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What is cynide?

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Cyanide is an ion, CN-, composed of carbon and nitrogen and is highly toxic. It can replace oxygen in your blood effectively choking you.

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What is the chemical formula for sodium cynide?


What chemicals were involved in chernobyl?

Methyl Iso cynide

What is the toxin element found in apple seeds?


What is the formula of potassium cynide?

Potassium Cyanide fomula is KCN

What is a chemical agent or hazardous material that interferes with the body?

hydrogen cynide

Can you survive form cyanide poisoning?

cynide is actually a non reversible inhibitor that completely blocks the active site of enzyme destryng its globular structure howevr recently in U.S they have came up wth cynide antidote kit that consists of certain compounds converting the toxic cynide to less toxin thiocynate. hence the person could servive.. moreover the action of cynide depends of whether it is inhaled in gas form of taken in in the form of salts and also its amount of consumption...

When alkyl halide react with kCN form cynide but alkyle halide react with AgCN form iso cynide why?

in Agcn Ag is linked with the n of cyanide but in case of kcn kis linked with the c of cn

What is the name for the covalent compound HCN?

It is hydrogen cynide , highly harmful and hazardous for life.

If you mix sodium cynide in food will it be effective to kill someone?

yes it will kill very fast

How do you prepare potassium cynide at home?

You can't, you have to buy it from a chemical supply house. If they won't supply it to you, you have no business having it.

Why cynide is the most poisonous for animals?

Spelt cyanide....blocks electron transport in mitochondria and prevents production of ATP.

When did Hitler stop being the head of the Nazi party?

30 April 1945 when he took a cynide pill and shot himself in the forehead.

What did Hitler use to kill himself?

Adolf Hitler killed himself by ingesting cynide and shooting a bullet into his head with a Walther PPK 7.65 mm pistol

Potassium sulpho Cynide chemical formula?

This is usually called potassium thiocyanate, KSCN it contains the SCN- ion which is the sulfur analog of the OCN- cyanate ion.

Anthony marston and then there were none?

Yes he was in the book and he was the first vicim to die by cynide injected in his drink and then he choked to death. he was reffered as a young hansdom playboy. hope that hlped!(: - bieberfever123

What are some downsides to eating apples?

1-if u eat its seeds in a high amount mayleads to death as contains cynide 2- its high dose may increse con. Of vit. A in body ,may lead to malformation

If I cut the roots off a potato is it okay to eat?

it is in my opinion and I've been doing it for years however others may claim that the green parts contain poisons such as cynide and solanin which is true but in such small quantities i find it irrelevent

Is sodium Cynide a base?

Sodium cyanide is the salt of weak acid and strong base and when it is dissolved in water it gives the basic media. The ions Na+ and CN- second is the strong nucleophile. While first is the weak electrophile. Same is the case of sodium methoxide.

What hapenned to Adolf Hitler and how did he die?

WW2 historians agree that Hitler did commit suicide (by taking a cynide pill and shooting himself) and then his body was burned afterwards, because Hitler wanted to make sure that his enemies could not get hold of his body and display it publicly like they did with the body of Mussolini.

Why is cynide used in gold processing and not sulfuric acid or chloride solution?

Because the solubility of gold in cyanide solution is far greater. Sulfuric won't dissolve gold at all, and hydrochloric acid will only dissolve gold when used in conjunction with nitric acid, a mixture called aqua regia, which is pricey.

How long has the earth had an oxygen rich atmosphere?

About 428 million years ago is the earliest evidence of air-breathing organisms (insects). Around 3.5 billion years ago, bacteria started to form in the oceans. These bacteria released oxygen which started to change our atmosphere from methane, amonia, and cynide to the atmosphere we have today. This took about 3 billion years.

For detection of foregin element why is sodium fusion carried out?

oraganic compound are covalent in nature and they do not react with inorganic reagents so that they should be converted into ionic compounds .since sodium is highly reactive and electropositive metal ,it form ionic compound .NA+C+N...................NaCN(SODIUM CYNIDE)2Na+s......................Na2sNa+x.........................Nax

What happen to Hitler?

As Germany (Berlin, specifically) Hitler finally saw the hopelessness of his plan and killed himself, both shooting himself and biting a cynide pill similtaniously. He then orderd his guards to burn his body to dissallow any desecration. As a side note his Wife/Girlfriend did the same, along with his chief of propaganda Gobbles, saying that "a world without Hitler is not worth living in".

What are the 7 polyatomic ions?

There is a helpful phrase for remembering a few polyatomic ions.consonants represent the number of OxygensVowels represent the amount of extra electronsNiCK- Nitrate = NO3 (-1 charge)theCaMeL- Carbonate CO3 (-2 charge)ateCLaM- Chlorate ClO3 (-1 charge)andBraN- Bromate BrO3 (-1 charge)forSuPPeR- Sulfate SO4 (-2 charge)inPHoeNiX- Phosphate PO4 (-3 charge)*If the ending is -ite instead of -ate, this means the oxygen count goes down 1.*For every hydrogen in front, the electron count goes down 1 (charge increases)For example, Hydrogen Carbonite (or Bicarbonite) has the formula HCO2 (-1 charge)Perchlorate= ClO4 (-1 charge) extra oxygenHypochlorite= ClO (-1 charge) loses 2 oxygens from baseOther polyatomic ions include:Hydroxide- OH (-1 charge)Ammonium- NH4 (+1 charge)Acetate- C2H3O2 (-1 charge)Cynide- CN (-1 charge)Chromate- CrO4 (-2 charge)

Why can't you eat and drink in the science laboratory?

Because laboratories are places where chemicals are mixed, organic samples are dissected and microbes cultured, amongst other things. The risk of becoming poisoned, diseased or otherwise infected by eating or drinking in a lab is too high. What happens if you put down your sandwich on a surface that, an hour earlier, had been used for a brain dissection, or to culture fungi!Furthermore, it's illegal to eat or drink in a lab, for these reasons.Just remember,"Billy was a chemist's son, but now he is no more!What he thought was H20 was H2SO4!"because chemicals may get into your body from your mouth, so it is very dangerous drinking and eating in the laboratory.It is unsafe to your health. Their could be chemicals on the tables or in the air that would be harmful if you ingested them. You are adding material to a stasis environment. A labratory is a specific area that has as few variables as possible. If you add something to it, you change the results.To avoid contamination of lab materials by food and/or contamination of food by lab materials. Chemicals in a lab are generally dangerous to health. By placing food where it can be exposed to the chemicals, even if it just the fumes from it, the food will absorb the chemical. Drinks have the same problem and acids look just like water, drinking them is fatal.For two reasons that are often linked.1) You don't want crumbs of your food or drinks (not that you can have crumbs of a drink, but you get what I mean) to get into experiments, because they could alter the outcome and thus give you a wrong answer.Imagine if you discovered the cure to cancer, but because a little bit of sugar (from a spilled drop of soda) got into the tests and made the drug look like it didn't cure anything, so you throw it out.2) The reverse, you don't want a bits of spilled chemicals or experiments getting into your food, and through your food, into you.Imagine if you are studying cynide. You don't really want to risk getting too much of that on your bigmac.