, rainbands, rainbirds, raincoats, raindrops, rainfalls, rainmaker, rainproof, rainspout, rainstorm, rainwater, rallyings, ramequins, ramifying, rampaging, ranginess, ransoming, rantingly, rappeling, rapturing, rarefying, rarifying, raspingly, ratifying, rationing, ratooning, rattening, rattlings, ravelings, ravelling, ravenings, ravishing, rawhiding, readiness, realising, realizing, reanoints, reappoint, rearguing, reasoning, reattains, reavowing, reawaking, rebaiting, rebelling, rebidding, rebilling, rebinding, rebodying, reboiling, rebooking, rebooting, rebuffing, reburying, rebutting, recalling, recanting, recapping, recasting, receiving, recessing, rechewing, reckoning, recliners, reclining, recoaling, recocking, recoiling, recoinage, recoining, recombine, recombing, recooking, recopying, recording, recorking, recouping, recrating, recurring, recurving, recutting, recycling, redacting, reddening, redeeming, redefined, redefines, redefying, redenying, redialing, redingote, redipping, redlining, redocking, redonning, redrawing, redriving, redubbing, reearning, reechoing, reediness, reediting, reedlings, reevoking, reexamine, refalling, refecting, refeeding, refeeling, refelling, refencing, referring, refilling, refilming, refinance, refinding, refitting, reflating, reflexing, reflowing, refluxing, refolding, reforging, reforming, refrained, reframing, refueling, refunding, regainers, regaining, regarding, regauging, regearing, regilding, reglazing, reglowing, regorging, regrading, regrating, regrowing, rehabbing, rehanging, rehashing, rehearing, reheating, reheeling, rehemming, rehinging, rehousing, reimagine, reimaging, reincited, reincites, reindeers, reindexed, reindexes, reindicts, reinduced, reinduces, reinducts, reinfects, reinflate, reinforce, reinforms, reinfused, reinfuses, reinhabit, reinjects, reinjured, reinjures, reinserts, reinspect, reinspire, reinstall, reinstate, reinsured, reinsurer, reinsures, reinvaded, reinvades, reinvents, reinvests, reinvited, reinvites, reinvoked, reinvokes, reissuing, rejecting, rejoicing, rejoinder, rejoining, rejudging, rekindled, rekindles, relapsing, releasing, relending, relenting, reletting, relieving, relinking, relishing, relisting, reloading, reloaning, relocking, relooking, relucting, relumined, relumines, remailing, remainder, remaining, remanding, remanning, remapping, remarking, remedying, remeeting, remelting, remending, remerging, reminders, remindful, reminding, reminisce, reminting, remitting, remolding, renailing, rendering, rendzinas, renesting, renigging, renowning, reobtains, reopening, reordains, repacking, repainted, repairing, reparking, repassing, repasting, repealing, repeating, repegging, repelling, repenting, reperking, repinning, replacing, replating, replaying, replevins, repolling, reporting, repotting, repouring, repricing, reprinted, reprinter, reprising, reprobing, reproving, repugning, repulsing, repumping, requiring, requiting, reracking, reraising, rereading, rereminds, rerigging, rerolling, reroofing, rerouting, rerunning, resailing, rescaling, rescinded, rescinder, rescoring, resealing, reseating, resecting, reseeding, reseeking, reseizing, reselling, resending, resenting, reserpine, reserving, resetting, reshaping, reshaving, reshingle, reshining, reshoeing, reshowing, resifting, resigning, resinated, resinates, resinoids, resisting, resitting, reslating, resoaking, resodding, resolving, resorbing, resorcins, resorting, respacing, respading, respiring, respiting, resprings, restaging, restating, restoking, restoring, restrains, restraint, restrings, restyling, resulting, resurging, retacking, retagging, retailing, retainers, retaining, retarding, retasting, reteaming, retearing, retelling, retesting, rethinker, retinenes, retinites, retinitis, retinoids, retinting, retinulae, retinular, retinulas, retitling, retooling, retorting, retracing, retrained, returning, reuniting, revaluing, revamping, revealing, revelling, revenging, reverbing, reversing, reverting, revesting, revetting, reviewing, revoicing, revolting, revolving, rewarding, rewarming, rewashing, reweaving, rewedding, rewelding, rewetting, rewinders, rewinding, rewinning, rewording, reworking, rewriting, rhinoceri, rhodamine, rhodamins, rhodopsin, rhumbaing, ribavirin, ribboning, richening, ricinuses, ridgeline, ridgeling, ridglings, rieslings, rifampins, ringbarks, ringbolts, ringbones, ringdoves, ringingly, ringnecks, ringsides, ringtails, ringworms, riposting, riskiness, ritziness, rivalling, rivetting, roaringly, rocketing, rockiness, rocklings, romancing, rooflines, roominess, roqueting, rosinweed, rousingly, routinely, routinize, rowdiness, rowelling, rubbering, ruddiness, ruinating, ruination, ruinously, rumblings, ruminants, ruminated, ruminates, ruminator, rummaging, rumouring, runcinate, runtiness, rupturing, russeting, rustiness, saccharin, saddening, safariing, safetying, safranine, safranins, saggaring, saggering, sainfoins, saintdoms, sainthood, saintlier, saintlike, saintship, salaaming, salarying, salicines, salifying, salinized, salinizes, sallowing, salpinges, saltiness, salvaging, samplings, sandaling, sandiness, sandlings, sanguines, sannyasin, santolina, santonins, sapogenin, saponines, sappiness, sashaying, satiating, satinpods, satinwood, saturnine, sauciness, savouring, saxitoxin, scabbling, scaliness, scannings, scantling, scarfpins, scarfskin, scarphing, sceptring, schilling, schooling, schussing, scincoids, scintilla, sciurines, sclaffing, sclerotin, scoldings, scorching, scotching, scourging, scourings, scoutings, scragging, scramming, scrapings, scrapping, scrawling, screaking, screaming, screeding, screening, scrieving, scrimping, scripting, scrolling, scrooping, scrouging, scrubbing, scrumming, scrupling, scuffling, sculpting, scumbling, scurrying, scutching, scuttling, seafaring, sealskins, seaminess, searching, searingly, searobins, seasoning, seatrains, secerning, secluding, seconding, secreting, secretins, sectoring, seediness, seedlings, seemingly, seesawing, selecting, semifinal, seminally, seminomad, semolinas, sensating, sentinels, sequinned, seriating, serotinal, serotines, serotonin, serrating, servicing, settlings, shackling, shadiness, shadowing, shaftings, shakiness, shambling, shammying, shamoying, sharkskin, shaveling, shealings, shearings, shearling, sheathing, sheepskin, sheetings, shelvings, shielding, shielings, shillings, shimmying, shinbones, shinglers, shingling, shininess, shinleafs, shinneyed, shinnying, shippings, shirrings, shirtings, shivering, shlepping, shlumping, shmoozing, shootings, shoppings, shoreline, shoveling, showering, showiness, showrings, shredding, shrieking, shrieving, shrilling, shrimping, shrinkage, shrinkers, shrinking, shroffing, shrouding, shrugging, shuckings, shuffling, shuttling, sibylline, sickening, sicklying, sidelined, sideliner, sidelines, sidespins, sightings, signaling, signeting, signorina, signorine, silencing, silkaline, silkiness, silkoline, silliness, silvering, simazines, simmering, simpering, sinapisms, sincerely, sincerest, sincerity, sincipita, sinciputs, sinecures, singleton, singsongs, singsongy, singspiel, singulars, sinicized, sinicizes, sinistral, sinkholes, sinlessly, sinologue, sintering, sinuating, sinuosity, sinuously, sinusitis, sinusoids, siphoning, sistering, situating, sketching, skewering, skidooing, skiffling, skijoring, skillings, skimmings, skinflint, skinheads, skinniest, skintight, skiorings, skirtings, skivvying, sklenting, skydiving, slaloming, slashings, slattings, slavering, sleddings, sleepings, sleighing, sleuthing, slighting, sliminess, slingshot, slinkiest, slivering, slouching, sloughing, slubbings, slurrying, smaltines, smilingly, smirching, smockings, smokiness, smooching, smoothing, smuggling, smutching, snaffling, snakeskin, snatching, sniffling, sniggling, snitching, sniveling, snoozling, snowiness, snuffling, snuggling, soapiness, socketing, soddening, softening, sogginess, solanines, soldering, solvating, something, sonatinas, sonneting, sootiness, soppiness, sopranino, sorriness, sorrowing, sortieing, soundings, sourdines, southings, spackling, spangling, spankings, sparingly, sparkling, sparlings, sparteine, speakings, spearmint, speckling, speedings, speerings, spellbind, spellings, spermines, sphincter, sphingids, spiciness, spikiness, spilikins, spillikin, spinaches, spindlers, spindlier, spindling, spindrift, spineless, spinelike, spinelles, spininess, spinnaker, spinneret, spinnings, spinosity, spinsters, spinulose, spiraling, spiriting, splashing, splatting, splinters, splintery, splinting, splitting, splodging, sploshing, splurging, spoolings, spraining, sprawling, spreading, sprigging, springald, springals, springbok, springers, springier, springily, springing, sprinkled, sprinkler, sprinkles, sprinters, sprinting, spritzing, sprouting, squadding, squalling, squashing, squatting, squawking, squeaking, squealing, squeezing, squegging, squibbing, squidding, squinched, squinches, squinnied, squinnier, squinnies, squinters, squintest, squintier, squinting, squirming, squirting, squishing, squushing, stablings, staginess, stainable, stainless, staminate, stanching, standings, starching, starlings, startling, steadings, steadying, stealings, steapsins, stearines, steevings, steinboks, stereoing, sterlings, stickling, stickpins, stingaree, stingiest, stingless, stingrays, stinkards, stinkbugs, stinkhorn, stinkiest, stinkpots, stinkweed, stinkwood, stippling, stitching, stithying, stockinet, stockings, stoniness, stoppling, stounding, strainers, straining, stranding, strapping, streaking, streaming, streeking, streeling, stressing, striating, stringent, stringers, stringier, stringing, stripings, stripling, stripping, strolling, stropping, strouding, strumming, strunting, strutting, stuccoing, studdings, stuffings, stumbling, stylising, stylizing, stymieing, subalpine, subbasins, subducing, subjoined, sublating, subliming, submarine, suborning, subsiding, subsuming, subtilins, subvening, subwaying, succinate, succinyls, succoring, suckering, sucklings, suffering, sufficing, suffixing, suffusing, suiciding, sulfating, sulfinyls, sulfuring, sulkiness, summating, summering, summiting, summoning, sundering, sunniness, sunshines, superfine, superlain, supermind, supermini, superthin, supinated, supinates, supinator, supplying, supposing, surcingle, surfacing, surliness, surmising, surnaming, surprints, surtaxing, surveying, surviving, suspiring, sustained, sustainer, suzerains, swaddling, swanskins, sweepings, sweetings, swellings, swimmings, swindlers, swindling, swineherd, swingeing, swingiest, swingings, swingling, swinishly, switching, swiveling, swizzling, swooshing, swounding, sycamines, symboling, sympathin, synapsing, synclinal, synclines, syphering, syphoning, syringing, tableting, taborines, tabouring, tachinids, tackiness, tacklings, tailoring, tailspins, tailwinds, taintless, talapoins, talkiness, tallaging, tallowing, tamarinds, tampering, tamponing, tangerine, tapelines, tardiness, targeting, tariffing, tarpaulin, tasseling, tastiness, tattering, tattiness, tattooing, tautening, tawniness, taxpaying, teachings, tearstain, teaseling, teasingly, teazeling, teemingly, teetering, teethings, telfering, tellingly, tempering, tenanting, tendering, tendinous, tentering, teosintes, tepefying, terebinth, teredines, terminals, terminate, terpineol, terpinols, terracing, terrapins, testiness, tethering, texturing, thatching, thebaines, thereinto, theremins, thiamines, thiazines, thinclads, thindowns, thingness, thingummy, thinkable, thinkably, thinkings, thionines, thirsting, tholepins, thralling, thrashing, threadfin, threading, threaping, threating, threeping, threonine, threshing, thrilling, throating, throbbing, thrombins, thronging, thrumming, thrusting, thumbkins, thwacking, thwarting, thylacine, thymidine, thymosins, thyroxine, thyroxins, ticketing, tiffining, tillering, timbering, timelines, tinctured, tinctures, tinderbox, tingliest, tinkerers, tinkering, tinkliest, tinklings, tinniness, tinplates, tinseling, tinselled, tinsmiths, tinstones, tipsiness, tiptoeing, titrating, tittering, tittuping, tochering, toileting, tolidines, toluidine, toluidins, tonguings, tonsuring, topminnow, torturing, totalling, tottering, touchline, towelings, towelling, trachling, trackings, traducing, trainable, trainband, trainfuls, trainings, trainload, trainways, traipsing, trameling, tramlines, trampling, trapesing, traplines, trappings, traveling, treadling, treddling, trembling, trenching, trephined, trephines, tretinoin, triazines, trichinae, trichinal, trichinas, trickling, triclinia, triclinic, tricotine, triflings, trilinear, trimmings, trindling, trinities, trinketed, trinketer, trinketry, trinomial, trippings, trithings, trollings, trollying, trophying, troponins, trotlines, troubling, trouncing, troweling, truanting, truckings, truckline, truckling, trundling, trussings, tsktsking, tuckering, tumblings, tumefying, tumplines, tunneling, turbinals, turbinate, turtlings, twaddling, twangling, twattling, tweedling, twiddling, twillings, twinberry, twingeing, twinklers, twinkling, twinnings, twinships, twistings, twitching, typifying, tyramines, tyrocidin, tyrosines, uglifying, uintahite, uintaites, ultrafine, ultrathin, ululating, umlauting, unamusing, unbanning, unbarring, unbearing, unbelting, unbending, unbinding, unblinded, unbolting, unbracing, unbraking, unbudging, uncapping, unceasing, uncertain, unchained, unchoking, unclosing, uncloying, uncoating, uncocking, uncoffins, uncoiling, uncorking, uncrating, uncuffing, uncurbing, uncurling, undefined, underlain, underline, underling, undermine, underpins, underspin, underwing, undocking, undrained, undraping, undrawing, unfailing, unfeeling, unfencing, unfitting, unfolding, unfreeing, unfurling, ungirding, ungloving, unhairing, unhanding, unhanging, unhatting, unheeding, unhelming, unhinging, unhooding, unhooking, unhorsing, unhousing, unhusking, unilineal, unilinear, unindexed, uninjured, uninsured, uninvited, unitizing, unjointed, unkindest, unkinking, unknowing, unlashing, unleading, unlinking, unloading, unlocking, unloosing, unmanning, unmasking, unmeaning, unmeshing, unmindful, unmingled, unmingles, unmitring, unmolding, unmooring, unnailing, unnerving, unpacking, unpainted, unpegging, unpenning, unpicking, unpinning, unquoting, unreeling, unreeving, unrefined, unrigging, unripping, unrolling, unroofing, unrooting, unsealing, unseaming, unseating, unselling, unsetting, unsmiling, unsparing, unstained, unstating, unstinted, unstrings, untacking, untainted, untidying, untrained, untucking, untwining, unvarying, unveiling, unvoicing, unweaving, unweeting, unwilling, unwinders, unwinding, unwishing, unwitting, unzipping, upbearing, upbinding, upboiling, upcasting, upcoiling, upcurling, upcurving, updarting, upflowing, upfolding, upgirding, upgrading, upgrowing, upheaping, upheaving, upholding, upleaping, uplifting, uploading, upraising, uprearing, uprisings, uprooting, uprousing, uprushing, upscaling, upsending, upsetting, upsoaring, upsprings, upstaging, upstaring, upsurging, uptearing, uptilting, uptossing, upturning, upwafting, upwelling, uraninite, uredinial, uredinium, urinaries, urinating, urination, urinemias, urokinase, utilising, utilizing, vaccinate, vaccinees, vaccinial, vaccinias, vacuuming, vaginally, vaginitis, vainglory, valancing, valentine, valuating, vamoosing, vanillins, vanishing, vaporings, vapouring, variating, varooming, varyingly, vasotocin, vaticinal, vaultings, vectoring, veeringly, veinulets, veneering, venturing, veratrine, veratrins, verifying, verminous, vesturing, vetchling, vibrating, vicereine, vicinages, viewpoint, vilifying, vinaceous, vinculums, vindaloos, vindicate, vinegared, vineyards, viniferas, vinifying, vintagers, violating, violinist, viomycins, virginals, virginity, visioning, vitamines, vitelline, vitellins, vitiating, vivifying, volleying, voodooing, vulturine, wackiness, wafflings, waggoning, wainscots, waistings, waistline, wakenings, walloping, wallowing, wandering, wantoning, warfarins, warningly, warstling, washbasin, waterings, waterline, wauchting, waughting, wayfaring, waygoings, waylaying, weakening, weaklings, weanlings, weaponing, weariness, wearingly, weaseling, weediness, weeweeing, weighting, welcoming, weltering, westering, wheedling, wheelings, wheepling, whereinto, wherrying, whiffling, whinchats, whingeing, whiningly, whinniest, whinnying, whinstone, whippings, whirlwind, whirrying, whishting, whistling, whitening, whitewing, whittling, whooshing, wildering, wildlings, willinger, willingly, willowing, wimpiness, windblast, windblown, windbreak, windburns, windburnt, windchill, windfalls, windflaws, windgalls, windhover, windiness, windlings, windmills, windowing, windpipes, windproof, windrowed, windsocks, windstorm, windsurfs, windswept, windthrow, windwards, wineglass, winepress, wineshops, wineskins, wingbacks, wingdings, wingovers, wingspans, winningly, winnowers, winnowing, winsomely, winsomest, winterers, winterier, wintering, winterize, wintriest, wispiness, witchings, withering, wittiness, wittingly, wolverine, womankind, womenkind, wondering, woodbinds, woodbines, woodiness, woodwinds, woolskins, wooziness, wordiness, worldling, worriting, worsening, wrangling, wrappings, wrassling, wrastling, wreathing, wreckings, wrenching, wrestling, wriggling, wrinklier, wrinkling, wuthering, xantheins, xanthines, xylidines, yabbering, yachtings, yammering, yattering, yawningly, yeanlings, yearlings, yearnings, yellowfin, yellowing, yodelling, yohimbine, youngling, zamindari, zamindars, zecchinos, zemindars, zemindary, zeppelins, zibelines, zibelline, zincified, zincifies, zinfandel, zinkified, zinkifies, zippering, zucchinis10-letter