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It is a school where you learn how to make food to become a chef.

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Q: What is culinary arts school?
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What do you need to do to get into a culinary arts school?

what kind of courses do you need to get into the culinary arts school

When was Cambridge School of Culinary Arts created?

Cambridge School of Culinary Arts was created in 1974.

Skills needed to be a chef?

culinary arts school..culinary math and

How recommended is the missoula culinary arts school in the United States?

The Missoula culinary of arts is located in Montana and it is a highly recommended school.

Can you go to culinary arts school with a GED?

Yes. Most Culinary arts schools require you to have a High school diploma or equivalent such as a GED.

What programs are offered at the Le Cordon Bleu cooking school?

The cooking school offers three programs. The three programs are Certificate in Culinary Arts, Diploma in Culinary Arts and Associate Degree in Culinary Arts.

Which nonprofit culinary arts school in Arizona is the most well respected?

The Arts institue and Arizona State College have culinary Arts program that is affordable for everyone. There is no culinary arts schools that are non-profit however.

What do you have to do to become a chef?

Go to Culinary School of arts

What degrees can you get from culinary school?

All depending on which school you go to, you can get a range of degrees. The most common are: Certificate in Fine Baking, Certificate in Culinary Arts, Associates in Culinary Arts, Associates in Fine Baking, Bachlors in Fine Baking and Management, and Bachlors in Culinary Arts and Management.

Where is cooking school in amritsar?

Vikas Culinary Arts seems to be the school.

Where are the culinary schools in Nashville TN?

There is The Randy Rayburn School of Culinary Arts at Nashville State.

What school do you have to go to for culinary arts?

For Culinary Art you have to go Culinary Schools. There are many Culinary Arts Schools which provide education in Cooking industry and Food Management. For finding more information about Culinary arts Schools you can visit http://www.culinaryschoolsu.comand browse for more information.

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