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What is cultural exchange?

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its when two diffrent persons of diffrent countries share stuff about what they do and eat and all stuff you know - - in order to understand culture, it isn't enough just to understand their perspective differences such as like in the Philippines, people uses spoon and fork when eating.

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Cultural Exchange gives locals the opportunity to adapt different customs from another influence.

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The term is cultural diffusion, or cultural exchange. The exact results can vary with anything from new technology or ideas to a drastic change in culture. Look up "cultural diffusion" or "cultural exchange" for maximum information.

Cultural Diffusion was the exchange of goods and ideas between cultures.

How did technological innovations of the late 20th century,such as communications satellites and the internet,contribute to the exchange of cultural practices

They had no desire to exchange cultural ideas.

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The Yuan Dynasty is most famous for the flourishing cultural exchange of ceramic pottery. Pieces from the Yuan dynasty are still treasured to this day.

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They increased opportunities for civilizations to exchange goods and ideas

The silk road promoted commodity and cultural exchange

The old world meeting the new world.

Objects such as wool blankets and skills such as horsemanship among plains Indian Tribes are examples of the Colombian exchange causing cultural changes.Cultural Changecultural change

Cultural Globalization: the rapid transnational sharing of values and ideas

They were important means of trade, cultural exchange and transport.

The Silk Road did not only promote commodity exchange but also cultural. For example, Buddhism as one of the religions of the Kushan kingdom reached China. Together with merchant caravans Buddhist monks went from India to Central Asia and China, preaching the new religion. Buddhist monuments were discovered in numerous cities along the Silk Road.

Cultural diffusion is a change process where the values and cultural constructs of one group are passed to another group. Cultural leveling refers to the process by which cultures lose their identity and become similar to one another. The exchange of unique cultural constructs eventually leads to cultural leveling by creating pressure to change.

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