wordsabandoning, abdicating, abnegating, abolishing, abominable, abominably, abominated, abominates, abominator, aboriginal, aborigines, abreacting, abrogating, abscessing, absconding, abstainers, abstaining, absterging, abstinence, acclaiming, accounting, accoutring, accusingly, acerbating, acetifying, achinesses, acidifying, acierating, acquainted, acquitting, actinolite, activating, activizing, actomyosin, adamantine, addressing, adenosines, adhibiting, adjourning, administer, admiringly, adrenaline, adulterine, advocating, affiancing, affinities, afflicting, affronting, aflatoxins, agglutinin, aggressing, aggrieving, airinesses, airlifting, airmailing, alarmingly, albinistic, albuminous, alienating, alimenting, alinements, alkalinity, alkalinize, alkalising, alkalizing, alkylating, allantoins, allethrins, allocating, alluringly, almandines, almsgiving, aluminates, aluminiums, aluminized, aluminizes, amantadine, ambulating, amnestying, amortising, amortizing, ampicillin, amplifying, amputating, amygdalins, amylopsins, andantinos, anguishing, angulating, anilinctus, ankylosing, annotating, announcing, annoyingly, anointment, anopheline, anteceding, antedating, antiauxins, antibusing, anticaking, anticlinal, anticlines, antidoting, antimycins, antinature, antinausea, antinomian, antinomies, antinovels, antipyrine, antitoxins, antivenins, aphorising, aphorizing, appareling, appertains, appetising, appetizing, applauding, appointees, appointing, appointive, appraising, aquamarine, aquatinted, aquatinter, aquilinity, arabinoses, arborizing, arccosines, archaising, archaizing, arecolines, argentines, armaturing, arraigning, arrogating, artinesses, ascertains, ashinesses, asparagine, asperating, asphalting, aspirating, assagaiing, assaulting, assegaiing, assembling, astounding, astricting, astringent, astringing, atrophying, attainable, attainders, attainment, attainting, attempting, attracting, aubergines, auctioning, augmenting, ausforming, autolysing, autolyzing, automating, autopsying, autosexing, aventurine, avianizing, babbitting, bacitracin, backbiting, backdating, backfiring, backswings, badinaging, badmintons, bafflingly, baldachino, baldachins, ballasting, ballerinas, ballooning, ballpoints, banalizing, banqueting, barbecuing, barbequing, bargainers, bargaining, barhopping, barkentine, barracking, barrelling, bartending, baseliners, bassetting, bastinades, batfowling, bayoneting, beatifying, beblooding, bechalking, bechancing, becharming, beclasping, becloaking, beclogging, beclothing, beclouding, beclowning, becomingly, becrawling, becrowding, becrusting, bedabbling, bedazzling, bedeviling, bedighting, bedimpling, bedirtying, bedizening, bedrugging, bedsprings, bedwarfing, beekeeping, befingered, beflagging, beflecking, befretting, befringing, befuddling, beginnings, begirdling, begladding, beglooming, begrimming, begroaning, begrudging, behindhand, bejeweling, bejumbling, beknotting, belaboring, belittling, belongings, bemadaming, bemingling, bemuddling, bemuzzling, beneficing, benefiting, bengalines, benzidines, benzocaine, bepainting, bepimpling, berberines, bescouring, beseeching, beshouting, beshrewing, besmearing, besmudging, besmutting, besoothing, bespeaking, bespousing, besprinkle, besteading, bestirring, bestrewing, bestriding, bestrowing, bestudding, beswarming, bethanking, bethinking, bethorning, bethumping, betokening, betrothing, bevomiting, bewearying, bewitching, beworrying, bewrapping, bigeminies, bilinguals, bilirubins, biliverdin, binational, binaurally, binoculars, binomially, binucleate, biofouling, birdbrains, birdliming, bitchiness, bituminize, bituminous, blabbering, blackening, blanketing, blarneying, blathering, blattering, blazonings, bleariness, blemishing, blethering, blindfolds, blindingly, blindsided, blindsides, blindworms, blinkering, blistering, blithering, blockading, bloodiness, bloodlines, bloodstain, blossoming, bloviating, blubbering, bluepoints, blueprints, blundering, blurriness, blurringly, blushingly, blustering, boatswains, bobtailing, boldfacing, bolstering, bombarding, bombazines, bombinated, bombinates, boninesses, bookbinder, bookmaking, borderline, boringness, borrowings, botanising, botanizing, botulinums, bouncingly, bovinities, bowstrings, boxhauling, boxinesses, boycotting, bracketing, bradykinin, braincases, brainchild, braininess, brainpower, brainstorm, branchline, brassiness, bratticing, brattiness, brawniness, breadlines, breathings, breechings, breeziness, brevetting, brigandine, brigantine, bringdowns, broadening, broidering, brokerings, bromelains, brominated, brominates, broodiness, broodingly, brothering, brutifying, buccinator, bucklering, buckraming, buffaloing, bulldozing, bulletined, bulwarking, bumblingly, bumpkinish, bunglingly, burgeoning, burnishing, burthening, bushelling, businesses, bustlingly, butchering, butylating, byssinoses, byssinosis, cachinnate, cadaverine, caginesses, calamining, calamondin, calcifying, calcimined, calcimines, calcinoses, calcinosis, calcitonin, caliginous, calipering, callousing, calmodulin, calorizing, campesinos, canalising, canalizing, cancelling, candlepins, caninities, cannabinol, canonising, canonizing, canoodling, canulating, canvassing, caponizing, cappuccino, caprioling, capsaicins, captaining, captioning, carabineer, carabinero, carabiners, carabinier, caracoling, caravaning, carcinogen, carcinoids, carcinomas, cardinally, caregiving, caretaking, carjacking, carnifying, carnitines, carotinoid, carpetings, carpooling, cartooning, caseinates, cashiering, castrating, casuarinas, cataloging, catalyzing, catarrhine, catcalling, catenating, catfacings, cathecting, cathepsins, catnapping, caucussing, cautioning, cavitating, celandines, celloidins, centerline, centupling, cephalexin, certainest, certifying, ceruminous, chaffering, chagrining, chagrinned, chainsawed, chainwheel, chambering, chamfering, chamoising, chanciness, changeling, channeling, chaplaincy, chaptering, charioting, charminger, charmingly, chartering, chastening, chastising, chatelaine, chatelains, chattering, chattiness, chauvinism, chauvinist, cheapening, checkering, checkpoint, checkreins, cheekiness, cheeriness, cheesiness, chequering, cherishing, chickening, chieftains, chilblains, chilliness, chillingly, chinaberry, chinawares, chinchiest, chinchilla, chinkapins, chinquapin, chintziest, chippering, chirruping, chiselling, chittering, chivariing, chloramine, chlorinate, chlorinity, choppering, choppiness, chorussing, chowdering, chromaffin, chromatins, chromizing, chubbiness, chumminess, chuntering, churchings, cimetidine, cinchonine, cinchonism, cincturing, cinemagoer, cinematize, cinerarias, cinerarium, cinquefoil, circuiting, cisplatins, citrulline, civilising, civilizing, clabbering, clambering, clamminess, clamouring, clangoring, clankingly, clarifying, clarioning, classiness, clattering, claughting, clearwings, clingstone, clinically, clinicians, clinkering, clinometer, clinquants, clintonias, clobbering, clonidines, clothespin, cloudiness, clubbiness, clumsiness, clustering, cluttering, coadmiring, coalescing, coalifying, coannexing, coarsening, coassuming, coastlines, cobalamins, cobaltines, cobwebbing, cocainized, cocainizes, cocaptains, cochairing, cochineals, cocoonings, cocreating, coderiving, codominant, coenacting, coenduring, coequating, coerecting, coevolving, coexerting, coexisting, cofinanced, cofinances, cofounding, cogitating, cognominal, cohabiting, cohobating, coiffuring, coincident, coinciding, coinferred, coinhering, coinsurers, coinsuring, cointerred, coinvented, coinventor, coinvestor, colchicine, collapsing, collecting, colloguing, colocating, colonising, colonizing, colorizing, colorpoint, columbines, comanaging, combatting, combinable, combusting, comeliness, comforting, comingling, commanding, commencing, commending, commenting, commercing, commingled, commingles, comminuted, comminutes, committing, compacting, companying, comparting, compassing, compeering, compelling, complained, complainer, complaints, completing, complexing, comporting, composting, comprising, comprizing, concealing, conceiting, conceiving, concerning, concertina, concerting, concertino, concinnity, concluding, concocting, concreting, concubines, concurring, concussing, condemning, condensing, conducting, confabbing, confecting, conferring, confessing, confirming, conflating, conforming, congealing, congesting, conglobing, conjoining, conjointly, connecting, conominees, conquering, consenting, conserving, consigning, consisting, consorting, conspiring, constrains, constraint, constringe, construing, consulting, contacting, containers, containing, contemning, contending, contenting, contesting, continence, continents, contingent, continuant, continuate, continuers, continuing, continuity, continuous, continuums, contorting, contouring, contriving, convecting, conventing, converging, conversing, converting, convicting, convincers, convincing, convolving, convulsing, coordinate, coplotting, copulating, coquetting, corallines, corbelings, corbelling, cordelling, cordwainer, corelating, cornrowing, coronating, corotating, corralling, correcting, corrupting, cosinesses, costarring, costliness, counseling, countering, couponings, cousinages, cousinhood, cousinries, cousinship, covellines, covetingly, coxswained, cozinesses, crackbrain, cracklings, craftiness, cragginess, crankiness, crashingly, craunching, creakiness, creaminess, creatinine, creepiness, crenelling, creolising, creolizing, creosoting, cretinisms, crevassing, cricketing, criminally, criminated, criminates, crimsoning, crinkliest, crinolined, crinolines, crispening, crispiness, critiquing, crocheting, croqueting, crosswinds, crucifying, crumblings, crumminess, crushingly, crustiness, cuckolding, cuckoopint, cudgelling, cuirassing, culinarian, culinarily, culminated, culminates, cumulating, cunningest, curarizing, curlicuing, curtailing, curtaining, curtseying, curvetting, cushioning, cutinising, cutinizing, cylindered, cysteamine, cystinuria, cytokinins, cytolysins, cytotoxins, daintiness, damagingly, damnifying, dandifying, daringness, datelining, daundering, daunomycin, dauntingly, dazzlingly, deadenings, deadliness, deaerating, deaminases, deaminated, deaminates, debauching, debouching, debriefing, debruising, decentring, decimating, declaiming, declassing, declinable, decoloring, decorating, decoupling, decreasing, decrowning, decrypting, dedicating, defaulting, defecating, defeminize, defilading, definement, definienda, definitely, definition, definitive, definitize, definitude, deflecting, defocusing, defrauding, defrocking, defrosting, degaussing, degreasing, deionizing, delaminate, delegating, delighting, delimiting, delineated, delineates, delineator, delinquent, delivering, delphinium, demagoging, demeriting, demonising, demonizing, demounting, denaturing, denizening, denominate, denouncing, densifying, denudating, deorbiting, depainting, depilating, depositing, depressing, depurating, deputizing, deracinate, deraigning, deridingly, derogating, derringers, desalinate, desalinize, descanting, descending, describing, deservings, desolating, despairing, despoiling, desponding, destaining, destroying, desugaring, detainment, determined, determiner, determines, dethroning, detonating, detracting, detraining, developing, dewatering, dewinesses, dezincking, diagnosing, diagraming, diakineses, diakinesis, dialoguing, diamonding, diapausing, dicoumarin, dieselings, digitalins, digitizing, digitonins, digitoxins, dignifying, digressing, dimerizing, diminished, diminishes, diminuendo, diminution, diminutive, dingdonged, dinnerless, dinnertime, dinnerware, diplomaing, dipnetting, disabusing, disappoint, disavowing, disbanding, disbarring, disbudding, disbursing, discanting, discarding, discepting, discerning, discipline, discipling, disclosing, discording, discussing, disdainful, disdaining, disgorging, disgracing, disguising, disgusting, dishelming, disincline, disinfects, disinfests, disinherit, disinhibit, disinvests, disinvited, disinvites, disjecting, disjoining, disjointed, dislimning, dislodging, dismasting, dismissing, disobeying, disparting, dispelling, dispending, dispensing, dispersing, displacing, displaying, disploding, displuming, disporting, disprizing, disproving, disrooting, disrupting, disseating, dissecting, disseising, disseisins, disseizing, disseizins, dissenting, disserting, disserving, dissolving, dissuading, distaining, distancing, distasting, distelfink, distending, distilling, distincter, distinctly, distorting, distrained, distrainer, distrainor, distraints, disturbing, disuniting, disvaluing, divagating, divination, divinatory, divinising, divinities, divinizing, dizzyingly, doglegging, dognapping, domiciling, dominances, dominantly, dominating, domination, dominative, dominators, dominatrix, domineered, dominicker, dominiques, doomsaying, dopinesses, doubtingly, downsizing, downswings, dozinesses, draftiness, draggingly, dragooning, drainpipes, draughting, drawlingly, drawstring, dreaminess, dreariness, dressiness, driftingly, drinkables, drivelines, drivelling, drivetrain, droopingly, drowsiness, drudgingly, dulcifying, dungeoning, duralumins, dynamiting, dyskinesia, dyskinetic, earmarking, earthiness, earthlings, earthshine, earwigging, easinesses, echeloning, echinoderm, edginesses, eerinesses, effeminacy, effeminate, eglantines, electroing, eledoisins, eliminated, eliminates, eliminator, elongating, eluviating, emaciating, emarginate, embargoing, embattling, embeddings, embezzling, embonpoint, embosoming, emboweling, embowering, embroiling, embrowning, emendating, emigrating, eminencies, empaneling, empowering, empurpling, enamelling, enamouring, enchaining, enchanting, encircling, enclasping, encrusting, encrypting, endamaging, endocrines, endorphins, endotoxins, enduringly, energising, energizing, enervating, enfeebling, enfeoffing, enfevering, enfilading, engagingly, engineered, engineries, engirdling, englishing, englutting, engrafting, engrailing, engraining, engravings, engrossing, enkephalin, enkindling, enlivening, ensanguine, ensconcing, enshrinees, enshrining, ensilaging, ensnarling, ensphering, enswathing, entangling, entertains, enthroning, enticingly, entrainers, entraining, entrancing, entrapping, entreating, entrusting, entwisting, enveloping, envenoming, environing, envisaging, enwheeling, enwrapping, eosinophil, ephedrines, epiloguing, epinasties, epinephrin, epineurium, equalising, equalizing, equinities, eradiating, ergonovine, ergotamine, eructating, erythrosin, escalading, escalating, escaloping, escheating, estaminets, estimating, estivating, estranging, estreating, eternising, eternizing, etherizing, ethicizing, ethionines, ethylating, etiolating, euglobulin, eulogising, eulogizing, euryhaline, evacuating, evaluating, evanescing, evanishing, everduring, everything, evidencing, evildoings, exactingly, examinable, examinants, excavating, excerpting, exchanging, excitingly, exclaiming, execrating, exercising, exhausting, exhibiting, exorcising, exorcizing, expediting, explainers, explaining, explanting, exploiting, expositing, expounding, expressing, exscinding, extermined, extermines, extincting, extinction, extinctive, extinguish, extracting, extubating, exultingly, exuviating, eyeballing, eyeletting, eyestrains, eyestrings, faggotings, falsifying, fancifying, fanfolding, fantasying, fantoccini, faradising, faradizing, fascinated, fascinates, fascinator, fashioning, fastenings, faultiness, feathering, federating, feistiness, felinities, feminacies, femininely, femininity, feminising, feministic, feminities, feminizing, fermenting, ferredoxin, ferrelling, ferretings, fescennine, festinated, festinates, festooning, fetchingly, fettuccine, fettuccini, fiberizing, fibrinogen, fibrinoids, filmmaking, filthiness, filtrating, finalising, finalities, finalizing, financiers, financings, finenesses, fingerhold, fingerings, fingerlike, fingerling, fingernail, fingerpick, fingerpost, fingertips, finickiest, finiteness, finnickier, firstlings, fissioning, flabbiness, flagellins, flaggingly, flamingoes, flanneling, flashiness, flattening, flattering, flavorings, flavouring, fledglings, fleeringly, fleetingly, flemishing, fleshiness, fletchings, flickering, flimsiness, flintiness, flintlocks, flittering, floodplain, floppiness, flouncings, fluffiness, fluidising, fluidizing, flummoxing, fluorinate, flustering, fluttering, flyblowing, focalising, focalizing, folksiness, folksinger, followings, footnoting, footprints, foraminous, forbearing, forbidding, forearming, foreboding, forebrains, foredating, forefinger, foreordain, foreseeing, forfeiting, forfending, forgetting, forjudging, formatting, fortifying, forwarding, fossicking, fosterling, foundering, foundlings, fountained, foxhunting, foxinesses, fozinesses, fracturing, francolins, fraughting, fraxinella, freakiness, freebasing, freemartin, freezingly, freighting, freshening, friskiness, frittering, frivolling, frizziness, frolicking, frostiness, frothiness, frowningly, fruitiness, fulfilling, fuliginous, fulminated, fulminates, fumblingly, fumigating, funnelling, furbishing, furnishing, furthering, fusulinids, gabardines, gaberdines, gadolinite, gadolinium, gadrooning, gaingiving, gainsayers, gainsaying, galantines, galingales, gallamines, gallanting, gallerying, gallinules, galumphing, gambolling, gaminesses, gangrening, gantleting, garlanding, garmenting, garnishing, garrotting, gatherings, gauffering, gavelkinds, gelatinize, gelatinous, geminating, gemination, generating, gentamicin, germinally, germinated, germinates, gibbetting, gigglingly, gimballing, gimmicking, gingellies, gingerroot, gingersnap, gingivites, gingivitis, glaciating, gladdening, glamouring, glancingly, glassiness, glimmering, glissading, glistening, glistering, glittering, gloatingly, gloominess, glorifying, glossiness, glutamines, glycerines, goddamming, goddamning, gorinesses, gossipping, graduating, graecizing, grainfield, graininess, gramicidin, gramineous, grapevines, grapplings, graspingly, gratifying, gravelling, greasiness, greatening, greediness, greenfinch, greenlings, greenwings, gregarines, grenadines, grimalkins, grinderies, grindingly, grindstone, grinningly, grippingly, grisliness, grittiness, grogginess, grosgrains, groundings, groundling, groupthink, grovelling, growliness, growlingly, grubbiness, grudgingly, gruelingly, gruellings, grumpiness, guanidines, guanosines, gudgeoning, guerdoning, guidelines, guillotine, guiltiness, gumshoeing, gunkholing, gunrunning, gunslinger, gutterings, hackneying, hairspring, haloclines, hamstrings, handprints, handseling, handspring, hanselling, happenings, haranguing, harbingers, harbouring, hardenings, hardwiring, harlequins, harnessing, harpooning, harshening, harumphing, harvesting, hatcheling, hatchlings, hauntingly, hawfinches, hazinesses, headliners, headlining, headspring, hearkening, heartening, heartiness, hebetating, hebraizing, helminthic, hematinics, hemocyanin, hemoglobin, hemolysins, hemolyzing, henpecking, hepatizing, herniating, heroinisms, hesitating, hesperidin, hexokinase, hiccupping, highbinder, hindbrains, hindrances, hindsights, hinterland, hirselling, histamines, histidines, hoactzines, hoarsening, hobgoblins, hobnailing, hobnobbing, hokinesses, holidaying, holinesses, homecoming, homeliness, homemaking, hominesses, hominizing, hoodwinked, hoodwinker, hoofprints, hopsacking, horrifying, horsemints, hosannaing, hostelling, hostessing, hotdogging, hotfooting, houselling, humanising, humanizing, humblingly, humbugging, humdingers, hummocking, hungriness, husbanding, hydrazines, iceboating, ickinesses, idealising, idealizing, iffinesses, ignominies, illuminant, illuminate, illuminati, illumining, illuminism, illuminist, imaginable, imaginably, imbosoming, imbowering, imbrowning, imipramine, imminences, imminently, immingling, immolating, immunising, immunizing, impainting, impaneling, impeaching, impearling, imperiling, implanting, impleading, impledging, imposingly, impounding, impowering, impregning, impressing, imprinters, imprinting, inaccuracy, inaccurate, inactivate, inactively, inactivity, inadequacy, inadequate, inamoratas, inanitions, inapparent, inapposite, inaptitude, inarguable, inarguably, inartistic, inaugurals, inaugurate, inbounding, inbreathed, inbreathes, inbreeding, incandesce, incapacity, incarnated, incarnates, incautions, incautious, incendiary, incentives, inceptions, inceptives, incessancy, incestuous, inchoately, inchoative, incidences, incidental, incinerate, incipience, incipiency, incisively, incitation, incitement, incivility, inclasping, inclemency, inclinable, inclinings, inclipping, inclosures, includable, includible, inclusions, incogitant, incognitas, incognitos, incoherent, incommoded, incommodes, incomplete, inconstant, incorpsing, increasers, increasing, incredible, incredibly, increments, increscent, incrossing, incrusting, incubating, incubation, incubative, incubators, incubatory, inculcated, inculcates, inculcator, inculpable, inculpated, inculpates, incumbency, incumbents, incumbered, incunables, incunabula, incurables, incurrence, incursions, incurvated, incurvates, indagating, indagation, indagators, indecenter, indecently, indecision, indecisive, indecorous, indecorums, indefinite, indelicacy, indelicate, indentions, indentured, indentures, indexation, indexicals, indicating, indication, indicative, indicators, indicatory, indictable, indictions, indictment, indigences, indigenize, indigenous, indigested, indigotins, indirectly, indiscreet, indisposed, indisposes, indistinct, individual, indocility, indolences, indolently, indophenol, inducement, inductance, inductions, indulgence, indurating, induration, indurative, industrial, industries, indwellers, indwelling, inearthing, inebriants, inebriated, inebriates, ineducable, inefficacy, inelegance, ineligible, ineloquent, ineludible, ineptitude, inequality, inequities, inertially, inevitable, inevitably, inexistent, inexorable, inexorably, inexpertly, inexpiable, inexpiably, inexplicit, infallible, infallibly, infamously, infantries, infarction, infatuated, infatuates, infeasible, infections, infectious, infelicity, infeoffing, inferences, inferiorly, infernally, inferrible, infestants, infidelity, infielders, infighters, infighting, infiltrate, infinitely, infinities, infinitive, infinitude, infixation, inflatable, inflations, inflecting, inflection, inflective, inflexible, inflexibly, inflexions, inflicters, inflicting, infliction, inflictive, inflictors, influenced, influences, influenzal, influenzas, informally, informants, informedly, infracting, infraction, infrahuman, infrasonic, infrequent, infringers, infringing, infuriated, infuriates, infusorian, ingathered, ingestible, ingestions, inglenooks, inglorious, ingrafting, ingraining, ingratiate, ingredient, ingression, ingressive, inhabitant, inhabiters, inhabiting, inhalation, inhalators, inharmonic, inherences, inherently, inheriting, inheritors, inheritrix, inhibiting, inhibition, inhibitive, inhibitors, inhibitory, inholdings, inhumanely, inhumanity, inhumation, inimically, inimitable, inimitably, iniquities, iniquitous, initialing, initialism, initialize, initialled, initiating, initiation, initiative, initiators, initiatory, injectable, injectants, injections, injunction, injunctive, injustices, inkberries, inkinesses, innateness, innermosts, innersoles, innervated, innervates, innkeepers, innocences, innocenter, innocently, innominate, innovating, innovation, innovative, innovators, innovatory, innuendoed, innuendoes, innumeracy, innumerate, innumerous, inoculants, inoculated, inoculates, inoculator, inoperable, inordinate, inosculate, inpatients, inpourings, inquieting, inquietude, inquilines, inquisitor, insaneness, insanitary, insanities, insatiable, insatiably, inscribers, inscribing, inscrolled, insculping, insecurely, insecurity, inselberge, inselbergs, inseminate, insensible, insensibly, insentient, insertions, insheathed, inshrining, insightful, insinuated, insinuates, insinuator, insipidity, insistence, insistency, insobriety, insociable, insociably, insolating, insolation, insolences, insolently, insolubles, insolvable, insolvably, insolvency, insolvents, insomniacs, insouciant, inspanning, inspecting, inspection, inspective, inspectors, insphering, inspirator, inspirited, inspissate, installers, installing, instalment, instancies, instancing, instarring, instigated, instigates, instigator, instillers, instilling, instituted, instituter, institutes, institutor, instructed, instructor, instrument, insufflate, insularism, insularity, insulating, insulation, insulators, insurances, insurgence, insurgency, insurgents, inswathing, intactness, intaglioed, intangible, intangibly, integrable, integrally, integrands, integrated, integrates, integrator, integument, intellects, intendance, intendants, intendedly, intendment, intenerate, intensions, intensives, intentions, intentness, interabang, interacted, interbasin, interbreed, intercaste, interceded, interceder, intercedes, intercepts, interchain, interclass, intercrops, intercross, interdicts, interested, interfaced, interfaces, interfaith, interfered, interferer, interferes, interferon, interfiber, interfiled, interfiles, interfluve, interfused, interfuses, intergrade, intergraft, intergroup, interionic, interiorly, interjects, interlaced, interlaces, interlards, interlayer, interleave, interlends, interlined, interliner, interlines, interlinks, interlocal, interlocks, interloped, interloper, interlopes, interludes, interlunar, intermarry, intermedin, interments, intermezzi, intermezzo, intermixed, intermixes, intermodal, internally, internists, internment, internodal, internodes, internship, interocean, interorgan, interparty, interphase, interplant, interplays, interplead, interpoint, interposed, interposer, interposes, interprets, interreges, interregna, interrenal, interrogee, interrupts, intersects, intersexes, interspace, interstage, interstate, interstice, intertidal, intertills, intertrial, intertroop, intertwine, intertwist, interunion, interurban, intervales, intervened, intervener, intervenes, intervenor, interviews, interweave, interworks, interwoven, interzonal, intestates, intestinal, intestines, inthralled, inthroning, intimacies, intimately, intimaters, intimating, intimation, intimidate, intinction, intituling, intolerant, intonating, intonation, intoxicant, intoxicate, intradoses, intragenic, intramural, intranasal, intraplate, intrastate, intravital, intravitam, intrazonal, intreating, intrenched, intrenches, intrepidly, intrigants, intriguant, intriguers, intriguing, introduced, introducer, introduces, introfying, introjects, introspect, introverts, intrusions, intrusives, intrusting, intubating, intubation, intuitable, intuitions, intwisting, inunctions, inundating, inundation, inundators, inundatory, inurements, invaginate, invalidate, invaliding, invalidism, invalidity, invaluable, invaluably, invariable, invariably, invariance, invariants, invectives, inveighers, inveighing, inveiglers, inveigling, inventions, inventress, inverities, inversions, invertases, invertible, investable, investment, inveteracy, inveterate, invigilate, invigorate, invincible, invincibly, inviolable, inviolably, invisibles, invitation, invitatory, invitingly, invocating, invocation, invocatory, involucral, involucres, involucrum, involuting, involution, involvedly, inwardness, inwrapping, iodinating, iodination, iridosmine, irrigating, irritating, isoleucine, itinerancy, itinerants, itinerated, itinerates, ivermectin, jaculating, japanizing, jardiniere, jarovizing, jaundicing, jauntiness, javelining, jawbonings, jaywalking, jellifying, jeoparding, jessamines, jingoistic, jinricksha, jinrikisha, jointuring, jointworms, jokinesses, jollifying, journeying, joypopping, joyridings, jubilating, jugulating, julienning, justifying, kallikrein, kanamycins, kaolinites, kaolinitic, karabiners, keelhaling, kennelling, keratinize, keratinous, kernelling, kibbitzing, kickboxing, kidnapping, kilderkins, kindlessly, kindliness, kindnesses, kinematics, kinescoped, kinescopes, kineticist, kinetosome, kingcrafts, kingfisher, kingfishes, kingliness, kingmakers, klutziness, knifepoint, knottiness, knowingest, kolinskies, kundalinis, kurbashing, labyrinths, lacerating, lacinesses, lacquering, lacqueying, lacustrine, ladyfinger, lambasting, lambrequin, lamebrains, laminarian, laminarias, laminarins, laminating, lamination, laminators, lampooning, landowning, langostino, lanuginous, lapidating, lateraling, laterizing, latinities, latinizing, laughingly, laundering, laureating, laurelling, lawmakings, lawyerings, lazinesses, leafleting, leaguering, leathering, leavenings, legalising, legalizing, leguminous, leistering, lentigines, letterings, leucocidin, leveraging, levigating, levitating, liberating, libertines, libidinous, lidocaines, lifesaving, ligaturing, lightening, lightering, lightnings, lignifying, liminesses, limitingly, limousines, lincomycin, lineaments, linearised, linearises, linearized, linearizes, lineations, linebacker, linecaster, linerboard, linguistic, linoleates, lintwhites, lipotropin, lipreading, liquefying, liquifying, lithifying, litigating, liveliness, livingness, lobstering, localising, localizing, locomoting, logicising, logicizing, loginesses, logrolling, loincloths, loneliness, loopholing, lordliness, lovastatin, loveliness, lovemaking, lovingness, lowballing, luciferins, lullabying, luminaires, luminances, luminarias, luminaries, luminesced, luminesces, luminosity, luminously, lustrating, luteinized, luteinizes, lutestring, lymphokine, lyricising, lyricizing, macedoines, macerating, machinable, machinated, machinates, machinator, machinists, mackintosh, maculating, madeleines, mafficking, magazinist, magnifying, mainframes, mainlander, mainlining, mainsheets, mainspring, mainstream, maintained, maintainer, malingered, malingerer, mammocking, manchineel, mandarinic, mandolines, manicuring, mannequins, mapmakings, maraschino, marcelling, margarines, margenting, marginalia, marginally, marginated, marginates, margravine, marinading, marinating, marination, marketings, marshaling, marshiness, martingale, marvelling, mascaraing, masculines, massacring, mastermind, matinesses, maturating, maundering, maximising, maximizing, mazinesses, meandering, meaningful, meclizines, mediastina, medicating, medicinals, medicining, meditating, melanizing, melatonins, melodising, melodizing, memorising, memorizing, menacingly, meningioma, meningitic, meningitis, mentioning, meperidine, merbromins, meromyosin, mescalines, messalines, metalising, metalizing, methedrine, metheglins, methionine, metrifying, mezzanines, mezzotints, micrifying, microcline, microminis, middlingly, midwinters, mightiness, migrainous, militating, minacities, minaudiere, mincemeats, mindblower, mindedness, mindlessly, minefields, minelayers, mineralise, mineralize, mineralogy, minestrone, miniatures, minibikers, minibusses, minicourse, minimalism, minimalist, minimising, minimizers, minimizing, minischool, miniscules, miniseries, miniskirts, ministates, ministered, ministrant, ministries, minorities, minoxidils, minstrelsy, minuscules, minuteness, mirinesses, misallying, misatoning, misbiasing, misbilling, misbinding, miscalling, miscasting, miscoining, miscooking, miscopying, miscutting, misdealing, misdeeming, misdefined, misdefines, misdialing, misdrawing, misdriving, misediting, misfitting, misforming, misframing, misgauging, misgivings, misgrading, misgrowing, misguiding, mishearing, mishitting, misinforms, misjoinder, misjoining, misjudging, miskeeping, miskicking, misknowing, misleading, mislodging, mismarking, mismeeting, mispainted, misparsing, misparting, mispenning, misplacing, misplaying, mispointed, mispoising, mispricing, misprinted, misprizing, misquoting, misraising, misreading, misrelying, misrouting, misseating, missending, missetting, misshaping, missioning, missorting, misspacing, misstating, misstyling, missuiting, mistending, misterming, mistitling, mistracing, mistrained, misvaluing, miswording, miswriting, mitigating, mitomycins, mobilising, mobilizing, moderating, modulating, moistening, mollifying, monetising, monetizing, monitoring, monoamines, monoclines, monoclinic, moonshiner, moonshines, moralising, moralizing, mordanting, morphactin, morphinism, morselling, mortgaging, mortifying, mosaicking, motivating, motorising, motorizing, mouldering, mourningly, mousseline, moviegoing, muckraking, mudcapping, mudslinger, mullioning, multichain, multigrain, mummifying, murthering, muscadines, muscarines, muscarinic, mutilating, mutineered, mutinously, mycotoxins, myelinated, myoglobins, mystifying, mythmaking, nalorphine, nasalising, nasalizing, nauseating, navigating, nebulising, nebulizing, nectarines, negativing, neglecting, nemertines, nephelines, nephelinic, netminders, networking, neurotoxin, newsprints, nickelling, nicknaming, nifedipine, niggarding, nigglingly, nigrifying, nincompoop, nineteenth, ninetieths, ninhydrins, nitpicking, nitrifying, nominalism, nominalist, nominating, nomination, nominative, nominators, nonaspirin, nonbanking, nonbearing, nonbetting, nonbinding, nonbonding, noncabinet, nondrinker, nonearning, nongrowing, nonhousing, nonhunting, noninitial, noninsects, noninsured, nonjoinder, nonjoiners, nonmeeting, nonplaying, nonplusing, nonprotein, nonreading, nonrioting, nonroutine, nonsmoking, nonsuiting, nonvintage, nonvirgins, nonwinning, nonworking, nosinesses, notarizing, nourishing, novelising, novelizing, novobiocin, novocaines, nucleating, nullifying, numerating, numinouses, obligating, obligingly, obsoleting, obtainable, obtainment, obturating, oceangoing, officering, offloading, offprinted, offsetting, offsprings, oilinesses, oinologies, oleaginous, oleoresins, olivinitic, onionskins, oozinesses, opacifying, opalescing, operagoing, oppilating, oppressing, opsonizing, optimising, optimizing, ordainment, ordinances, ordinarier, ordinaries, ordinarily, ordination, organising, organizing, organzines, originally, originated, originates, originator, orneriness, ornithines, osculating, outarguing, outbargain, outbarking, outbawling, outbeaming, outbegging, outbidding, outblazing, outbraving, outbribing, outbulking, outburning, outchiding, outcooking, outcrowing, outcursing, outdancing, outdodging, outdrawing, outdriving, outdueling, outearning, outechoing, outfabling, outfasting, outfawning, outfeeling, outfinding, outfishing, outfitting, outflowing, outfooling, outfooting, outgaining, outgassing, outgivings, outglaring, outglowing, outgnawing, outgrinned, outgrowing, outguiding, outgunning, outhearing, outhitting, outhowling, outhunting, outjinxing, outjumping, outjutting, outkeeping, outkicking, outkilling, outkissing, outlasting, outleaping, outmanning, outpainted, outpassing, outpitying, outplaying, outpointed, outpolling, outpouring, outpraying, outpricing, outpulling, outpushing, outputting, outquoting, outraising, outranging, outranking, outreading, outringing, outroaring, outrocking, outrolling, outrooting, outrunning, outrushing, outsailing, outscoring, outselling, outserving, outshaming, outshining, outsinging, outsinning, outsitting, outskating, outsmiling, outsmoking, outsnoring, outsoaring, outsprints, outstaring, outstating, outstaying, outsulking, outtalking, outtasking, outtelling, outtrading, outvaluing, outvoicing, outwaiting, outwalking, outwarring, outwasting, outwearing, outweeping, outwilling, outwinding, outwishing, outwitting, outworking, outwriting, outyelling, outyelping, ovalbumins, overacting, overbaking, overbuying, overcoming, overcuring, overdaring, overdosing, overdrinks, overdrying, overdyeing, overeating, overflying, overhating, overhoping, overhyping, overinform, overjoying, overlading, overlaying, overliving, overloving, overmining, overmixing, overpaying, overplying, overprints, overrating, overriding, overruling, oversaving, overseeing, oversewing, overstrain, overswings, overtaking, overtaxing, overthinks, overtiming, overtiring, overtrains, overturing, overurging, overvoting, overwinter, oxacillins, oysterings, pacemaking, paddocking, padlocking, paganising, paganizing, paginating, pagination, painfuller, painkiller, painlessly, paintbrush, paintworks, palanquins, palatinate, palavering, palindrome, palisading, palliating, paltriness, pancreatin, panellings, papaverine, paperiness, paraffined, paraffinic, paragoning, paralysing, paralyzing, parboiling, parcelling, parentings, pargetting, pargylines, parqueting, partnering, pasquinade, passerines, patchiness, pathfinder, patinating, patination, patinizing, patrolling, patterning, peacocking, peculating, pedicuring, pellagrins, penalising, penalizing, pencilings, pencilling, peneplains, penicillin, peninsular, peninsulas, pensioning, peppermint, pepsinogen, percalines, perceiving, percussing, peregrines, perfecting, performing, perineuria, periwinkle, permeating, permethrin, permitting, perorating, peroxiding, perpending, perplexing, persisting, perspiring, persuading, pertaining, pertinence, pertinency, perturbing, perverting, petnapping, petrifying, phenacaine, phenacetin, phenazines, phenytoins, philistine, philtering, phosphines, phrensying, physicking, pickaninny, pickeering, picnicking, picrotoxin, pidginized, pidginizes, piercingly, pigeonwing, pigmenting, pillorying, pincerlike, pinchbecks, pinchpenny, pincushion, pineapples, pinfeather, pinfolding, pingrasses, pinknesses, pinnacling, pinnatifid, pinpointed, pinpricked, pinsetters, pinspotter, pinstripes, pinwheeled, pioneering, pipelining, piperazine, piperidine, pipinesses, pistolling, pixinesses, placarding, plainchant, plainsongs, plaintexts, plaintiffs, planishing, plastering, plasticine, plateauing, platinized, platinizes, platooning, playacting, playmaking, playthings, pleadingly, pleasingly, pleasuring, plenishing, ploddingly, pluckiness, plummeting, plumpening, plundering, plushiness, poincianas, poinsettia, pointelles, pokinesses, polarising, polarizing, polemizing, pollarding, pollinated, pollinates, pollinator, pollinizer, pollinoses, pollinosis, polyamines, polyclinic, polylysine, polymyxins, polyolefin, pommelling, poniarding, populating, porcelains, porcupines, porphyrins, porringers, portending, portioning, portliness, portraying, possessing, postdating, postfixing, postmating, postponing, potboiling, pothunting, poulticing, pourpoints, practicing, practising, praenomina, pratincole, prebilling, prebinding, preboiling, prebooking, precasting, precenting, precessing, precipitin, precluding, precooking, precooling, precutting, predefined, predefines, predestine, predicting, preediting, preeminent, preempting, prefabbing, preferring, prefinance, preforming, preheating, prehominid, prejudging, prelecting, premiering, premolding, prenticing, preopening, preordains, prepacking, prepasting, preplacing, preppiness, prepricing, preprinted, prescinded, prescoring, preselling, presenting, preserving, presetting, preshaping, preshowing, preshrinks, presifting, preslicing, presoaking, presorting, pressingly, pressuring, pretasting, pretending, pretesting, pretexting, pretrained, prettiness, preuniting, prevailing, preventing, previewing, prewarming, prewarning, prewashing, preweaning, prewriting, princedoms, princelets, princelier, princeling, princeship, princesses, principals, principium, principled, principles, printeries, printheads, printmaker, prissiness, pristinely, proceeding, processing, proctoring, professing, proffering, progestins, prognosing, programing, proinsulin, projecting, prolactins, prolamines, prolapsing, prologuing, prolonging, prominence, promulging, pronominal, propelling, propending, properdins, proroguing, prosecting, proseminar, prospering, protamines, protecting, proteinase, protending, protesting, protruding, proverbing, provincial, provitamin, psilocybin, psittacine, pteridines, publishing, pummelling, puncturing, puninesses, purblindly, purchasing, purloiners, purloining, puromycins, purporting, putrefying, putrescine, puzzlingly, pyramiding, pyrethrins, pyridoxine, pyrimidine, pyrolizing, pyrolyzing, pyroxylins, quadrating, quaintness, qualifying, quantizing, quarantine, quarreling, quarryings, quartering, queasiness, quercetins, quickening, quietening, quinacrine, quincunxes, quinidines, quinolines, quintettes, quintupled, quintuples, quintuplet, quirkiness, rabbinates, rabbinical, rabbinisms, racemizing, racinesses, radicating, raffinoses, ragamuffin, rainmakers, rainmaking, rainspouts, rainsquall, rainstorms, rainwashed, rainwashes, rainwaters, ramblingly, ramparting, ramrodding, ransacking, rappelling, ratcheting, rattlingly, rattooning, ravellings, rawinsonde, reacceding, reaccusing, reacquaint, readapting, readopting, readorning, reaffixing, realigning, realtering, reannexing, reanointed, reapplying, reappoints, rearousing, reasonings, reassuming, reassuring, reattained, reavailing, reblending, reblooming, reboarding, rebottling, rebounding, rebreeding, rebuilding, recarrying, receipting, rechanging, recharging, recharting, rechecking, rechoosing, recircling, reckonings, reclaiming, reclasping, recleaning, reclothing, recoinages, recoloring, recombined, recombines, reconvince, recordings, recounting, recoupling, recovering, recreating, recrossing, recrowning, recruiting, rectifying, redamaging, redarguing, redbaiting, redeciding, redefining, redialling, redingotes, redividing, redoubling, redounding, redrafting, redreaming, redressing, redrilling, reedifying, reejecting, reelecting, reemerging, reemitting, reenacting, reendowing, reengaging, reengineer, reenjoying, reentering, reerecting, reexamined, reexamines, reexposing, refereeing, refighting, refiguring, refinanced, refinances, refinement, refineries, refinished, refinisher, refinishes, reflecting, refloating, reflooding, refocusing, refounding, refracting, refraining, refreezing, refreshing, refronting, refuelling, regelating, reglossing, regrafting, regranting, regreening, regreeting, regressing, regretting, regrinding, regrooming, regrooving, regrouping, regulating, rehandling, rehearings, rehearsing, reigniting, reimagined, reimagines, reimposing, reinciting, reincurred, reindexing, reindicted, reinducing, reinducted, reinfected, reinflated, reinflates, reinforced, reinforcer, reinforces, reinformed, reinfusing, reinhabits, reinitiate, reinjected, reinjuries, reinjuring, reinserted, reinspects, reinspired, reinspires, reinstalls, reinstated, reinstates, reinsurers, reinsuring, reinterred, reinvading, reinvasion, reinvented, reinvested, reinviting, reinvoking, rejoicings, rejoinders, rejuggling, rekindling, reknitting, relabeling, relearning, relegating, relighting, relinquish, relocating, relumining, remainders, remarrying, rematching, reminisced, reminiscer, reminisces, remodeling, remounting, renaturing, renegading, renominate, renouncing, renovating, reobtained, reoffering, reopposing, reordained, reordering, repainting, repaneling, repapering, repatching, repeopling, rephrasing, replanning, replanting, repleading, repledging, replevined, replevying, replotting, replumbing, replunging, repositing, repowering, repressing, reprieving, reprinters, reprinting, repursuing, requesting, rereadings, rereminded, resaddling, resaluting, resampling, rescinders, rescinding, resecuring, resembling, reserpines, resettling, reshingled, reshingles, reshipping, reshooting, resighting, resinating, resinified, resinifies, resittings, resmelting, resonating, resorcinol, resounding, respeaking, respecting, respelling, resplicing, responding, respotting, respraying, restacking, restaffing, restamping, restarting, restocking, restrained, restrainer, restraints, restriking, restriving, restudying, restuffing, resupinate, retackling, retailings, reteaching, retellings, rethinkers, rethinking, retinacula, retiringly, retouching, retracking, retracting, retraining, retreading, retreating, retrieving, retrimming, retwisting, reunifying, reuttering, revisiting, rewakening, reweighing, rewidening, rewrapping, rhinestone, rhinitides, rhinoceros, rhinoscopy, rhinovirus, rhodamines, rhodopsins, ribavirins, riboflavin, ridgelines, ridgelings, ridiculing, rifampicin, riminesses, rinderpest, ringbarked, ringhalses, ringleader, ringmaster, ringtosses, riprapping, rivetingly, robotizing, roistering, rollicking, romanising, romanizing, ropinesses, rosemaling, rosinesses, rosinweeds, roughening, rouletting, routinized, routinizes, roystering, ruinations, ruminantly, ruminating, rumination, ruminative, ruminators, ruralising, ruralizing, russetings, russetting, russifying, sabotaging, saccharine, saccharins, safranines, sainthoods, saintliest, saintships, salinities, salinizing, salivating, sandalling, sanderling, sanguinary, sanguinely, sanguinity, sanitating, sanitising, sanitizing, sannyasins, santolinas, sapogenins, sapphirine, satinwoods, satirising, satirizing, satisfying, saturating, sauntering, savoriness, saxitoxins, scalloping, scallopini, scaloppine, scampering, scandaling, scantiness, scantlings, scarfskins, scarifying, scarlatina, scarpering, scathingly, scattering, scavenging, sceptering, scheduling, schillings, schlepping, schlumping, schmeering, schmoosing, schmoozing, schoolings, scintillae, scintillas, scissoring, sclerosing, sclerotins, scolloping, scorifying, scowdering, scowlingly, scrabbling, scraiching, scraighing, scrambling, scratching, screeching, screenings, screwiness, scribbling, scrooching, scrounging, scrunching, scrutineer, scrutinies, scrutinise, scrutinize, scunnering, scuppering, scurviness, scuttering, seafarings, seasonings, sectioning, seemliness, segmenting, semidivine, semidrying, semifinals, seminarian, seminaries, seminarist, seminomads, seminudity, sentencing, sentineled, separating, septupling, sequencing, serenading, serotinous, serotonins, serpentine, serpigines, sexinesses, sextupling, shabbiness, shagginess, shallowing, shampooing, sharkskins, sharpening, shattering, shavelings, shearlings, sheathings, sheepskins, sheltering, shiftiness, shikarring, shimmering, shinleaves, shinneries, shinneying, shockingly, shoddiness, shoestring, shopwindow, shorelines, shortening, shovelling, showcasing, shrinkable, shrinkages, shriveling, shuddering, shunpiking, shuttering, shylocking, sibilating, sickliness, sideliners, sidelining, sidewinder, signalling, signifying, signorinas, silkalines, silkolines, simonizing, simulating, sincipital, sinfulness, singleness, singletons, singletree, singspiels, singularly, sinicizing, sinisterly, sinistrous, sinoatrial, sinologies, sinologist, sinologues, sinsemilla, sinusoidal, sizinesses, sjamboking, skeltering, skibobbing, skiddooing, skijorings, skimpiness, skinflints, skinniness, skippering, skittering, skreeghing, skreighing, skydivings, skyjacking, skylarking, skywriting, slabbering, slackening, slandering, slanginess, slantingly, slashingly, slathering, sleaziness, sleekening, sleepiness, slingshots, slinkiness, slithering, slobbering, sloppiness, slubbering, slumbering, slushiness, smaragdine, smarminess, smartening, smashingly, smattering, smoldering, smothering, smudginess, smuttiness, snakeskins, snappiness, sneakiness, sneakingly, snickering, sniffiness, sniggering, snivelling, snookering, snootiness, snorkeling, snottiness, snowmaking, snubbiness, soberizing, sodomizing, sojourning, solarising, solarizing, soldiering, solecising, solecizing, soliciting, sonicating, sonnetting, soothingly, sopraninos, soundingly, spanceling, sparteines, spattering, spearmints, speciating, specifying, spectating, speediness, spellbinds, spelunking, sphincters, sphinxlike, spiffiness, spillikins, spindliest, spindrifts, spinifexes, spinnakers, spinnerets, spinneries, spinsterly, spiralling, splintered, splotching, spoliating, sponginess, sponsoring, spookiness, sportiness, sportingly, spottiness, spraddling, sprattling, springalds, springboks, springeing, springhead, springiest, springings, springlike, springtail, springtide, springtime, springwood, sprinklers, sprinkling, spunkiness, sputtering, squabbling, squelching, squiggling, squinching, squinniest, squinnying, squintiest, squooshing, staggering, stagnating, stainproof, staminodia, stammering, stampeding, standpoint, stargazing, starveling, stationing, staunching, steadiness, steamering, steaminess, steeliness, steepening, stenciling, sterlingly, stewarding, stickiness, stiffening, stiflingly, stingarees, stinginess, stingingly, stinkhorns, stinkingly, stinkweeds, stinkwoods, stockading, stockiness, stockinets, stockinged, stodginess, stomaching, stonishing, stoppering, storminess, stoutening, straddling, straggling, strandline, strangling, strappings, stravaging, streakings, streamings, streamline, stretching, strickling, strikingly, stringency, stringendo, stringhalt, stringiest, stringings, stringless, striplings, stroudings, struggling, strychnine, stuffiness, stunningly, stupefying, sturdiness, stuttering, subcabinet, subceiling, subcooling, subducting, subediting, suberising, suberizing, subheading, subindexes, subindices, subjecting, subjoining, subkingdom, subleasing, subletting, subliminal, sublingual, submarined, submariner, submarines, submerging, submersing, subminimal, submitting, subpenaing, subroutine, subserving, subsisting, subsoiling, subtending, subtilisin, subtitling, subverting, succeeding, succinates, succincter, succinctly, succouring, succumbing, succussing, suctioning, sufferings, sufflating, suggesting, sulphating, sulphuring, sultriness, summonsing, sunbathing, sunburning, superliner, superlying, superminds, superminis, supinating, supination, supinators, supineness, supporting, surceasing, surcingles, surfacings, surfeiting, surpassing, surprinted, surprising, surprizing, surveyings, suspecting, suspending, sustainers, sustaining, suzerainty, swaggering, swallowing, swampiness, swankiness, sweatiness, sweepingly, sweetening, sweltering, swimmingly, swineherds, swinepoxes, swingingly, swirlingly, swishingly, swithering, swivelling, swooningly, syllabling, symbolling, sympathins, tabletting, tabulating, tackifying, tailgating, tailorings, tallyhoing, tambourine, tambouring, tangerines, tarnishing, tarpaulins, tasselling, tauntingly, tawdriness, tearstains, teaselling, teazelling, televising, telphering, tempesting, temptingly, tenderloin, tendinites, tendinitis, tensioning, terebinths, terminable, terminably, terminally, terminated, terminates, terminator, terminuses, terpineols, terreplein, terrifying, testifying, testudines, tetanising, tetanizing, tetchiness, tetracaine, tetrazzini, theorising, theorizing, thiaminase, thickening, thinkingly, thinnesses, thorniness, threadfins, threonines, thrivingly, throttling, thumbprint, thundering, thylacines, thymidines, thyroxines, tictacking, tictocking, tidinesses, tightening, timberings, timberline, timeliness, timesaving, tinctorial, tincturing, tinglingly, tininesses, tinnituses, tinselling, titivating, tittupping, toenailing, tolerating, toluidines, tomcatting, toolmaking, topminnows, topsoiling, topworking, tormenting, torpedoing, torrefying, torrifying, tortellini, totalising, totalizing, touchiness, touchingly, touchlines, toughening, tourmaline, tourneying, towellings, toweringly, trailering, trainbands, trainloads, trajecting, tramelling, trammeling, trampoline, transiting, transuding, trapanning, trashiness, trauchling, travailing, travelling, traversing, travertine, treasuring, trellising, trendiness, trepanning, trephining, tretinoins, trichinize, trichinous, trickiness, triclinium, tricotines, trigeminal, triggering, trilingual, trinketers, trinketing, trinocular, trinomials, tripinnate, trippingly, trisecting, tristearin, triumphing, trolleying, trowelling, trucklines, trumpeting, truncating, trusteeing, trustiness, trustingly, tryptamine, tuberculin, tubulating, tunnelling, turbinated, turbinates, turfskiing, turmoiling, turnverein, turpentine, tutoyering, tweediness, twinflower, twinklings, twittering, tyrocidine, tyrocidins, tyrosinase, ubiquinone, uglinesses, uintahites, ulcerating, ultimating, unalluring, unassuming, unavailing, unbecoming, unblinking, unblocking, unblushing, unbosoming, unbraiding, unbridling, unbuckling, unbuilding, unbundling, uncalcined, unchaining, unchanging, uncharging, uncharming, unclamping, unclasping, unclinched, unclinches, unclipping, uncloaking, unclogging, unclothing, unclouding, uncoatings, uncoffined, uncombined, unconfined, uncoupling, uncovering, uncreating, uncrossing, uncrowning, underdoing, undergoing, underlined, underlines, underlings, underlying, undermined, undermines, underspins, underwings, undoubling, undoubting, undressing, undulating, unearthing, uneasiness, unedifying, unendingly, unerringly, unexamined, unexciting, unfadingly, unfeminine, unfindable, unfinished, unflagging, unfreezing, unfrocking, ungainlier, ungrudging, unguarding, unhindered, unhitching, unholiness, uniforming, unilingual, unimposing, unindicted, uninfected, uninflated, uninformed, uninitiate, uninspired, unintended, uninterest, uninviting, uninvolved, unionising, unionizing, unjointing, unkindlier, unkindness, unknitting, unknotting, unknowings, unlatching, unlearning, unleashing, unleveling, unmingling, unmitering, unmuffling, unmuzzling, unoriginal, unpeopling, unplaiting, unpleasing, unplugging, unpuzzling, unraveling, unriddling, unrounding, unruliness, unsaddling, unscrewing, unsettling, unshelling, unshifting, unshipping, unsighting, unsinkable, unslinging, unsnapping, unsnarling, unspeaking, unsphering, unstacking, unsteeling, unstepping, unsticking, unstinting, unstopping, unstrained, unswathing, unswearing, unswerving, untangling, unteaching, unthinking, unthroning, untidiness, untiringly, untreading, untrimming, untrussing, untrusting, untwisting, unwariness, unwavering, unwinnable, unwrapping, unyielding, upbraiding, upbringing, upbuilding, upchucking, upclimbing, upflinging, uphoarding, uplighting, uppitiness, uppropping, upreaching, uprighting, upshifting, upshooting, upstanding, upstarting, upstepping, upstirring, upsweeping, upswelling, upswinging, upthrowing, upwellings, uraninites, urbanising, urbanizing, urinalyses, urinalysis, urinations, urinometer, urokinases, urticating, vaccinated, vaccinates, vaccinator, vaginismus, vainnesses, valentines, validating, valorising, valorizing, vanpooling, vaporising, vaporizing, varnishing, vasotocins, vaticinate, vaultingly, vauntingly, vegetating, velarizing, veneerings, venenating, venerating, veratrines, verbifying, versifying, vertigines, vesicating, vespertine, vetchlings, veterinary, vicereines, vicinities, victualing, viewfinder, viewpoints, vignetting, villainess, villainies, villainous, vindicable, vindicated, vindicates, vindicator, vindictive, vinegarish, vinosities, vinylidene, violinists, viraginous, virginally, vitalising, vitalizing, vitrifying, vitrioling, vocalising, vocalizing, voiceprint, volplaning, voluminous, vouchering, vowelizing, wadsetting, wainscoted, wainwright, waistlines, wampishing, wanderings, warinesses, warranting, washbasins, wassailing, wateriness, waterlines, waveringly, wavinesses, waxinesses, weakliness, weaselling, weathering, weekending, wellspring, wharfinger, wheeziness, whickering, whimpering, whinstones, whipsawing, whirlwinds, whispering, whistlings, whitenings, whitewings, whittlings, wifeliness, wigwagging, wilinesses, willingest, windblasts, windbreaks, windburned, windchills, windflower, windhovers, windjammer, windlassed, windlasses, windlessly, windmilled, windowless, windowpane, windowsill, windrowing, windscreen, windshield, windstorms, windsurfed, windthrows, winegrower, wingspread, winteriest, winterized, winterizes, winterkill, wintertide, wintertime, wintriness, wirinesses, witnessing, wobbliness, wolverines, womanising, womanizing, woolliness, workingman, workingmen, worldlings, worshiping, worthiness, wrestlings, wrinkliest, wrongdoing, wunderkind, yearningly, yeastiness, yellowfins, yohimbines, younglings, youthening, zamindaris, zaninesses, zibellines, zidovudine, zigzagging, zincifying, zinfandels, zinkifying, zombifying